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Maxyên IntegratedDS2488 1-Wire Dual-Port Linkis a simple bridge device designed to lớn facilitate communication between two microcontroller-based subsystems. The DS2488, with a single dedicated tương tác on each side of the bridge, enables up to 512kbps pass-through communication, power delivery for battery charging, small message exchange, và state reporting.

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The flexible 1-wire interface of the DS2488 is used to lớn operate each of the two independent I/O ports, IOA và IOB. To enable device operation between two connected controllers, each of these two DS2488 1-Wire interfaces has access to lớn a 64-bit factory-programmed ROM ID, an 8-byte buffer to transmit small messages, and registers for device configuration, status, và control of three open-drain GPIO pins. Through a configuration setting, a bidirectional, high-speed 512kbps pass-through mode is enabled, which enables large data transfers between the two connected microcontrollers.

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For communication between IOA và IOB, the DS2488 has a maximum operating voltage of 3.63V. But to lớn support a special mode of power delivery from the subsystem connected to lớn the IOA side khổng lồ the subsystem connected lớn the IOB side, the device is 5V tolerant & goes into the power delivery state when 4V khổng lồ 5V (nom) is applied khổng lồ IOA. In this mode, an additional DS2488 output pin is used lớn control an external transistor for power delivery khổng lồ IOB-side electronics, such as a battery charger.

The Maxim Integrated DS2488 1-Wire Dual-Port Link is offered in a compact WLP8 package, igiảm giá for space-constrained applications.


Two-liên hệ solution enables advanced TWS featuresSmall message exchange between a case & earbudsHigh-speed 512kbps Pass-Through mode to transfer filesEarbud battery charger power deliveryThree GPIO pins for optional feature control or state detectionFull range of capabilities for earbud và charging case detectionEarbud 64-bit identification number (ROM ID) readable upon insertionOperating power parasitically derived from the 1-wire IOA LineDetect when in or out of a charging caseDetect a dead charging case battery
Minimalist dual 1-wire interface reduces cost and complexitySingle dedicated contact for communication and powerArbitrated communication between two host controllers at 90kbpsReads & writes over a wide, 1.71V lớn 63V voltage rangeIkhuyễn mãi giảm giá for battery power consumer applicationsSmall, 1.6milimet x 0.9milimet x 0.33milimet WLPhường with 4milimet Ball Pitch71V to lớn 3.63V operating voltage rangeHigh ESD immunity of IOA Pin: ±8kV HBM (typ)-40°C khổng lồ +85°C operating temperature range