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d this kiểm tra. Since I have moved, I am naturally concerned that the check may have sầu been sent to lớn the wrong address. Would you please let me know if a kiểm tra has been mailed. If not, I would appreciate your authorizing one to lớn be sent lớn the address indicated above sầu. Thank you for your attention to this matter. 92. Charge Account Credit Limit Raise Notification Dear After careful Review of your charge account, it pleases us khổng lồ insize you that we have sầu increased your credit limit as follows: OLD CREDIT LIMIT: $ NEW CREDIT LIMIT: $ Tithangvi.comAnhOnline.net – Nguồn tài ngulặng giờ đồng hồ Anh miễn chi phí Furthermore, this change in tài khoản status qualifies you for use of our installment trương mục. Should you require additional information about this new tài khoản, please see one of our credit representatives the next time you are here for a visit. You are a valued customer, & as such, you will be advised of our special customer sales, which we have sầu from time lớn time. We appreciate your continued patronage, và look forward lớn being able lớn assist you in the near future. 93. Charge Account Terms và Conditions Form TERMS AND CONDITIONS Buyer agrees with seller_______________________________to pay for all purchases upon receipt of monthly statement. Charges billed, but not paid by the 10th of the month following purchase will be considered delinquent và subject lớn finance charges. The FINANCE CHARGE for individuals is computed by a periodic rate of ____ per month which is an ANNUUAL PERCENTAGE RATE OF ____% applied lớn the "Previous Unpaid Balance less Current Credits." Current credits are payments or credits received by ________A.M. on the _____ day of the following month. The minimum payment due will be payment of Buyer"s indebtedness in full. If not paid, ______________________________ may declare the unpaid balance due và payable immediately. Buyer agrees to pay collection expenses, including reasonable attorney"s fees & court costs, if it is necessary to collect through legal action. Buyer assumes full responsibility for all materials purchased from ____________________________. Buyer agrees khổng lồ be personally liable for all charges & individually guarantees payment of all charges promptly. Buyer agrees khổng lồ notify __________________within 10 days in writing of receipt of monthly statement of any in billing. Failure khổng lồ so notify ___________________________ signifies total acceptance & responsibility for prompt payment in full of account. If materials are ordered to be delivered to lớn a construction job site, the buyer assumes liability for the materials at the Tithangvi.comAnhOnline.net – Nguồn tài nguyên giờ Anh miễn phí tổn time of delivery whether or not buyer"s representative is on hvà khổng lồ acknowledge receipt of delivery. Buyer agrees lớn pay standard delivery charges as billed. Buyer agrees that no refund will be granted unless merchandise is returned within 30 days with invoice to store where purchases were made và in original sales condition. Buyer agrees khổng lồ supply____________with "Notice of Commencements", purchase orders, job numbers, job addresses, & a current danh mục of employees permitted to order, pickup, and sign for merchandise. __________________________reserves the right khổng lồ send out "Notice khổng lồ Owners" and tệp tin Liens on past due accounts và use any legal means available to lớn force collection if necessary. 94. Charge Baông chồng Application of Discount on Delayed Shipment Dear The shipment of the above referenced merchandise was delivered khổng lồ my receiving department on While the original delivery date was mix for I approved this later delivery in view of the problems that you were experiencing at that time. Our check for the full amount of the invoice, less our 2% discount, was mailed to you on I am enclosing a copy of the statement I received today, which includes a charge baông chồng for that discount, taken in compliance with your terms. I believe that the source of this error lies in the fact that the date on the invoice was not changed lớn reflect the delay in delivery. I would appreciate receiving a corrected statement of my tài khoản. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 95. Collateral Decision, Request for Preparation of Loan Documents Dear Tithangvi.comAnhOnline.net – Nguồn tài nguyên giờ đồng hồ Anh miễn giá tiền It was a pleasure having the opportunity khổng lồ meet with you yesterday lớn discuss the proposed loan on the After reviewing the alternatives you suggested, I believe sầu that it would be best lớn collateralize this loan with (size of collateral) I am instructing my secretary khổng lồ prepare a package consisting of all necessary documents và khổng lồ mail them to lớn your attention today. I would be most appreciative if you would arrange khổng lồ have the loan documents drawn as soon as possible. I wish to thank you for your cooperation in this matter và am looking forward lớn the continuance of a long and mutually beneficial relationship between us. 96. Collections Follow-Up on Release of Pending Order Dear As we discussed in our recent telephone conversation, I have released your "pending" order on our terms of net 30 days, with payment expected on or before 30 days from the date of the invoice. I appreciate your candor & am looking forward to getting your account bachồng on sure footing in the not too distant future. 97. Collections Report on Current Status of Debt TO: FROM: WE REPORT AS FOLLOWS: 25. Just relocated at new address;---following A. DEBTOR"S ATTITUDE: 26. Lives in remote district: 1. Promises to lớn pay later hard lớn liên hệ personally 2. Ignores requests 27. Debtor is a minor. Trying 3. Disputes clayên ổn for settlement 4. Refuses lớn pay 28. Debtor judgment-proof; 5. Claims account is paid recovery doubtful Tithangvi.comAnhOnline.net – Nguồn tài ngulặng giờ đồng hồ Anh miễn tổn phí B. DEBTOR"S FINANCIAL D. ACTION RECOMMENDED 6. Doing part time work 29. Voluntary collection not 7. Working on commission possible. Recommkết thúc suit. 8. Out of work. Rechecking a) furnish 4 copies of regularly. itemized statements 9. On relief. indicating date, amount 10. Earnings exempt;no other of each payment. attachable assets. b) Original papers 11. Heavily in debt. c) Counsel must have sầu legal 12. Debtor ill & without identity of Creditor in funds. order khổng lồ proceed. 13. In military service. C. CURRENT ACTIVITY INDICATE IF: 14. Trying for a compromise A corporation--where? 15. Rechecking for assets khổng lồ A partnership--full justify legal action or names of all-- ability to lớn pay. Individually owned-- 16 Debtor deceased;checking Full name of indiv.? for estate. 17. Claims returned merchandise E. ACCOUNT CLOSED: on ___________________ 18. Suit filed; still pending 30. Skip--cannot locate 19. Judgment obtained. Attorney 31. No assets--hopeless trying to exexinh tươi Legal action not 20. Skip--trying to locate recommended. Can you help? 32. Per your request. 21 Claims paid to lớn you on 33. Subject refuses to _______________Please pay or compromise, confirm payment. too small for suit. 22. Clalặng in hands of our 34. Bankruptcy,no assets representative in debtor"s 35. Outlawed. Refuses to area. We are requesting pay or compromise. report. 36. Deceased. No estate. 23. Just received a payment of Family won"t assist. $_________________ 37. Exhausted all 24. We are making a final collection efforts. effort for you. Uncollectable. 98. Commendation Tithangvi.comAnhOnline.net – Nguồn tài nguim giờ Anh miễn phí tổn Gentlemen: You are to be commended for the manner in which you handled the unfortunate incident which led lớn removing ( Product Name ) from the market. While the reports that I have sầu read all indicated that there was no definite proof that the taking of ( Product Name ) may have sầu resulted in her present condition, the fact that you acted so quickly shows that your first concern is with the health và well being of the public. As a consumer, I would lượt thích lớn express my appreciation for your integrity & once again commkết thúc you for the fine manner in which you handled this incident. 99. Commendation and Refusal of Request for Raise Dear This is khổng lồ acknowledge your letter of (date) You are definitely lớn be commended for your progress during the past two months. I do believe, however, that your recent request for a raise is premature. I would suggest that it would be more appropriate lớn discuss a salary increase after you have worked here for six months. If you continue on the same path, I am certain that your timely request will be given careful consideration. You are doing a fine job, keep up the good work! 100. Commercial Account Analysis Form ACCOUNT ANALYSIS ACCOUNT___________________________________________________ ADDRESS___________________________________________________ Tithangvi.comAnhOnline.net – Nguồn tài ngulặng giờ đồng hồ Anh miễn mức giá __________________________________________________________ BUYER_____________________________________________________ OTHER CONTACTS__________________________________________________ CALLING DAYS AND TIMES____________________________________ ANNUAL VOLUME__________EMPLOYS__________CREDIT LIMIT______D&B____ HISTORICAL PURCHASES 19___/$_______ 19___/$_______ 19___/$____ 19___/$_____ 19___/$_______ 19___/$_______ 19___/$____ COMPETITOR PROFILE AND PRESENCE IN ACCOUNT INVENTORY:_____ __________________________________________________________ PROBLEMS AND OPPORTUNITIES:_______________________________ __________________________________________________________ STRATEGIC APPROACH:_______________________________________ __________________________________________________________ (còn nữa) Tithangvi.comAnhOnline.net – Nguồn tài nguyên ổn giờ đồng hồ Anh miễn phí tổn Tithangvi.comAnhOnline.net – Nguồn tài nguyên ổn giờ đồng hồ Anh miễn phí tổn