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A former manager has filed a lawsuit against Montclair"s Bangz Salon và Wellness Spage authority, saying she was sexually assaulted and harassed on the job & lost her position when she brought the issue khổng lồ supervisors.

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The complaint was filed in state Superior Court in Passaic County this week against the business and co-owner Richard Cronk as well as other, unnamed employees of the salon tóc.

Calls to lớn Bangz requesting comment were not immediately returned on Thursday.

The sexual assault allegation involved Cronk, founder of the iconic salon tóc, which now operates out of a former Masonic Temple on South Fullerton Avenue built in 1889.

The plaintiff, whose name was withheld in the suit, described an incident in Cronk"s office in October of last year during which he allegedly grabbed her h& & "clamped it on his fully erect penis."

The incident in the owners" office, known as "The Nest" because of its location on the top màn chơi of the business, occurred when the plaintiff went there to lớn look for a ruler to lớn measure the length of clients" hair for a "Locks of Love" cancer fundraiser, according to the suit.

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Cronk"s conduct was "extreme và outrageous & went beyond all bounds of decency," according to lớn the complaint.

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At various times, the co-owner also made comments about her dress and breasts, and "purposefully" brushed against them, the former employee said.

She alleges a "hostile work environment" with frequent "open sexual banter" that made her "uncomfortable, humiliated and embarrassed."

In one example, the lawsuit says a manager identified as "K.M.," recounted lớn the woman details of excursions lớn strip clubs with Cronk. 

The workplace did not follow anti-discrimination laws, according lớn the complaint. After the plaintiff complained lớn co-owner Dominichồng Sansevero & a manager identified as Anne Semmel in October, she lost her job, the lawsuit says.

Afterward, according to lớn the complaint, the woman suffered extreme emotional diáp lực, becoming withdrawn & unable to get out of bed to lớn eat or shower.

Cronk reportedly lives in Virginia and visits the salon every few weeks. 

His son, Israel Cronk, was the former executive director of the Montclair Center Business Improvement District. 

The eight-count complaint was filed by the Morristown law firm of Fernandez Garcia LLC. The plaintiff seeks compensatory and punitive sầu damages and legal fees.

It wasn"t immediately clear why the lawsuit was filed in Passaic County và not in Essex, where the business is located. 

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