Hello style motorbike team!I rented a Honda Detech bike from you guys a little while ago.Drove sầu... read more


I have been living in Hanoi for a year now and during my time I have sầu purchased three bikes from three different bike shops.

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Style motorbikes is by far the BEST place khổng lồ buy a xe đạp in Hanoi. It is a little more pricey than the other bike shops I went khổng lồ but it is definitely the best value.For my money I got a top quality Hondomain authority Win, không tính phí repairs, English speaking staff (there"s an English guy that works there so ask for him), maps of some road trips and there was fuel in the xe đạp ready for me to drive sầu off. The owner even came to my house at 7pm one night to replace my tyre when it inevitably burst on Hanoi"s terrible roads. You don"t get service like that anywhere else in Hanoi. Trust me!!!


Hi Craig,Thank you for the review. We really appreciate it. I"m glad your enjoying your bike & the service.ThanksStyle

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I rented a bike from Tkhô cứng for 9 days và went lớn Sapa, Mai Chau and Ninch Binc. I had such an enjoyable time and never had problems with the bikes. Thanh hao was always on time, gave me fuel, a map, a good price và everything I needed lớn make the experience with his bike as awesome as possible.5 stars for the service, the xe đạp and the price!

Hi Ben, Thank you so much for the Đánh Giá and I"m glad you enjoyed the trip. If someone rents then we make sure you get one of our best bikes. If you only have sầu a short amount of time we don"t want anything lớn get in the way of you travelling least of all break downs. Hope to see you baông xã in Hanoi again. ThanksStyle

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These guys were great. So friendly, and sincerely wanting you to have sầu a great trip. They all know the bikes/scooters inside out which was reassuring. They were always there lớn answer our calls if we needed help, and they stuck to lớn their warranty completely. I wouldn"t buy my bike any other place in Hanoi. These guys were extremely honest & sold good unique bikes và scooters. Definitely recommend! Thanks for everything Tkhô cứng Vu Ngoc

Hi Jeff,Thank you for the Review và glad we can help making your trip enjoyable. We only want khổng lồ sell good bikes here so if you have a problem then dont like this so happy khổng lồ fix the bike with the warranty. ThanksStyle

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Its been a year I"ve sầu been living in Hanoi, I tried several bikes from rental places and those guys are just great => nice people, good quality & AMAZING customer service. They don"t lie to sell you a xe đạp - which can unfortunately happen really often here - và don"t rent bad bikes for cheap price as the others. Honestly : nicest guys ever for a bike rental here!

Hi Pauline, Thank you for the đánh giá. We are glad that you are happy with the cửa hàng và hope you keep renting from us. ThanksStyle

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The guys at Style are very professional và highly proficient at quickly repairing and stocking decent bikes. They communicate well và are fairly priced. It"s run by Tkhô nóng who is also a super nice chap và very customer focused. Recommended.

Hi,Thank you for the nhận xét and we are glad you liked the siêu thị. We bởi try khổng lồ get your repairs done asap. No one wants to be waiting around for their bike khổng lồ be repaired so we try to lớn get you bachồng on the road asap.ThanksStyle

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I"m a teacher in Hanoi & i wanted lớn rent a xe đạp, i was recommended "styles" by a friover so i paid them a visit. I got a great bike for a good price. I haven"t had any problems và i get monthly services. Highly recommended ! Very nice people Thanks

Hi Mark, Thank you for the Review. We are glad you lượt thích the bike và the service and hope that you continue to lớn rent a xe đạp from us for a long time. ThanksStyle

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