Design, supervision, engineering, outsourcing ...What sets us apart from other project offices is the full implementation of BIM kiến thiết technology.

Conceptual design is a collection of harmonized plans và documents which provide basic thiết kế , functional and technical solutions (preliminary technical solution) and accommodation buildings on the parcel, on special geodetic surveying.

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The main project is a mix of coordinated projects which provide a technical solution of the building và demonstrate the fulfillment of the essential requirements for building. Main project must be made in accordance with a preliminary design.

Under legalization implies the adoption of a decision on subsequent l& use permit, subsequent approval for the construction & subsequent use permit, in accordance with the Law on Spatial Planning of buildings và other completed works in the area were built without permits, houses built without permits , resolving the legal status of temporary structures.

Supervision over the construction of the structure is carried out by an authorized Civil Engineer with the ayên of carrying out the structure in accordance with the Building Permit, according to lớn the project documentation, laws and regulations, & the rules of the construction profession

3 chiều visualization of objects is of great help because it is able to revive the project and faithfully to show how it will look upon completion. 3 chiều images are more realistic & more inspiring than conventional 2D drawings & plans. You will see your plan in full 3 chiều environment và highlights of its key benefits

BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling. It is a highly collaborative sầu process that allows multiple stakeholders và AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) professionals to lớn collaborate on the planning, kiến thiết, and construction of a building within one 3D Model.

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Outsourcing is proving to lớn be an important resource for all types of companies – from startups to lớn well established companies. If implemented properly, the oursourcing model will eventually increase overall productivity, save sầu costs & deliver better reults for the business.


A team of young, promising and educated people who are constantly improving và refining their skills.

We perform our duties with integrity. We are dedicated to excellent service & constantly strive sầu for improvement. We adhere to the highest standards of conduct, including honesty & fairness in everything we vì.

We encourage curiosity & the desire khổng lồ explore ideas. We don"t lượt thích passivity & therefore proactively initiate changes and progress. We never stop looking for better solutions.

Our projects are a testament to our values, and we proudly highlight the long-standing experience of our employees.

We are happy to accept changes for a better future. We are happy to lớn accept lifelong learning. We don"t consider failures to be defeats because we know that they are the path khổng lồ success.

We believe sầu that knowledge is power & we gladly giới thiệu our knowledge và experience with others. We will be glad to lớn listen lớn anyone who wants khổng lồ express their opinions.