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With the Bing Search ứng dụng, getting Rewards is as easy as searching. Earn points for your searches and redeem for gift cards from your favorite stores & more.

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Getting results is a snap with Bing Visual Search. From solutions to lớn math problems, giao dịch on your lachạy thử street fashion find, và much more, just tap the camera icon & snap a pic.


Enjoy vivid photos

Each day the Bing Search ứng dụng has a spectacular new pholớn or Clip. Set the image as your wallpaper, mô tả it, swipe to lớn see previous images, & get info about where it was taken.

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Find movies

If you"re trying lớn find a fliông chồng, we"ve got you covered. See what"s in theaters or streaming on Netflix & Amazon, along with Review from Rotten Tomatoes & IMDB.
Find local restaurants, things to lớn bởi vì, & get giao dịch for places near you. The Bing Search tiện ích also has advice on popular menu items and, once you"ve decided where lớn go, can help you get there with quick access to rideshare services and local transit info.
You control what"s private and what"s not. Turn private mode on or off for a single search or for all your searches. Your private searches don"t appear in your tìm kiếm or browser history.