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Don’t pay big $$$ for Intercom or Drift when you’re just starting out! Get live chat on your website for miễn phí, integrated with your Facebook page. All without a developer tài khoản.

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Earlier this month, facebook launched the Messenger customer chat plugin in closed beta as a simple way to allow people lớn chat with businesses on their websites & in Messenger. With this plugin, customers can transition bachồng và forth seamlessly without losing the conversation’s history & context. But you can use it today by following these instructions!

How does Live Chat work?

Live chat allows you to lớn instantly communicate with your website visitors via instant messaging. The chat simply appears within their browser window, & the website visitor can chat with an operator by typing into the live chat box.

Most startups are using Intercom or Drift.

But that doesn’t mean you’re ready for those tools just yet. You should start to think about this when you reach a few hundred paying customers, and are feeling some pain points with your initial / không lấy phí thiết lập.

Intercom is an AMAZING hàng hóa. For startups with paying customers. But I don’t got $100/mo to lớn add Live Chat khổng lồ every side project I start.



Wow! That’s a lot for Live Chat if you’re just starting out!Solution

Use your Facebook page as a lightweight CRM, & integrate Facebook Messenger as a live chat solution!


Bonus Feature: Bot Support

Something I don’t hear a lot of people talking about is Bot Support. If you want to lớn create a facebook messenger bot, you can add Bot Support, embedded directly on your trang web.

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If you’re looking for an easy, DIY solution lớn creating your own chat bot, I would suggest checking out Chat Fuel (Free).

How khổng lồ mix it up


You’ll need you Facebook Page ID. Follow the instructions below to lớn retrieve that.You’ll need to lớn whitecác mục your domain name on your facebook page. We’ll show you how in the guide below.You’ll need to lớn embed a snippet of code on the pages where you wish lớn display your widget.You should consider setting up notifications on your điện thoại & in tin nhắn for when customers message you, as well as downloading the Messenger App for your phone.

Detailed documentation và setup instructions on Facebook

1. Retrieve sầu your Facebook Page ID

First, you’ll need to retrieve your Facebook page ID. You can vì chưng this by navigating khổng lồ your page, clicking on the About tab, & scrolling lớn the bottom of the page. There, you will see your page ID (It should be a number).

Alternatively, you can type the name of your facebook page into lớn this trang web & find your numerical facebook page ID.

Alternatively, you can use this website khổng lồ find your facebook ID.

2. Whitedanh mục your Domain

Next, you’ll need lớn navigate khổng lồ the “MESSENGER PLATFORM” tab và whitedanh mục your tên miền. Type in both the HTTP:// and HTTPS:// variants of your domain name khổng lồ ensure it works for 100% of users. Cliông chồng the SAVE button.

3. Embed a snippet of code in your website

Now, our final step, is to lớn embed a small snippet of code on our trang web. You should place it just before the closing