Meet Cake

A faster, more private di động browser with không lấy phí VPN.

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"If you tìm kiếm as often as I vị, these changes are enough khổng lồ make you put Cake on your trang chính screen..."
"Cake injects a number of other search-focused smarts inkhổng lồ the mix. Users can tìm kiếm across categories và services at the same time..."
"Cake has an ambitious plan lớn take on incumbents like Chrome & Safari khổng lồ build a better browser for mobile devices..."
"Cake Browser’s novel approach to lớn search feels slicker than the Exxon Valdez, and is vastly less exhausting than perpetually dipping in-and-out of Google results in order lớn find the page you care about..."

Swipe To Explore Results

No more back-and-forth between your search results page and websites. See more tìm kiếm results with less effort.

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Unique To Cake

Cake's proprietary giải pháp công nghệ gives you the ability lớn swipe through your tìm kiếm results.


Saves Time

Traditional browsers force you to tap back to lớn the tìm kiếm results page & then tap again to lớn see the next result. With Cake, you just swipe forward to see the next result.

Find Faster With Group Search

With Cake, enter your tìm kiếm và then swipe through results from multiple online tìm kiếm services. Get the best the website has to lớn offer in videos, images & shopping.

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Great For Finding Videos & Images

Why rely on a single trang web khổng lồ find what you're looking for? Input a search term, select the group search you want & swipe through results from a variety of websites.


Great For Shopping

Cake makes it easy to search a variety of online retailers, such as Amazon, Target, Ebay, & others with a single group search. Why not get the best price for the items you buy online?

Today On The Internet

See what's new và fun on the Internet today. Cake brings you the delight of discovery with a unique feed of videos, images, news, inspiration, products & more.


Better Than A News Feed

Tired of apps deciding what should be in your newsfeed? Today On The Internet automatically presents you with fun, informative sầu, & compelling content.


Trending Searches

See what people are searching for today on the internet. Stay up khổng lồ date with ease.

Built-In Privacy Features

With built-in ad blocking, enhanced encryption, và a host of other privacy features, you don’t have sầu to worry about your data getting into lớn the wrong hands.


Anonymous Browsing

Cake protects your privacy by never asking for your name, gmail, etc. We don't need to know who you are to provide the best browsing experience.


Private Tab Time Bomb

Set a time bomb that will automatically cthua thảm your private tabs when you cthua kém the ứng dụng.


HTTPS Everywhere

Force websites to be loaded via HTTPS to lớn protect yourself from man-in-the-middle attacks.


Ad & Tracker Blocking

Cake's built-in ad và tracker blocking removes annoying ads & speeds up your browsing experience. Double win!


People love Cake!

With a 4.7 rating in the App Store, Cake is one of the highest-rated browsers available. See what users are saying.

"Refreshing và quichồng alternative to lớn chrome và safari. Once you underst& how to lớn use it, you spover more time enjoying life & less time searching."
"I personally love it only after a day of use. It has so many features that google doesn’t have for smartphones. Keep it coming, guys!"
"I used lớn use google chrome but it mainly just annoyed me. Safari wasn't any better và when I saw an ad for Cake I tried it because why not. I love sầu it và I would 100% recommend downloading it for your searching."
"A điện thoại browser for phones, not like safari or where it’s a pc browser scrunched inkhổng lồ phone kích thước. Swiping lớn go from trang web to lớn trang web is alot easier than pressing left button và right button. Most simple browser ever."

Dock It. Default It. Love It.

With Cake at your fingertips, you’ll find more and find it faster. Put Cake on your home screen today!