Sports – An Emotion

Delightful as it sounds; the term “SPORTS” is always engaged with competitive physical activities that have rules and games indulged with it. There lies around hundred different types of sports that exist, all in the form of entertainment while most remain attached emotionally to it.

Ancient Sport –

Considering the current media availabilities, during ancient time’ssports was promoted as a different form of entertainment. Since Ancient Sport dates back as early as 2000 BC, it mostly appeared in the form of Gymnastics in China. Furthermore, the practices of swimming and fishing developed during the existence of Pharaohs in Egypt. While the most stressed and aggressive sports such as hunting wild animals, battling with militants and so on developed in Ancient Greek.

Present Day –

It is understandable how the past games have been modified and re-established with adjustments in various countries. Activities that involved high jumps in the pool, table tennis, performative martial arts and several others have captured hearts of the worldwide audience. Apart from the current modifications in promotion, publicity andit’s variety in games have also widely increased.


Emotional Sports –

The current media being highly engaged with broadcasting live events for cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. This has helped in making the population feel more connected with their choice of sport. The country wise divisions allow the population to nationally as well as emotionally connect and enjoy sentimental moments of victory.

Playing sports makes one feel as though they are having a positive life. The top 10 sports worldwide are soccer, cricket, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, and baseball. Hockey was invented in India and has since become one of our national sports. According to the study, sports have a superior track record of controlling ailments like heart attacks, lung issues, obesity, and cognitive impairment. Soccer and ice hockey are the sports with the highest-paid athletes. Some sports can be played in small spaces, while others need enormous spaces. Sports keep us energized and active, and in some cases, doctors will recommend sports as a way to treat a sickness or speed up the recovery process. Sports should therefore not be overlooked and should be a need for everyone.

The arrival of sports has been deliberately associated with physical state of hype. However, under the recent scenarios, those who are physically disabled can also feel comforted and prove their capabilities to the world. What can be concluded by this article is probably what the term sport brings to any individual. To many it is only a source of entertainment, a social engagement but for majority it was and still remains an emotion.