Facebook messenger bots for business: a guide for marketers


Are you already using Facebook chatbots in your kinh doanh mix? If not, you might want khổng lồ consider getting one today.


Because Facebook bots continue khổng lồ change how consumers interact with brands on the largest social media platsize.

There are over 300,000 Facebook Messenger Chatbots active in the market today. On a messaging platform with more than 2.32 billion monthly active users worldwide. Facebook Messenger users represent a huge portion of the eCommerce consumer industry—& connecting with your Facebook audience via a Messenger bot is an absolute win.

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Facebook Marketing chatbots help companies start conversations with customers, collect information, make recommendations, and solve sầu simple issues quickly.

And we could list out all the benefits here for you. But we figured it’s better to lớn show you the best Facebook ecommerce chatbot examples & what they can vì chưng.

Note: Some of thangvi.com’s interface và information has changed. We’re working hard at updating this content. Please stay tuned!

1.Kindred Bravely

Thanks lớn Facebook Messenger bots, “conversational commerce” (the intersection of shopping và messaging apps) is now a reality. A great example of this is Kindred Bravely.

Kindred Bravely is an eCommerce store for new moms. They offer nursing clothes, pajamas, và other clothing & accessories for any woman with an infant.

When you first interact with the chatbot, it’s clear from their very first thực đơn that the focus of this bot is on helping you to lớn siêu thị for their products.


Chatbots like Kindred Bravely replace the clunky shopping experience on a website—requiring the use of multiple menus & filters—with a more conversation-driven experience.

Users can simply click the “Shop Now” & bring up Kindred Bravely’s most popular product categories.


And when you “Browse” any of those categories, you’ll see a variety of products that fit within that category.


Now you have sầu 2 choices: you can “View details” (which opens the sản phẩm detail page in a new tab), or “Choose options.”

“Choose options” allows you to lớn customize the sản phẩm right inside of Messenger. For this maternity nightgown, the bot first asks what color you prefer.

(Notice how they use the gallery format lớn show you what each of the colors looks like).


Then you can choose from the different sizes available.

Notice how this Facebook bot follows the same process as a live sầu salesperson. First, they start by getting a general idea of what you’re looking for. Then, they help narrow down your preferences by asking specific questions—showing you a range of options at each step along the way.


Clicking “Buy Now” opens the shopping cart in a new tab with your order already entered and ready lớn go.

Near the end of your checkout, Kindred Bravely even gives you the option to lớn receive order updates via Facebook Messenger—so you can receive your order confirmation & shipping updates right in the Messenger ứng dụng.

But this Messenger chatbot does more than simply give you another way khổng lồ make a purchase.

For one thing, Kindred Bravely makes use of natural language keyword khổng lồ make their bot as interactive sầu as possible.

So when a user types the keyword “get weekly nursing tips,” they subscribe to lớn a sequence with weekly breastfeeding tips.

A quiông xã look at the Sequences section of this chatbot reveals that they are taking full advantage of the ability to launch subscribers inlớn focused sequences for events such as sales and product launches.

Finally, like any good Facebook chatbot, Kindred Bravely offers quiông chồng và easy service through the keywords “customer service.”

This makes it easy khổng lồ reach out if you have sầu questions or need help with your order—without having to lớn tìm kiếm for a hidden “Contact” page, open a support ticket, or wait on hold for a phone representative.

2.Molly Mahoney – The Prepared Performer

Molly recently posted a case study on how she used thangvi.com & Facebook Live sầu to reach 1 million organic users.

So we thought it would be a good idea lớn take a deeper dive into lớn how she uses thangvi.com to engage with her target audience on social media.

When you first interact with the Mollybot, she starts off by letting you know that you’re talking a chatbot. She also gives you some quiông xã instructions on how to lớn converse with it.

Then Molly showcases some of her top content categories using the gallery format.

Depending on which button you cliông chồng, different things will happen. For example, clicking “Show Me!” under “Live Video Tips” brings up a thực đơn with more options.

What Molly is really doing here is showcasing her best nội dung that’s relevant to lớn the topic. Some buttons, such as “Increase Engagement,” open a Facebook đoạn Clip in a new tab.

Others begin an interactive teaching sequence. The “Building Bots” button, for example, tells you more about how she uses chatbots khổng lồ engage her visitors.

And just lượt thích Kindred Bravely, Molly also makes it easy lớn reach out to her with comments/questions and receive sầu a personal response.

This is always a good idea, since no chatbot will ever be able to lớn respond khổng lồ every possible question people might have sầu for you.

3. Kaimamãng cầu Jerky

Kaimamãng cầu Jerky is a great example of how even small new companies can use Facebook Messenger and thangvi.com khổng lồ reach new customers and grow their business.

It’s a fairly simple bot. Probably the biggest function it serves is giving customers an easy way lớn contact the business with questions or comments—just cliông chồng “Message our team”.

A quichồng look under the hood reveals that Kaimana’s customers are happy to chat with the company on Facebook Messenger.

You’ll also notice that the thực đơn contains links lớn 2 of Kaimana’s product category pages & an “About Us” page.

Lastly, I’d also like to point out that, like so many of the other chatbots in this post, Kaimamãng cầu makes it easy lớn subscribe and unsubscribe for updates & new message notifications.

This is important because you certainly don’t want to annoy people who don’t want to lớn hear from you. Giving people a clear opt-out keywords is a great way lớn help maintain your thangvi.com menu hygiene và ensure that you’re only sending messages to lớn interested prospects và customers.

4. How Much Bot

I want khổng lồ give sầu a quiông xã example of how you can use a chatbot to deliver nội dung khổng lồ your users in a way that’s simple, straightforward, và effective.

How Much Bot is a quiông xã video clip course that teaches you how khổng lồ create an automated quoting bot lớn get more clients.

And when you cliông chồng “Get Started!”, you’ll be shown a gallery with all 6 lessons in the course.

When you cliông xã “Watch Video” beneath a lesson, the Facebook video clip opens in a new tab where you can watch and engage with the content.

How Much Bot doesn’t stop there, though. While he has your attention, creator Nick O’Neill takes a second to lớn qualify you as a lead for his company BotPartners. If you indicate that you’d lượt thích help building a bot, you’ll be qualified as a lead after three easy questions.

This chatbot is exciting for a couple reasons.

First of all, this is one of the first hints we’re seeing of video clip courses and even potential membership “sites” that can be run entirely inside of Facebook Messenger.

And second, it’s a great example of how to generate social truyền thông leads on autopilot for your business! Notice the formula O’Neill follows in this chatbot: first, deliver value while showcasing your expertise. Then capture your interested leads’ tương tác information for later follow-up by your sales team.

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5. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall-Street Journal (WSJ) is one of the world’s most recognized publishers covering topics related lớn business, finance, & economics.

As such, the main purpose of their chatbot is to deliver news that fits inlớn one of those categories.

When you first interact with the WSJ Messenger bot, they vày something very smart: they start the conversation by asking you lớn subscribe for daily updates.


This is a great way lớn mix expectations right up-front while getting the user’s consent to lớn skết thúc regular messages. By capturing the user’s information from their Facebook tài khoản, WSJ is already well on their way to building their retargeting pool.

From there, WSJ’s content splits into lớn two main categories: headlines/news và company/stoông chồng updates.

When you ask khổng lồ see the news, WSJ uses a carousel format to showcase the day’s biggest new stories in the most visual way possible:


Clicking on one of these stories will open it right inside of Messenger, allowing you to get your news without having khổng lồ toggle baông xã & forth between apps on your phone.


When you ask for stochồng market data, the chatbot begins at the highest cấp độ by showing the performance of the various indexes:


From here, you can quickly drill down to get what you’re looking for.

The “More info” liên kết will open a new tab full of stoông chồng market quotes, while the “Leaders & Laggards” liên kết will open another carousel of high- and low-performing companies.

WSJ also makes it easy to stay updated on the performance of any index market or individual company.

Want lớn get daily updates on the S&P. 500? Or maybe you own some shares of Nike và want to stay up-to-date on how your stoông chồng is doing.

Just clichồng “Follow” và WSJ will send you regular updates right inside of Messenger.

6. Poncho

Think baông chồng khổng lồ the last time you were caught in the rain by surprise.

Wouldn’t it have sầu been nice if somebody toàn thân sent you a message earlier that morning reminding you khổng lồ bring an umbrella?

That’s the idea behind Ponđến, the chatbot that has quickly grown to become one of the most popular on Facebook. And for good reason:

It does a fantastic job of combining great usable nội dung with fun branding.

Right away when you interact with Poncho, you’re greeted with a fun gif that gives you an idea of what this chatbot is all about:


The main goal of Ponmang đến is lớn give sầu you regular weather updates. To vày that, they first have sầu lớn determine your location (which you can type out manually or simply allow Location Access khổng lồ let Ponmang đến determine it automatically).

Once Ponmang đến knows your location, it gives you different options for receiving regular alerts. You can mix up morning alerts, evening alerts, & severe weather alerts.

Ponmang đến will even skết thúc you a daily “running forecast,” letting you know if it looks lượt thích a good day to lớn go for a jog or not.

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In short, Ponmang đến is a simple và straightforward chatbot that doesn’t waste any time with unnecessary options.

And of course, it also responds lớn any typical weather-related question:


Ponmang đến is a great example of a chatbot that’s focused on solving one specific problem in a way that’s fun & easy khổng lồ use on social truyền thông media.

7. eBay ShopBot

Thanks lớn Facebook Messenger, “conversational commerce” (the intersection of shopping and messaging apps) is finally becoming a reality.

And for a great example, look no further than the eBay ShopBot.


Chatbots lượt thích ShopBot ayên khổng lồ replace the clunky shopping experience on a website—requiring the use of multiple menus & filters—with a more intuitive, conversational experience.

And just lượt thích the Wall Street Journal chatbot, eBay makes great use of carousels lớn display products và categories:


When you tell the ShopBot that you want to siêu thị for a certain category of products, such as “Hot Sneakers,” it will show a range of options for you lớn browse.


When you clichồng “more like this” underneath a sản phẩm, you’ll see a variety of different options for that exact hàng hóa.


When you cliông chồng “view thành tựu,” a sản phẩm page opens up in the same chat window:


From here you can complete your purchase right inside of Messenger.


If you have something more specific in mind, you can always use a manual tìm kiếm lớn tell the ShopBot exactly what you’re looking for. For example: “I’m looking for polarized sunglasses”.


The conversation then leads to lớn eBay’s ShoptBot showing you a few results. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, the chatbot will proceed to ask you a series of questions khổng lồ help you narrow down your choice.


The more questions you answer, the more narrowed-down your suggestions will be.

In a way, this chatbot follows the same process you’d go through with a live sầu salesperson in a store. First they’d start by getting a general idea of what you’re looking for, then they’d begin to lớn narrow down your preferences for by asking more and more specific questions—showing you a range of options at each step along the way.

8. HealthTap

Number 7 on our danh sách, the eBay ShopBot, showed you how a chatbot can replace the normal shopping experience with a more conversational equivalent. Now you’ll see how HealthTap does the same thing in the medical news và health information space.

HealthTap focuses on a question/answer format, fielding medical questions và providing answers from real doctors. When you type a medical inquiry or symptoms, like “lower back pain,” HealthTap shows you a few relevant questions that have already been answered.


When you cliông chồng on the most relevant question, you’ll get a menu of answers that have sầu been provided by doctors.


From there, simply cliông xã on an answer to lớn read the doctor’s reply to the question.


Of course, there’s always the chance that your particular question hasn’t already been answered yet on HealthTap. If that’s the case, just tell the HealthTap chatbot to sover your conversation lớn a doctor.


HealthTap will submit your question lớn their network of over 108,000 U.S. doctors, resulting in an answer within one day.

9. Instalocate

Instalocate is another growing và popular chatbot that serves a practical purpose for many people: It keeps you up-to-date on flight changes và other alerts inside Messenger.

This makes it a handy way to trachồng flights, whether you’re flying or simply picking someone up at the airport.

When you first interact with Instalocate, you’ll see a menu of some of the options available within the tiện ích.


To track a flight, simply enter the flight number. Instalocate will instantly look up the flight details.


It will also sover you a message when there’s a change with the flight (a delay, taking off, landing, và so on).


Instalocate makes it easy to lớn nội dung your flight status with friends or family, which is especially helpful when you have sầu someone waiting lớn piông xã you up after you land & you want lớn let them know when your flight is due to lớn arrive.


If your flight happens khổng lồ be canceled or delayed by 3 hours or more, Instalocate even provides a liên kết where you can clalặng compensation from the airline.


And when your flight finally lands, you can even use Instalocate to book an Uber or Lyft lớn your final destination.


So what makes Instalocate such a great chatbot?

Aước ao other things, Instalocate does a phenomenal job of anticipating a traveler’s questions & providing the exact information that the traveler is looking for—at the exact moment when they’re liable to lớn want it.

10. Job Bot

Looking for a new job?

Then you’ll want khổng lồ check out Job Bot.

This job-hunting chatbot puts a new spin on the old task of looking for a new job. And as you might expect, it does so in an easy, conversational manner.

To get started, Job Bot needs two pieces of information: your location and a tìm kiếm keyword. (And if you’re looking for a position in more than one đô thị, no problem— Job Bot can exp& its search for anyone willing to relocate).


That’s all the information this chatbot needs to lớn deliver the top job results in your area, using an easy-to-scan carousel format.


Another way khổng lồ find new job openings as soon as they’re posted is to sign up for job alerts, which is a really helpful feature for anyone who’s serious about finding a job. And Job Bot smartly asks you this after you tìm kiếm for a job, making it easy lớn get regular job posting updates on social truyền thông.


Job Bot also allows for one-cliông xã job submissions. To vị that, however, you have sầu to lớn mix up a career profile.


You’ll need to lớn answer a few easy questions, then either specify your LinkedIn profile or upload a resume. Then you’ll be able khổng lồ easily apply to lớn jobs directly from the conversation with a single cliông chồng.


What does Job Bot vì chưng well?

For starters, it serves a real need. People need to look for jobs. And for many, Facebook Messenger provides a low-friction place to lớn vì it.

Add in how ridiculously easy it is khổng lồ apply khổng lồ jobs with just a single clichồng, and you can start lớn see why this bot would be such a hit with job seekers.

11. Christopher Bot

Some people reading this danh sách may have sầu the mistaken impression that only big brands & well-funded companies can afford khổng lồ build an effective chatbot for their sale department. But nothing could be further from the truth. It’s possible khổng lồ use a chatbot builder khổng lồ produce an effective messenger bot.

And for proof of that, look no further than Christopher Bot.

Christopher Bot was built by a 14-year-old boy from Canadomain authority named Alec Jones, who was recently featured on the Đài truyền hình BBC for his outstanding job creating the chatbot. Not only is it easy và intuitive to lớn use, but it also serves a useful purpose:

It reminds you lớn vày your homework!

When you sign up with Christopher Bot, it will ask you to connect with a simple website. From there, you fill out a short và simple khung telling the bot which classes you have.


Once you’ve added your class schedule, you’re all mix. Then, once your next class is over, Christopher Bot will start a conversation asking if you have sầu any homework, & if so, when the due date is.


To see your danh mục of homework, you can always head over to lớn Christopher’s trang web where your homework will be listed on the schedule.


Of course, you can always simply ask the bot for a các mục of your homework. And the bot will also skết thúc you automatic reminders to lớn get your homework done.


The Christopher Bot provides a brilliant solution to lớn a very common problem. Namely: kids forgetting to lớn vì chưng their homework!

Messenger turns outs to lớn be a great medium for solving a problem like this. Why? Because it can easily skết thúc automated reminders, based on the homework’s due date, và deliver those reminders in a place where kids are sure to see them.

And if a 14-year-old kid could create their own chatbot…just think what you can do!

What Do These Facebook Chatbots Have in Common?

When looking through this list of Facebook chatbots, one of the questions you might find yourself wondering is:

What vị these chatbots have in common?

At first glance, it’s a tricky question. There may not seem to lớn be any universal best practices.

But when you look closer, you can find a few things that all of these chatbots vị well:

Use Short, Conversational Messages

You’ll notice that almost every message in these chatbots is short & easy lớn read.

There aren’t any long-winded paragraphs. Instead, almost everything is communicated in quichồng, one-sentence messages—just like most of our real-life conversations.

And the best chatbots also manage khổng lồ vị so using a conversational tone that helps brand the company và makes the user smile at the same time.

Ask for Permission

Most, if not all, of these chatbots explicitly ask the user if they would like khổng lồ receive regular updates—whether it’s news headlines, weather alerts, or new job postings.

You never want khổng lồ surprise users with unwanted messages. Make sure they actually want the updates your chatbot provides, và then, get their expressed permission lớn sover them regular updates.

Let them know what to expect from you—and provide an easy way lớn opt-out anytime they wish.

Design with the End User in Mind

Most importantly, these chatbots have all been created with the over user in mind, & designed lớn be as helpful and intuitive sầu as possible for the human on the other kết thúc.

You can tell the creators have sầu spent a lot of time thinking about what their users are looking for & what they actually need at various times.

It’s no surprise that Instalocate gives you the option khổng lồ book an Uber after your plane lands.

Or that Poncho lets you know if today is going to be a good day for a jog.

Or that Christopher Bot asks about your homework right after each of your classes is over.

These chatbots have sầu been designed to lớn help real people with real problems, which drives any successful social media sale strategy. And if you want to lớn create a chatbot that engages people & creates more business for your company, that’s what you have to lớn bởi, too.

Want to lớn Build a Facebook Messenger Bot Like These?

If this các mục of Facebook chatbots has left you feeling inspired, here’s a bit of good news:

You can get started creating your own Facebook chatbot in minutes…và it’s 100% free!

Want to grow audience and drive sầu more sales? Get thangvi.com today. It’s không lấy phí to get started.