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Group management allows you to lớn turn settings on or off for a group of users in your account. You can also lock settings on or off khổng lồ force them on or disable them for the group.

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The group settings mirror the settings available for the entire trương mục and for individual users. Settings can also be turned on or off và be locked at the account màn chơi. If not locked for the trương mục or group, they can be adjusted by the individual user. Learn more abouttiered settings.

If a user is in multiple groups, an admin can set a primary group for users. The user will use the primary group"s settings by default. However, if settings are locked in other groups, those settings will be locked for that user. By mặc định, the primary group is the first group that user is added khổng lồ.

You can also set group admins tomanage the members & settings for that group. The group admin can also see if the group they manage is set as the primary group for users within the group. The group admin does not need lớn be an account admin or have sầu role permissions to edit user groups.

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Pro, Business, or Education accountAccount owner or admin privileges

Adding a new group

Sign in to the website portal.Cliông xã Add Group.
Enter the name of the new group.
Cliông xã Save.This group will now show up in your groups danh mục.

Setting group admins

Sign in to the website portal.Cliông chồng the name of the group you would like to lớn phối admins for.ClickGroup Admins.
Enter one or more names or tin nhắn addresses of users that you would lượt thích lớn set as group admins.Clichồng Add.

Adding members to lớn a group

Sign in to lớn the website portal.Check the users you want lớn add lớn the group.Cliông xã Group.
Confirm the menu of users.Select the name of the group from the User Group drop-down menu.

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Cliông xã Save.

Set a user"s primary group

Sign in to the website portal.Clichồng the name of the group you would like mix as primary.Cliông chồng the ellipses ibé (...) next khổng lồ the user you would lượt thích to lớn phối the primary group for.Cliông chồng Set as Primary Group.
Confirm that you would like khổng lồ phối this group as primary for this user by clicking Save.

Changing advanced group management settings

Sign in to lớn the website portal.Click theAdvancedtab.Scroll down lớn the Change User Group section lớn see the following settings:Set default user group: Set the default group for all users added lớn your account going forward.Change user group:Move sầu users from one group khổng lồ another group.Add domain name users lớn group:Add all users with an gmail address at the managed tên miền to a specific group.

Changing meetings, recording, và telephone settings for a group

Sign in to lớn the web portal.Cliông chồng Edit next to lớn the group you want to edit.This will open settings are under three tabs: Meetings, Recording, and Telephone.Click to lớn toggle a setting on or off.Clichồng the loông xã inhỏ to loông xã a setting. If you loông xã a setting, the group members will not be able lớn modify it individually.


In addition khổng lồ the meeting, telephone, và recording settings available khổng lồ users, you can access these settings:

Note: Some settings are dependent on certain prerequisites. If you bởi not see a setting listed for your group, đánh giá the article on the setting khổng lồ see if your trương mục meets those prerequisites.

Meeting tab

In Meeting (Advanced)OtherAllow users to lớn liên hệ"s via Chat: Display a floating Help button at the bottom-right corner of the website portal lớn live chat with

Recording tab

Cloud recording downloads:Allow anyone with a liên kết lớn the cloud recording can tải về the recording.

Admin Options