The need for crawling website data has become larger in the past few years. The data crawled can be used for evaluation or prediction in different fields. Here, I’d lượt thích to talk about 3 methods we can adopt lớn crawl data from a website.

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1. Use Website APIs


Many large social truyền thông websites, lượt thích Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, StackOverflow provide APIs for users lớn access their data. Sometimes, you can choose the official APIs to get structured data. As the Facebook Graph API shows below, you need to lớn choose fields you make the query, then order data, bởi vì the URL Lookup, make requests và etc. To learn more, you can refer to lớn




2. Build your own crawler 


However, not all websites provide users with APIs. Certain websites refuse to lớn provide any public APIs because of technical limit or other reasons. Someone may propose RSS feeds, but because they put a limit on their use, I will not suggest or make further comments on it. In this case, what I want to lớn discuss is that we can build a crawler on our own to giảm giá with this situation.


How does a crawler work? A crawler, put it another way, is a method lớn generate a menu of URLs that you can feed through your extractor. The crawlers can be defined as tools khổng lồ find the URLs. You first give the crawler a webpage to lớn start, và they will follow all these link on that page. Then this process will keep going on in a loop.


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Then, we can proceed with building our own crawler. It’s known that Pyhẹp is an open-source programming language, and you can find many useful functional libraries. Here, I suggest the BeautifulSoup (Pydong dỏng Library) for the reason that it is easier khổng lồ work with and possesses many intuitive sầu characters. More exactly, I will utilize two Pykhông lớn modules to lớn crawl the data.


BeautifulSoup does not fetch the website page for us. That’s why I use urllib2 to combine with the BeautifulSoup library. Then, we need to deal with HTML tags to lớn find all the liên kết within page’s tags and the right table. After that, iterate through each row (tr) and then assign each element of tr (td) khổng lồ a variable and appkết thúc it khổng lồ a menu. Let’s first look at the HTML structure of the table (I am not going khổng lồ extract information for table heading ).


By taking this approach, your crawler is customized. It can giảm giá khuyến mãi with certain difficulties met in the API extraction. You can use the proxy khổng lồ prsự kiện it from being blocked by some websites and etc. The whole process is within your control. This method should make sense for people with coding skills. The data frame you crawled should be like the figure below.



3. Take advantage of ready-to-use crawler tools


However, to crawl a website on your own by programming may be time-consuming. For people without any coding skills, this would be a hard task. Therefore, I"d like to introduce some crawler tools. is a powerful visual windows-based web data crawler. It is really easy for users to lớn grasp this tool with its simple and friendly user interface. To use it, you need to lớn tải về this application on your local desktop.

As the figure shown below, you can click-and-drag the blocks in the Workflow Designer pane lớn customize your own task. provides two editions of crawling service subscription plans - the Free Edition và Paid Edition. Both can satisfy the basic scraping or crawling needs of users. With the Free Edition, you can run your tasks on the local side.

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If you switch your không lấy phí edition to a Paid Edition, you can use the Cloud-based service by uploading your tasks to the Cloud Platform. 6 to 14 cloud servers will run your tasks simultaneously with a higher speed & crawl in a larger scale. Plus, you can automate your data extraction leaving without a trace using’s anonymous proxy feature that could rotate tons of IPs, which will prsự kiện you from being blocked by certain websites. Here"s a đoạn Clip introducing Cloud Extraction. also provides API khổng lồ connect your system khổng lồ your scraped data in real-time. You can either import the data inkhổng lồ your own database or use the API to require access to your account’s data. After you finish the configuration of the task, you can export data into various formats, like CSV, Excel, HTML, TXT, and database (MySQL, SQL Server, và Oracle). is also known as a web crawler covering all different levels of crawling needs. It offers a Magic tool which can convert a site inlớn a table without any training sessions. It suggests users to tải về its desktop phầm mềm if more complicated websites need khổng lồ be crawled. Once you’ve built your API, they offer a number of simple integration options such as Google Sheets,, Excel as well as GET & POST requests. When you consider that all this comes with a free-for-life price tag & an awesome support team, is a clear first port of hotline for those on the hunt for structured data. They also offer a paid enterprise-màn chơi option for companies looking for more large scale or complex data extraction.





Mozenda is another user-friendly web data extractor. It has a point-and-clichồng UI for users without any coding skills khổng lồ use. Mozenda also takes the hassle out of automating & publishing extracted data. Tell Mozendomain authority what data you want once, and then get it however frequently you need it. Plus, it allows advanced programming using REST API the user can connect directly with Mozenda tài khoản. It provides the Cloud-based service và rotation of IPs as well.






SEO experts, online marketers & even spammers should be very familiar with ScrapeBox with its very user-friendly UI. Users can easily harvest data from a website lớn grab emails, kiểm tra page rank, verify working proxies & RSS submission. By using thousands of rotating proxies, you will be able lớn sneak on the competitor’s site từ khóa, vì retìm kiếm on .gov sites, harvesting data, & commenting without getting blocked or detected.



Google Web Scraper Plugin

If people just want lớn scrape data in a simple way, I suggest you choose the Google Web Scraper Plugin. It is a browser-based web scraper that works like Firefox"s Outwit Hub. You can tải về it as an extension và have sầu it installed in your browser. You need to lớn highlight the data fields you’d like to lớn crawl, right-click & choose “Scrape similar…”. Anything that’s similar khổng lồ what you highlighted will be rendered in a table ready for export, compatible with Google Docs. The lachạy thử version still had some bugs on spreadsheets. Even though it is easy khổng lồ handle, notice khổng lồ all users, it can’t scrape images & crawl data in a large amount.




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