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Google Display Planner – 10 steps for an accurate forecastThe Rogue Digital TeamApril 12, 2020April 21, 2020

What is the Google display planner?

The Google display planner is a không lấy phí tool that helps advertisers plan and forecast their display campaigns. You’ll be able to forecast projected clicks and impressions based on your budget & bids.

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Is the Google display planner still available?

The short answer is no.

However, fret not! With the new Google Ads experience, the display planner statistics can be found in other parts of the Google Ads dashboard.

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If.. you know where to lớn find it.

These are the essential statistics that every marketeer needs lớn know whenever we launch a new Google display chiến dịch.

Today’s post is going khổng lồ help you with forecasting results for Google display. Let’s go!

How vị we forecast statistics for Google display?

Step 1: Head over to your Google Ads

Step 2: Create a new chiến dịch

button to lớn create a new chiến dịch.

Step 3: Select your chiến dịch goal, type, & subtype

Campaign goals

Campaign goals for display chiến dịch include the following:

Brand awareness and reachProduct and br& considerationWebsite trafficLeadsSales

Campaign Subtype

Choose either the smart display or standard display chiến dịch subtype

Smart displayStandard display
Settings required khổng lồ estimate performance:BidsBudgetAdsSettings required lớn estimate performance:BidsBudget (Ads not required)

As you can see, the smart display chiến dịch requires your display ad creatives to forecast performance. Hence, if you do not have your ads ready yet, select standard display!