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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 allows you to lớn create effective presentations for a variety of audiences as it is no longer solely used by professionals to present during formal business meetings. PowerPoint is now used in business và educational settings khổng lồ giới thiệu information in live gatherings & in online settings. The program’s features are easy lớn find & lớn use so beginners can also work productively. While it is a good desktop ứng dụng for presentations, you can only tải về MS PowerPoint 2016 in computers running Microsoft Windows 7 or later, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, and Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

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Creating presentations

You can begin creating your own presentation by selecting either the blank presentation or a PowerPoint that is based on a template. Templates are designs that control the thematic elements and slide layouts as opposed to nội dung templates. This means the fonts, backgrounds, and graphics effects will be in place. It"s important lớn know that not all templates are themes. A Design template is a blank presentation with a theme, graphical changes, and specialized slide layouts. This means you can change the theme of any template khổng lồ suit your preference.

At launch, the app displays the Start screen where you will see a các mục of your previous presentations and PowerPoint’s catalog of kiến thiết templates. You can be overwhelmed by choice, but each kind of presentation has its uses. A Blank presentation is suitable for those that want khổng lồ build và format a presentation from scratch. This can be a time-consuming process as you will be in charge of adding the slides, its content, and other necessary configuration changes, but it will result in a quality & functional presentation.

Content templates are slides not currently available in the program. They’re prepopulated presentation templates found on the Office trang web. They differ from thiết kế templates as it suggests the nội dung appropriate for its thiết kế such as reports or hàng hóa launches. Once you’ve sầu downloaded from the trang web, PowerPoint will open it và allow you lớn customize the nội dung provided. All the presentations mentioned can be modified inlớn two aspect ratios: Widescreen (16:9) and Standard (4:3). Widescreen is suitable for most PC monitors, while the Standard kích thước is optimized for tablets.

Managing MS PowerPoint

You can modify the program’s settings from the Accounts page và the PowerPoint Options dialog box. The Accounts page displays information about the installation of PowerPoint & other resources the software is connected khổng lồ. This includes your Microsoft account & the members that manage it (if any), storage locations & services (ex. Facebook & LinkedIn), và the phầm mềm version number.

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Another aspect you can customize is the appearance of the PowerPoint phầm mềm window. The tiện ích can have sầu its own background & theme, most of which are subtle designs that appear in the title bar of the window. You can select one of 14 designs or opt lớn have a background at all.

Top-notch presentation software

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 is necessary khổng lồ have on your computer if you are a student, corporate employee, entrepreneur và executive sầu. It allows you to lớn condense your message inlớn several images, allowing your audience to lớn understvà things quicker than a Word document or an Excel Spreadsheet would. It hosts a substantial amount of options khổng lồ create your own quality presentation or develop a slideshow in a short amount of time.

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