This article takes you through installling Skpe on an Windows operating system.

Summary: This article takes you through installling Skpe on an Windows operating system.See less This article takes you through installling Skpe on an Windows operating system.

The following article describes how to lớn tải về và install the Skype software on your thangvi.com PC for all the Windows Operating Systems.

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Installing Skype on a Windows thangvi.com PC

This article is about how lớn install Skype on your thangvi.com PC.

You will need these lớn proceed:

A broadband/mạng internet connection. A Microphone and speakers or a microphone headmix. A Webcam. A Skype trương mục.
Note: Please be aware this article only deals with Skype, not Skype for Business (formerly Lync). Skype for Business is still part of the Microsoft Office Suite.
Note: Skype will be installed automatically as part of the Windows 8.1 Update. Microsoft has announced that Skype will come preinstalled on their Windows 10 operating system.

If you have uninstalled Skype for any reason on these operating systems, you can reinstall them from the Store application, as seen in the Windows 8 guide.

Windows 8

To use the new Skype app on your Windows 8 computer, you first have lớn tải về the phầm mềm from the Store.

Clichồng the Store tile.

mở cửa the Charms bar và type Skype inlớn the search bar.

ClickStoreto open the Store.

Click theSkype app.


(Figure.1 App in Windows Store)



(Figure.2 Skype App open in Store)

You will see Installing Skype in the top right-hand corner.


(Figure.3 Store page shows Skype downloading)

Once it has finished installing, cthua trận the Store and you will see a Skype tile on the Start screen.

Cliông xã theSkype tile.

ClickAllowon the next two screens khổng lồ give sầu Skype permission to use your webcam & microphone và khổng lồ run in the background.


(Figure.4 Allow button on Skype install)

Skype will now want to know whether you already have sầu an trương mục or, if not, whether you want to lớn phối up a new one. Cliông xã the appropriate button.


(Figure.5 Skype Login page)

If you already have sầu an trương mục, Skype will now find it for you và ask you to lớn confirm that it is correct. Click your name khổng lồ confirm or, if you want khổng lồ use a different one, click Provide a different account lớn sign in with a different Skype ID và password.

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(Figure.6 Creating an trương mục in Skype)

If you clicked I’m new khổng lồ Skype, you will now be asked lớn agree with the Terms of Use. Don’t forget lớn tick or un-tichồng the boxes lớn choose whether to receive sầu emails or text messages from them.


(Figure.7Skype Terms of Use)

Skype will now set up a new trương mục for you using your Microsoft account.

You’re now ready to lớn use Skype!

Windows Vista và 7

Note: Microsoft stopped supporting the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System in all its versions on July 12th, 2011 and stopped supporting the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System in all its revisions on April 8th, 2014.

Downloading and installing Skype is easy & it’s free! You can download & install your Skype connection in a matter of minutes.

Note: The Skype trang web on www.skype.com are in a state of constant change as they update link & content. Don"t be surprised if the Web pages you"re looking at don"t exactly match any pictures provided here.
Downloading Skype

Clichồng theDownload buttonon the Skype home page page khổng lồ open the Download page.

Skype will begin the download lớn your computer. It will automatically determine the operating system and the Web browser that you are using.


(Figure.1 Download Button on the Skype site)

Note: If the tải về doesn’t start automatically, you will be able khổng lồ start it manually by clicking on Start Download Again.

After you clichồng lớn download the program, you may be prompted to lớn save sầu or open the programSkypeSetup.exe. Always choose khổng lồ save sầu the file lớn your hard drive sầu. Do not open or run the program during the tải về process.

Skype sometimes posts two types of downloads, the general public version & the next new beta version. It"s best lớn tải về the general public version because it’s more stable.

Note: Over time the beta version will become the public version và you can nâng cấp at that point.

SelectSave sầu khổng lồ Disk.

Choose an easy-to-rethành viên location, such as the Windows Desktop, and clickOK. Rethành viên this location so that you can double-clichồng the file after it is saved.

Installing Skype

When the tải về is complete and the program is saved khổng lồ disk, double-click the Skype Setup program that you just saved or just clickRunif you have that option.

If a User Account Control windows pop up asks you for permission, just clickContinue.

When the installer program launches, it asks you to choose a language. select it from the drop-down danh sách.


(Figure.2 Install Language Drop Down Menu)

The installer program then asks you lớn read & accept the End User License Agreement. You need to accept this to continue the installation. The program may also ask if you want khổng lồ install certain other programs or browser add-ons. I would advise un-checking the box to lớn disable these additional programs & cliông chồng onNext.

Clichồng theOptionsbutton.

On this page, you have the choice to lớn launch Skype as soon as the installation is complete. This box is already checked. If you don"t want Skype khổng lồ start up right away, deselect the box by clicking it. You also have sầu the option to update the Skype extras manager & lớn install a Skype plugin for the website browser (s) that you have installed on the computer.

ClickI agree -- Install.

Skype asks you khổng lồ phối up an trương mục by entering a Name, a Skype Name, and Password.

The next screen asks for your e-mail address, country, & thành phố. If the Skype name you specified is already in use, you will get a chance lớn choose another name. Once you complete this, Skype is installed and automatically launches itselfunless you deselected the Launch Skype checkbox on the Options screen.