There are many reasons why Amazon has dominated the ecommerce marketplace – they offer a seemingly unlimited selection of products (from books to treadmills) & services (such as Amazon Prime), & they somehow make their shopping experience even more addictive (không tính tiền two-day shipping!).

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Even with all that Amazon has to offer, they didn't evolve inlớn an online retail tirã without a rock-solid gmail marketing strategy. Their tin nhắn kinh doanh strategies aren't new, but Amazon seems lớn have harnessed these ideas & made them work successfully. Here are four ways that Amazon implements successful tin nhắn marketing, and by using, you can practice these strategies too!

(1) Personalization – When Amazon sends an email lớn a customer, there is almost always dynamic nội dung included; at the very least, customers are usually addressed by their personal names. Adding dynamic nội dung to lớn an gmail sover is an easy way lớn appeal lớn your recipients on a more personal level.

* offers users multiple means of adding dynamic nội dung. For more details, check out our Help article.

(2) Template Consistency – Amazon effectively brings their website directly inkhổng lồ customers' inboxes through consistency in their designs và templates. Notice the same colors and layout schemes used in both their gmail sends & throughout their trang web. While Amazon's content is constantly evolving (especially based on the customers' interactions), the familiarity of the layout & templates keep the content relevant to the Amazon br&. For example, emails from Amazon usually contain a "big yellow button" that is also found on their trang web.

* gives you the ability to clone templates, so you can keep your emails familiar & consistent, even though your content is changing.

(3) call to kích hoạt – Amazon interacts with their customers by sending out interactive sầu emails. It's very comtháng for customers lớn receive an gmail from Amazon encouraging them to "kiểm tra out" a certain mix of items or khổng lồ order within X-amount of time khổng lồ get XYZ. Amazon shows customers product recommendations based on what they have previously viewed or purchased and invites customers to give sầu feedbaông chồng & submit Review of products they have sầu recently purchased.

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This benefits the customer (customers can earn recognition and perks by submitting feedback), the reseller (helps improve business practices or helps promote products), and Amazon as a business (generates more customer interaction, which leads lớn repeat business and sản phẩm suggestions).

An interactive sầu email is an gmail that isn't quickly disregarded.

* offers the ability lớn build surveys và forms, which can include a rating system and the ability khổng lồ submit feedback. Through, you can track how customers interact with your emails and how they respond to these surveys. You can also build effective sầu nurture programs, which help automate và organize the process of interacting with customers.

(4) xuất hiện Options – With Amazon, it's easy to lớn manage which of their subscription lists you wish to lớn receive sầu emails from. Amazon is transparent with subscribers about how often they can expect to lớn receive sầu emails, and subscribers can opt out any time và easily change subscription preferences.

* allows you khổng lồ build và trachồng subscriptions, as well as create your own opt in & opt out thực đơn options. With the recent implementation of Canada's Anti-Spam Law, this is especially relevant to our Canadian customers & those who conduct business in Canadomain authority.

It's easy to lớn see how Amazon sets the example when it comes to tin nhắn marketing; you can't be an online retail giant without effective sầu sale strategies. With, it's easy to take these strategies và implement them to lớn yield better results.

Written by Molly Lambeth, Marketing Success Manager at