38 facebook post ideas that make content 10x more interesting


With the recent release of our br& new infographic documenting Facebook"s failures, I thought I"d write about how you can make sure that you yourself don"t have any Facebook face-plants. Here are 10 tips for creating awesome Facebook content that will keep visitors interested and engaged.

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1. Post Content that Interests Your Customers

The key khổng lồ developing a winning fan page that builds fans and pushes your business forward is lớn post nội dung that genuinely interests your customers or clients. Don"t focus solely on you or your business. By providing valuable information to the reader you will build a stronger relationship with current và prospective sầu customers.



Red Bull knows that their energy drink customers are likely lớn be interested in extreme activities, so they post videos they know customers will enjoy, even if it doesn’t relate to Red Bull directly.

2. Post a Variety of Content

Let’s imagine you own a pet grooming business. On your người page, you’ll want to lớn nội dung a variety of content like:

Blog Posts – what’s new và happening at your business? Did Spot the puppy turn 1 this week?Press Releases – let customers know about the updates và improvements you’ve made

3. End Every Post With a Question

I hate to lớn sound like a scrooge, but the truth is that people are pretty self-absorbed. Fan page visitors are much more likely lớn pay attention and respond khổng lồ your posts if you address them personally and encourage them lớn get involved.

Pairing your Facebook posts with questions is a great way to lớn accomplish this. You’ll get more engagement & better response if you post a liên kết with a question or Điện thoại tư vấn to action, rather than just posting a links solo. Invite conversation whenever possible, with each post you bởi.



Ben & Jerry know how to get their customers chatting.

To go along with our pet grooming example, you might post a liên kết to lớn an article with “Five sầu Tips for Cutting Your Dog’s Nails at Home” (trust me, this is not easy). Include a question with the links, such as “Do you have any special tricks for keeping your dog relaxed?”

4. Don’t Post Too Frequently

According khổng lồ a retìm kiếm study by the University of Colorabởi vì Denver Business School, the No.1 reason people dump Facebook friends is that they get annoyed being continuously bombarded with useless posts (if you are looking khổng lồ lower your friend count, just tải về a couple of Zynga games & you’ll be golden).

Plastering a fan’s news feed won’t make them like you any more. Make each post count!

5. Allow Fans khổng lồ Write on Your Wall

This might go without saying, but you really need lớn enable visitors to write on your wall. Disabling this feature means you might as well not have a bạn page at all, since the whole point of being on Facebook is to lớn get into lớn dialogue with customers.

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6. Don’t Share Twitter Posts on Your Facebook Page

You’re talking to lớn different audiences with different needs và expectations. It’s fine khổng lồ have sầu an announcement you want khổng lồ mô tả across Facebook and Twitter, but re-write it accordingly. And definitely remove the #&
s or people might think you’re saying some not-so-nice things.

7. Use Contests, But Use Them in Moderation

Of course we can’t forget about contests, the bread & butter of bạn pages. Contests are great, but they should be a fun and exciting event, not the norm.

Pumpkin coffee & hãng apple cider are awesome reminders of fall because you can’t get them just any day of the year. Similarly, you shouldn’t be hosting contests so often that they lose their edge.

8. Get Creative sầu With the Contests

Try an essay, phokhổng lồ, or video contest khổng lồ get a higher level of engagement with fans. It’s great to lớn incorporate seasonal events, lượt thích a “Best Pumpkin Carving” or “Cukiểm tra Pet Costume” conthử nghiệm for Halloween. The Wildfire web application is a great tool for making interactive content like contests, quizzes, & surveys.



Boo the adorable dog would win any condemo. Because he is just too adorable.

If you run a social truyền thông pholớn conchạy thử, tag your customers so that the post appears on their wall too. That way you’re furthering your sphere of influence by reaching out to friends of your fans.

9. Try Selecting a Monthly Topic

One idea in attempts to keep fans engaged is lớn select a different topic for each month. Talk about và post links to sites that cover that topic.

Having a different topic you address each month demonstrates that you have sầu a continuous online presence, making you appear much more interesting (even if deep down you are incredibly dull). Which brings us khổng lồ our final tip…

Be Interesting!

After I got a PS3, I decided to follow the
AskPlaystation feed, which provides fascinating insight into topics such as how to lớn clean your PS3 and ways lớn keep it ventilated. OK, to be fair, it is a customer tư vấn feed. But boy-howdy is it boring.