How khổng lồ Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Design và mix up a chatbot without coding


Connect a Facebook protệp tin khổng lồ

Select the “Messenger” section in your account và log in to your Facebook trương mục.

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Choose a Facebook page

You can add a chatbot lớn Facebook page that you manage.


Use a widget to grow your danh mục of contacts

Collect contacts for direct real-time interaction with a single person or a group of people.


Create message flows that imitate live communication with a representative of your company.

Organize the conversational lô ghích of your chatbot based on keyword that users type in the chat, for example, "price," "delivery," "purchase."

Develop a conversation scenario based on clicked liên kết and buttons.

Detailed Statistics on Interaction with the Chatbot

Analyze the interests of your audience. Chechồng the number of sent & read messages as well as the number of links opened from your messages. Learn more




You can place subscription widgets on your site và users can subscribe lớn recieve updates from you. Choose the type of widget & add a mô tả tìm kiếm of your bot in the header. Learn more

Chatbot message builder

You can skết thúc mass campaigns consisting of several messages, as well as of different types. You can insert a button with a links inkhổng lồ a message or specify a phone number.

Live chat

Add a live chat to your website by installing a widget. Greet new users and answer questions based on autoresponder templates. Set up the xúc tích of the chatbot message flow.

Various types of messages

Use text messages along with a variety of visual nội dung. Insert images, sản phẩm cards và file.

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Let your chatbot become an effective sầu sales channel for your business. Enable seamless online payments via chatbots for your customers by integrating payment systems lớn your chatbot and adding payment buttons khổng lồ its flows.

Learn more
Install the tiện ích and send quick replies to lớn your Facebook Messenger and Telegram chatbot subscribers, work with subscriber data, & analyze chatbot statistics.

It is a sequence of predetermined auto-replies connected to a Facebook page that simulates real-life conversations. These conversations can only be initiated by users, which means you’ll be dealing with engaged people who seek khổng lồ communicate with your brvà. Here’s an article that clarifies what chatbot is.

Having a functioning chatbot is like having a real person that takes care of your business 24/7. It takes the load off your customer support và sales departments. Besides, you can use it as a platkhung for advertising, sending sale campaigns in direct messages. You can even phối up auto-posting! See how important chatbot sale is with some statistics.

It can help you tư vấn your audience on all stages of their buyer journey. Without knowing a line of code, you can phối up a chatbot that will move sầu users down the sales funnel, answer FAQ, register users for your events, collect job applications — the sky’s the limit. Here’s a guide for creating a chatbot. It will be helpful if you want khổng lồ see how it works.

Send up to lớn 10,000 messages to an unlimited number of users, creating up to lớn 3 bots for không lấy phí with a Basic pricing plan. Paid pricing plans are based on the number of subscribers you have sầu. Check out the pricing for Facebook Messenger chatbot in offers a free Facebook Messenger widget that you can easily connect to your website. It is a great way lớn get subscribers. Here’s an instruction on how to add a chat widget khổng lồ your website.

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