How to set up your facebook pixel code


If you’re using Facebook ads, there’s one key tool you should start using right away khổng lồ get the most out of your social ad budget: the Facebook pixel.

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One of the greathử nghiệm benefits of social media advertising is the ability to demo, traông chồng, refine và target your ads with laser precision. The Facebook px is a data-gathering tool that helps make the most of your ads across Facebook và Instagram.

If you use Facebook or Instagram ads now, or plan khổng lồ use them at any point in the future, the Facebook px is a must-use tool. Read on lớn learn how it works, and the key details you need to know about upcoming changes for iOS 14.

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What is the Facebook pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your trang web. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads and remarket to people who have sầu already taken some kind of action on your website.

How does the Facebook px work?

The Facebook pixel works by placing & triggering cookies khổng lồ track users as they interact with your business both on & off of Facebook và Instagram.

For example, I recently spotted a very đáng yêu bathmat in the Instagram Stories of interior kiến thiết YouTuber Alexandra Gater. (At the time, I was thinking about my decorating my apartment, not the Facebook pixel, so I didn’t screencap – you’ll just have to trust me on this.)

I swiped up to kiểm tra out the bathmat, & even added it khổng lồ my shopping cart. Then I got distracted by thinking about breakfast & put down my phone.

The next time I opened up Instagram, this ad popped up in Stories:


Source: Batía Souk on Instagram

And, sure enough, the next time I headed to lớn Facebook on my laptop…


Source: Babố Souk on Facebook

This is called retargeting. It’s a handy way for marketers khổng lồ remind shoppers khổng lồ come baông xã & buy all those items they leave in various shopping carts across the website.

Remarketing is not the only function of the Facebook px. It’s also important for tracking, analytics, và overall ad optimization.

The pixel tracks various actions people take on your trang web, lượt thích making a purchase or adding something lớn their shopping cart. Facebook calls these actions “events.”

Facebook px standard events

The 17 standard Facebook px events for which you can simply copy và paste Facebook event code are:

Purchase: Someone completes a purchase on your website.Lead: Someone signs up for a trial or otherwise identifies themselves as a lead on your site.Complete registration: Someone completes a registration khung on your site, such as a subscription khung.Add payment info: Someone enters their payment information in the purchase process on your trang web.Add lớn cart: Someone adds a product to lớn their shopping cart on your site.Add to lớn wishlist: Someone adds a sản phẩm to a wishdanh mục on your site.Initiate checkout: Someone starts the checkout process lớn buy something from your site.Search: Someone uses the tìm kiếm function khổng lồ look for something on your site.View content: Someone lands on a specific page on your trang web.Contact: Someone contacts your business.Customize product: Someone selects a specific version of a hàng hóa, such as choosing a certain color.Donate: Someone makes a donation lớn your cause.

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Find location: Someone searches for your business’s physical location.Schedule: Someone books an appointment at your business.Start trial: Someone signs up for a miễn phí trial of your sản phẩm.Submit application: Someone applies for your sản phẩm, service, or program, such as a credit thẻ.Subscribe: Someone subscribes khổng lồ a paid product or service.

You can also add more details lớn standard events using extra bits of code called parameters. These allow you lớn customize the standard events based on factors like:

How much a conversion event is worthCurrencyContent typePredicted long-term value

For example, you could use the Facebook tracking pixel to lớn record views of a specific category on your trang web, instead of tracking all views. Perhaps you want to separate dog owners from cat owners based on which sections of your pet supply website they viewed.

The Facebook pixel & iOS 14.5

Because of changes to third-tiệc ngọt tracking in iOS 14.5, some Facebook px functionality will be diabled for updated Apple devices. Before you panic, consider that only 14.7% of di động Facebook users access the social network using iOS devices.

Still, changes lớn accommodate the iOS 14.5 requirements will impact all advertisers. One major change is that advertisers can only mix up a maximum of eight standard events & custom conversions.

Advertisers will certainly have to lớn change the way they think about the Facebook px as these changes take effect. We’ll address specific limitations & changes you need to know throughout this post.

Facebook px setup

Now that you know what you can traông xã, và why you would want lớn vì chưng so, it’s time khổng lồ create your Facebook pixel & put it lớn work on your trang web.

Step 1: Create a Facebook pixel

1. From your Facebook Events Manager, cliông xã Connect lớn Data Sources in the left hvà menu, then select Web. Click Get Started lớn continue.


Source: Facebook Events Manager

2. Select Facebook Pixel, then click Connect.


Source: Facebook Events Manager

Name your px, enter your website URL, & clichồng Continue.


Source: Facebook Events Manager

When choosing the pixel’s name, keep in mind that with Events Manager, you only get one px for each ad account. The name should represent your business, rather than a specific campaign.

If you want khổng lồ use more than one px per ad account, you can vày so using Facebook Business Manager.

Step 2: Add the Facebook px code lớn your website

To put the pixel lớn work gathering information on your website, you now need to lớn install some Facebook px code on your website pages.

There are a few ways to lớn vì this depending on what website platform you use.


Source: Facebook Events Manager

If you use one of Facebook’s integration partners, lượt thích WordPress or SquareSpace, choose Use a Partner Integration. This will walk you through a series of steps khổng lồ connect your Facebook px without any coding.If you work with a developer or someone else who can help you edit your website code, click E-Mail Instructions lớn skết thúc your developer everything they need to install the pixel.If neither of the above sầu options apply, you need to insert the px code directly into lớn your web pages. That’s what we’ll walk you through in this section.

1. Clichồng Install code manually.