Facebook cover photo: the picture


When it comes to a cover for your Facebook page, it’s okay just to lớn piông xã a photo và plop it in the cover spot, right?

Not quite. Your Facebook banner says a lot about your page. One that’s not the right kích cỡ can look messy and give a disorganized look khổng lồ your business page. That’s not the best impression you want lớn give.

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We have the scoop on the best Facebook banner form size in 2020lớn phối your page on the right path:

The Ikhuyến mãi Facebook Banner Size in 2020


Screenshot via Nike on Facebook

Your cover pholớn – a.k.a. your Facebook banner – will display at a form size of 8trăng tròn pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on a computer và 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on a mobile device.

So, how can you display your phokhổng lồ properly on both screens?

We suggest a Facebook banner form size of 8trăng tròn x 461.25 pixels (rounding up or down to lớn a whole number works, too, like 820 pixels x 461 pixels or 8trăng tròn pixels x 462 pixels).

Let’s dig inlớn the “why,” shall we?

The Facebook banner kích cỡ for computers has a non-standard ratio of 205:78, which makes things tricky when the sản phẩm điện thoại display has a very comtháng 16:9 ratio. These two don’t work together well.

The thing is you want your pholớn to lớn look right on both computers & mobile devices. But choosing one or the other display kích thước isgoing to leave it looking odd somewhere. The 820 x 312 computer kích thước will getcropped on its sides on thiết bị di động, while the form size suited for sản phẩm điện thoại devices willhave sầu a cropped top và bottom on your computer.

The good news is that Facebook doesn’t distort your image byblowing it up if it’s too small. But it will have odd cropping, which couldruin the effect you wanted your image to lớn have.

By making your image 8đôi mươi x 461.25 pixels, you’re adhering tothe 16:9 ratio that looks best on thiết bị di động devices while keeping your photo lớn theoptimal width for viewing on a computer.

In other words, it’s the best of both worlds.

What Happens lớn the Image on Mobile?

Now, when you use this size for your phokhổng lồ, you will have sầu the top and bottom of your image cut off on your computer screen. You canremedy this by making sure you fit the text and the focal area of your image nearthe center as much as possible.

Leave sầu yourself about 50 pixels on the top & bottom to lớn makesure nothing you need gets left off.

However, the rest of the image should look perfect on bothSmartphone devices & computers.

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Don’t forget that you can use the repositioning tool thatFacebook offers when you upload your cover photo khổng lồ realign it if it looks alittle funky.

Best Facebook Banner Practices for 2020


Screenshot via Coca-Cola on Facebook

Facebook occasionally changes the layout of business pages, & their tweaks may influence how your Facebook banner looks.

For example, vày you remember when your page profile phokhổng lồ hovered slightly over the cover photo? It doesn’t bởi that anymore. Now, your profile picture is near the top left of the page & not at all overlapping the cover photo.

While you used khổng lồ be able to lớn blover both photos to make themlook creatively cohesive sầu, you can’t do that anymore. But you still want all theelements lớn work together.

Because of the left-side position of the profile photo lớn on a page, you might consider keeping the focal point of your Facebook banner closer to the right. Situate your focal point slightly right of center and keep the bulk of the text to the right to lớn balance the page.

Another trendy idea is to draw attention to lớn the call-to-action buttons right underneath your banner, like “Sover a Message” or “Join the Group.” Some page owners choose to lớn add an element to their cover phokhổng lồ lớn point visitors lớn those buttons that they may otherwise overlook.

What About a Cover Video?

We also can’t forget about the cover videos that Facebooknow offers. They’re fun and engaging for your audience và can stvà out morethan a cover phokhổng lồ if you vày them right.

What form size should yours be?

Fortunately, there are no new numbers to lớn remember if you want a Clip instead of a pholớn for your banner. The same sizes apply for desktop và Mobile devices, so you can use the same proportions as you would for your cover photo: 8trăng tròn pixels x 461 pixels.

Of course, you’ll still need to make sure that the mostimportant elements of your đoạn phim are near the center khổng lồ tài khoản for the smallamount of cutoff you’ll have sầu on điện thoại devices.

Here are some other tips for making your Facebook banner Clip shine:

Make the video between đôi mươi và 90 seconds longUse the repositioning tool for your đoạn phim justlượt thích you would your cover photoChoose the best thumbnail for your đoạn phim fromthe ten options Facebook gives you. This is what people see when they hoverover your page name to lớn learn what it’s about, so it’s kind of like their firstimpression.Make the video’s resolution at least 1080p forbest viewing on Facebook.

It’s Time to Grow Your Facebook Page!

Now that you have sầu all the most current Facebook banner kích thước guidelines down, you can focus on growing your Facebook page. One of the easiest ways to lớn vày that is by adding the Facebook follow button khổng lồ your website. It’ll integrate seamlessly with your site khổng lồ allow visitors to follow you without ever navigating off your page!