Inject energy inkhổng lồ your designs with the best không tính tiền fonts, & these top options could be yours now.

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The best không tính tiền fonts include some truly brilliant designs, which isn"t always true of free fonts in general. But if you have the motivation to lớn search for them, excellent examples bởi vì exist. This takes time và effort, which you could be spending on other less laborious (&, let"s face it, more creative) tasks so we"ve sầu done the work for you và collated this extensive menu.

Any of the fonts in this roundup can be downloaded immediately, without parting with a single penny (but bear in mind you might need khổng lồ provide your gmail address). And khổng lồ make it even easier for you, we"ve divided the fonts into eight clear categories:

If you"re yearning for further typographic inspiration, head to our fun font post, our danh sách of medieval Old English fonts, our great collection of không lấy phí retro fonts or không lấy phí script fonts, & our selection of fonts design tips so you can create your own. Elsewhere on Creative sầu Bloq, you"ll find advice on which typefaces work together well in our guide to phông pairings, and understvà how khổng lồ use fonts terminology accurately in our explanation of font vs typeface.

The best không tính phí fonts: Serif fonts

01. Cormorant

Add a touch of class lớn your design with this most elegant of không lấy phí fonts (Image credit: Catharsis Fonts)Free for personal & commercial use

Developed by Christian Thalmann of Catharsis Fonts, Cormorant is one of the most elegantly formal of không tính tiền fonts. It’s inspired by the 16th-century typefaces of Claude Garamont, but it’s by no means derivative sầu. Indeed, most glyphs have sầu been drawn from scratch, and strike a lovely balance between formality và expressiveness. This open source display phông comprises 45 fonts files spanning nine visual styles và five weights.

Alegreya is one of the best fonts for long text passages (Image credit: Juan Pablo del Peral )Free for personal and commercial use

Free fonts created for specific purposes are generally thin on the ground, but here"s a great exception. Alegreya is an award-winning typeface by Argentinian designer Juan Pablo del Peral crafted with book kiến thiết in mind. With a dynamic & varied rhythm aimed at facilitating the reading of long texts, it provides a fresh & approachable take on the calligraphic style.

03. Restora

Restora is one of the best không lấy phí fonts for bringing your editorial designs to life (Image credit: Nasir Udin)Free for personal & commercial use

In our experience, the best không tính tiền fonts take a classic style và give sầu it a twist, and here’s a great example. Designed by Nasir Udin, Restora offers a masterful combination of bright and friendly letterforms & old-style embellishment. This versatile phông is suitable for book covers, editorial text, branding & more.

04. Emberly

Emberly is ideally suited to lớn fashion-related design projects (Image credit: Rajesh Rajput)Free for personal and commercial use

Another of those không tính phí fonts that feels both modern & classic, Emberly is a display fonts inspired by the Didone style. Created by Rajesh Rajput, it’s also available as a variable fonts, & would be a great option for a wide range of thiết kế projects, including logos, headlines, magazine covers và posters.

Rude is one of the most beautiful miễn phí fonts we"ve seen in a long while (Image credit: Masha Chuprova)Free for personal & commercial use

The best fonts feel both familiar and original, & this beautifully handcrafted serif ticks both those boxes. Created by Masha Chuprova, Rude is igiảm giá for logos, titles, magazines, headlines, apparel, posters & more.

06. Grenze

Grenze is as punchy as it is readable (Image credit: Renata Polastri/Omnibus-Type)Free for personal và commercial use

Inspired by Roman and blackletter font styles, Grenze offers serious visual punch without sacrificing readability. It was created by Renata Polastri and Omnibus-Type as a font for magazines, but would work for a far wider range of kiến thiết uses too.

07. Libertinus Serif

Libertinus is one of those classic-looking không tính tiền fonts that can really lift your projects (Image credit: Font Squirrel)Free for personal & commercial use

Looking for không tính tiền fonts that can help add a touch of class lớn your project? Libertinus is a classic-looking serif that comes in 14 styles. It’s a fork of the Linux Libertine and Linux Biolinum fonts that address some of the bugs in those designs và has been published under the SIL Open Font Licence.

08. Free Saint George Stencil Font

Free fonts needn’t be boring! Cheông chồng out this fun và playful serif based on Georgia (Image credit: Vedran Vaskovic)Free for personal and commercial use

Free Saint George Stencil Font is an experimental font by Vedran Vaskovic inspired by the Christian story of Saint George, and based on the classic font Georgia. It’s one of the best fonts for adding a sense of playful fun to lớn your designs, thanks lớn its wild & playful stencil shapes.

09. Colus

Colous is one of the best không lấy phí fonts around for headlines (Image credit: Stan Partalev on Font Fabric)Free for personal use

Colus is a free display font inspired by stone và wooden carved letter inscriptions. It has a classical, almost noble appearance & is great for creating imposing headlines, adding a touch of class lớn logos and introducing sophistication khổng lồ poster designs.

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10. Amagro

Is your tìm kiếm for miễn phí fonts focused on all-caps serifs? Then check out Amagra (Image credit: Fabio Servolo)Free for personal và commercial use

Amagro is an all caps serif typeface brought to the kiến thiết community by Fabio Servolo. It has svào angular serifs that make it perfect for imposing newspaper style headlines. A classy ampersand và neat easy-to-read numerics also mean it"s ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for getting your designs noticed.

11. Poly

Poly is legible on the web even at smaller sizes (Image credit: Nicolás Silva)Free for personal and commercial use

Poly is a medium contrast serif fonts for website use. It was designed by Nicolás Silva to give sầu increased legibility than other web serifs, even at smaller point sizes. It achieves this with a vertical emphasis, utilising short ascenders and a very high x-height khổng lồ ensure clarity.

12. Bitter

This serif fonts is designed to lớn work well on screens (Image credit: Huerta Tipográfica) Free for personal and commercial use

Sans-serif fonts tkết thúc khổng lồ work better for screen use, but this không tính phí slab serif typeface has been specially designed khổng lồ provide a comfortable reading experience on screens. Bitter was designed by Sol Matas, & is available through Argentinian type collaborative sầu Huerta Tipográfica.

13. Playfair Display

This miễn phí phông family is an open source project (Image credit: Claus Eggers Sørensen/Font Squirrel)Free for personal và commercial use

Designed by Claus Eggers Sørensen. this free display fonts takes inspiration from the 18th century Enlightenment và the work of John Baskerville. Its high-contract letterforms have sầu delicate hairlines, relating to lớn the rise of pointed steel pens, which took over from broad nib quills during this period.

14. Lora

Brushed curves contrast with driving serifs in this không tính phí fonts (Image credit: Cyreal/Font Squirrel)Free for personal and commercial use

Lora was originally designed for type foundry Cyreal in 2011, with a Cyrillic extension added in 2013, và comes in four styles.Brushed curves contrast with driving serifs for a well-balanced, contemporary feel. Although technically optimised for use on the web, it"s one of the best fonts for print projects too.

15. Butler

Image 1 of 2
Free font Butler brings a sense of modernism lớn the serif
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Free for personal & commercial use

Inspired by both Dala Floda & the Bodoni family, Butler is a không lấy phí phông designed by Fabian De Smet. His aim was khổng lồ bring a bit of modernism to lớn serif fonts by working on the curves of classical serif fonts, and adding an extra stencil family.He suggests it would work well for “posters, very big titles, books và fancy stuff”.

16. Crimson Text

Crimson Text is a không tính phí phông family inspired by old-time book typefaces (Image credit: Sebastian Kosch)Free for personal và commercial use

Not many không tính tiền fonts are created specifically for book production, but here"s a great one, inspired by old-time, Garamond-esque book typefaces. Crimson Text is the work of German-born, Toronto-based designer Sebastian Kosch, who says he was influenced by the work of Jan Tschichold, Robert Slimbach và Jonathan Hoefler.

It’s a favourite không lấy phí fonts of Taylor Palmer, a senior UX designer based in Utah, USA. "Crimson is a sophisticated serif that makes a nice alternative sầu lớn traditional Garamond-esque typefaces,” he says. “It also has a very expressive sầu italic, which pairs nicely with svào, geometric sans-serifs lượt thích Futura or Avenir."

17. Aleo

Aleo is one of those rare không tính phí fonts that manages to lớn perfectly balance personality with legibility(Image credit: Graphic Pear) Free for personal & commercial use

Aleo has semi-rounded details và a sleek structure, giving a sense of personality while maintaining a good màn chơi of legibility. This family of không lấy phí fonts was designed by Alessio Laiso, a designer at IBM Dublin, as the slab serif companion khổng lồ Lalớn.

18. Libre Baskerville

Free font Libre Baskerville is optimised for reading body toàn thân text on screen (Image credit: Impallari Type)Free for personal & commercial use

Libre Baskerville is a website fonts optimised for body text (typically 16px). It’s based on the American Type Founder"s Baskerville from 1941, but it has a taller x-height, wider counters và a little less contrast, allowing it to lớn work well for reading on screen. This open source project is led by Impallari Type.

"I like khổng lồ keep my eye on the Libre fonts, like Libre Baskerville," enthuses Taylor Palmer, a senior UX designer based in Utah, USA. He also recommends you kiểm tra out its sister fonts, Libre Franklin, which is also không tính tiền. "Libre Franklin hearkens back lớn svào, traditional typefaces, like Franklin Gothic, that have the declarative sầu nature of something like a newspaper headline but are simple enough to lớn set as paragraph text," he explains.

19. Slabo

A modern serif font tuned to lớn px perfection (Image credit: Google Fonts) Free for personal and commercial use

Designed by John Hudson, Slabo is a growing collection of size-specific không tính tiền fonts for the web, fine-tuned precisely for use at those specific px sizes. The blocky feel of its ligatures give a modern twist khổng lồ the serif fonts, making Slabo perfect for online designs.

đôi mươi. Merriweather

Merriweather is featured on more than 3,000,000 websites, according lớn Google Fonts (Image credit: Google Fonts) Free for personal & commercial use

A truly open source miễn phí serif phông, Merriweather has its own project on GitHub. It was designed by Sorkin Type lớn be easy lớn read on screens. It features a very large x-height, slightly condensed letterforms, a mild diagonal bao tay, sturdy serifs và open forms.