Free keyword tool

Do better từ khóa research in less time. Identify which từ khoá your site could rank for right now và find high-impact suggestions.

Analyze từ khoá by tìm kiếm volume

Effectively predict how much tìm kiếm volume a keyword will receive with more than 95% accuracy.

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Generate & save keyword lists

Comprehensive scoring helps you prioritize từ khoá by topic or focus in one place to lớn use as a keyword planner.


Export your data

Easily export keyword retìm kiếm suggestions, analyses, and lists inkhổng lồ metrics-rich, well-formatted CSVs.


Find keyword in question format

Stay ahead of the curve sầu by targeting long-tail keyword with high relevance, broadly related topics, or từ khóa in the size of questions.


Sort by predictive keywords metrics

The Keyword Difficulty, Volume, and expected Organic Click-Through Rate scores help predict your ability to rank & drive sầu traffic.

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Review SERPhường. details by keyword

Understand why pages rank where they vị with a SERP analysis breakdown of the elements and links data at each ranking position.

Check Keyword Difficulty’s proprietary Keyword Difficulty score shows how easy (or hard) it is to rank on each SERP..

Take your SEO strategy global

Search từ khóa suggestions & ranking từ khoá by country for better international SEO strategies.

Perkhung competitive sầu keyword analysis

See what từ khoá your site ranks for & discover your competitors" most important keywords.’s Keyword Explorer neatly ties together từ khoá retìm kiếm metrics và makes complex analysis easy so we can spkết thúc less time in spreadsheets and more time generating qualified website traffic.
Part of the most trusted SEO analytics platform Keyword Explorer is part of the entire Pro SEO analytics platform. Improve the ROI of your nội dung strategy with competitive intelligence và actionable recommendations.