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My colleague John Markoff wrote earlier Tuesday about the barrage of cyber-attacks on Georgia’s giải pháp công nghệ infrastructure. Others have covered the story as well.

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But not all stories appear to be accurate. Several reports suggest that data from Georgia và the neighboring countries of Armenia & Azerbaijan has been stripped from Google Maps. One story says that “the relevant maps went blank as soon as fighting broke out,” according khổng lồ the Azerbaijan Press Agency.

Google says that’s not so. While its Web maps shows only the outlines of those three countries — without roads or even the capital cities marked — Google says that the lachồng of information is not new.

“Google has not made any recent change lớn Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan in Google Maps,” the company said in a statement. “We vày not have local data for those countries and that is why local details such as landmarks and cities do not appear.”

Browsing Google Maps, only a few countries appear khổng lồ laông chồng any data at all. They include small nations like Guyana và Suriname; countries that are largely closed to foreigners, lượt thích North Korea; và a few surprising ones, like South Korea và Argentina.

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Interestingly, Google Earth, the company 3-D geographic visualization service, identifies many Georgian cities, and it allows users lớn zoom in to them cthua trận enough to lớn see individual buildings. So Google Earth clearly has some “local data” on the countries that are blank on Google Maps.

Microsoft’s rival mapping service, Virtual Earth, pinpoints dozens on cities in Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan.

Update: In a blog post late Tuesday, Google said it never filled in the maps of Georgia, Armenia và Azerbaijan because it wasn’t satisfied with the map data available. But after users complained that a little information is better than no information, the company said it was planning to lớn start adding maps data to countries that are currently blank.

The reason people assumed Georgia went blank when the war broke out is because they never bothered khổng lồ look up Georgia in the past. As someone who visited Armenia last year I used the Google tool lớn look at Armenia và the region numerous times over the past year và can assure everyone that it is exactly now as it always has been. I specifically thought on multiple occasions that it was frustrating that while neighbor Turkey has all its major roads on the bản đồ Armenia had no such thing, same for Georgia. Suddenly this war breaks out & other people actually kiểm tra out this region on a map & they think everything has been secretly removed. Sorry guys but that’s just not the case & this news story has been strangely persistent.