How much does Google Ads cost? It’s a reasonable question, and one we hear all the time, especially from newcomers to lớn paid search. After all, those new lớn PPC are probably most interested in how much they’ll be expected to shell out to advertise on Google, and whether they can even afford it!

Unfortunately, there’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer. The clearest (and most infuriating) answer we can provide is: it depends.

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This is because the cost of Google Ads depends on several variables.This guide covers all of these variables và more lớn help you decide whether you should use Google Ads. I will:

Define exactly how the Google Ads auction works.Discuss the variables that influence the cost of a Google Ads campaign.Demystify the concepts you’ll need lớn understand in order lớn set a realistic budget for your Google Ads trương mục.

Finally, I"ll wrap everything up into a neatly packaged "key takeaways" section just in case your head is in a spin after all of this (which is totally normal). But don"t worry, you"re going khổng lồ be fine. Let"s get into lớn it.

Why is there is no clear-cut Google Ads price?

As mentioned above sầu (& precisely why we"ve sầu written this guide), there is no simple or one-size-fits all answer lớn the question of how much Google Ads will cost your business. Google advertising costs can vary depending on your industry, customer lifecycle, và current trends (i.e. COVID-19).


For example, the business services vertical (legal, accounting, real estate, etc.) is one of the more competitive sầu verticals in Google Ads, which generally translates inkhổng lồ more expensive sầu costs per cliông chồng (CPC). This is due to lớn the nature of the professional services industry: one new client could yield upwards of $1k-$10k depending on your business, so a CPC of $50 is a small price khổng lồ pay for that client.

On the other h&, businesses in the arts & entertainment vertical have smaller CPCs, but they need to lớn reach a lot more customers to hit that $1k-$10k number.

Customer lifecycle

You also have sầu khổng lồ take into lớn account the lifecycle of your customer. For bigger ticket offerings, it takes longer for potential clients to move through the decision-making process, and your business needs khổng lồ stay top-of-mind throughout that journey—which may involve sầu multiple visits khổng lồ your website, a nội dung download or two, participation in a webinar, and more—before taking that final step.

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Current trends

Of course mas consumers và businesses change their behaviors lớn adapt, the cost of running Google Ads has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic—for some industries in a positive sầu way và for others, in a devastating way.

For example, the apparel industry saw an increase in conversions and a decrease in cost during the peak of the pandemic:


Some business owners opt khổng lồ manage their PPC accounts manually, và I get that. Times are tough, và every penny counts. However, if you’re pushed for time or aren’t sure what you’re doing (or both), investing in PPC management software is a great way khổng lồ save time, reduce costly mistakes, & get on with actually running your business.

PPC software (lượt thích Advisor) is typically licensed, rather than purchased. This means that if you want lớn use software lớn manage and automate the legwork in your Google Ads tài khoản, you’ll need khổng lồ factor in subscription costs. offers six- and 12-month contracts as well as an annual prepaid option, which makes budgeting for PPC software easy—but if you’re looking at another platform, be sure to underst& the terms of the contract before you sign anything.

Key takeaways for understanding Google Ads costs

We"ve sầu covered a lot in this guide, so let"s go over the key takeaways that you can use lớn orient yourself in terms of what you could spover in Google Ads.

Before even getting inkhổng lồ calculations, the cost of Google advertising for a business will depend on its industry, customer lifecycle, và current consumer trends.Google Ads is based on an auction system that rewards high-chất lượng ads with lower costs and better ad placement.You can exercise tight control over how your Google Ads budget is spent using tactics lượt thích ad scheduling, geotargeting, & device targeting.The average cost per cliông chồng in Google Ads is between $1 và $2 on the Search Network.The average CPC on the Display Network is under $1.The most expensive sầu keywords in Google Ads and Bing Ads cost $50 or more per cliông xã. These are generally highly competitive từ khóa in industries that have high customer lifetime values, lượt thích law và insurance.Giant retailers can spkết thúc up to lớn $50 million per year on paid search in Google Ads.The average client (small- lớn mid-kích cỡ business) spends anywhere from $1,000 lớn $10,000 per month on their Google paid search campaigns. That"s $12,000 khổng lồ $120,000 per year.

Is the Google Ads price right for you?

As I’ve stated throughout, there are numerous factors that can have a significant impact on the cost of running a PPC chiến dịch, but remember: almost any type of business can make Google Ads work for them! If you’re not sure about anything I’ve covered in this guide, or if you have specific questions, leave a bình luận & we’ll answer them as best we can.