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Millions of businesses, large & small, rely on Google Analytics to understvà customer preferences và create better experiences for them. With more commerce moving online and businesses under increased pressure khổng lồ make every marketing dollar count, insights from digital analytics tools are even more critical.

But with major shifts in consumer behavior và privacy-driven changes khổng lồ longtime industry standards, current approaches khổng lồ analytics aren’t keeping pace. In a survey from Forrester Consulting, marketers said that improving their use of analytics is a top priority, & that existing solutions make it difficult lớn get a complete view of the customer and derive sầu insights from their data.

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To help you get better ROI from your sale for the long term, we're creating a new, more intelligent Google Analytics that builds on the foundation of the App + Web property we introduced in beta last year. It has machine learning at its core lớn automatically surface helpful insights and gives you a complete understanding of your customers across devices and platforms. It’s privacy-centric by design, so you can rely on Analytics even as industry changes lượt thích restrictions on cookies & identifiers create gaps in your data. The new Google Analytics will give sầu you the essential insights you need lớn be ready for what’s next.

By applying Google’s advanced machine learning models, the new Analytics can automatically alert you lớn significant trends in your data - lượt thích products seeing rising dem& because of new customer needs. It even helps you anticipate future actions your customers may take. For example, it calculates churn probability so you can more efficiently invest in retaining customers at a time when sale budgets are under pressure. We’re continuing khổng lồ add new predictive metrics, like the potential revenue you could earn from a particular group of customers. This allows you khổng lồ create audiences khổng lồ reach higher value customers & run analyses khổng lồ better underst& why some customers are likely to spend more than others, so you can take action khổng lồ improve sầu your results.


With new integrations across Google’s kinh doanh products, it’s easy lớn use what you learn to improve sầu the ROI of your kinh doanh. A deeper integration with Google Ads, for example, lets you create audiences that can reach your customers with more relevant, helpful experiences, wherever they choose khổng lồ engage with your business.

The new approach also makes it possible khổng lồ address longtime advertiser requests. Because the new Analytics can measure tiện ích and website interactions together, it can include conversions from YouTube engaged views that occur in-phầm mềm and on the website in reports. Seeing conversions from YouTube Clip views alongside conversions from Google & non-Google paid channels, và organic channels like Google Search, social, & gmail, helps you underst& the combined impact of all your sale efforts.


Businesses taking part in the beta are already seeing benefits. Vistaprint, responding khổng lồ rapid changes in their business at the start of the pandemic, was able to lớn quickly measure & underst& the customer response to their new line of protective sầu masks. And Jeff Kacmarek, Vice President of Domino’s Pizza of Canadomain authority, found that “linking the new Google Analytics khổng lồ Google Ads enables us khổng lồ optimize around the actions that matter most lớn our customers, regardless of how they interact with our brand.”

The new Analytics gives you customer-centric measurement, instead of measurement fragmented by device or by platform. It uses multiple identity spaces, including marketer-provided User IDs & quality Google signals from users opted into ads personalization, lớn give sầu you a more complete view of how your customers interact with your business. For example, you can see if customers first discover your business from an ad on the website, then later install your tiện ích và make purchases there.

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You’ll also get a better understanding of your customers across their entire lifecycle, from acquisition lớn conversion and retention. This is critical when people’s needs are rapidly changing and you have sầu to lớn make real-time decisions in order lớn win - & keep - new customers. Based on your feedbaông xã, we simplified and re-organized reporting so you can intuitively find marketing insights based on the part of the customer journey you’re interested in. For example, you can see what channels are driving new customers in the user acquisition report, then use the engagement & retention reports khổng lồ underst& the actions these customers take, & whether they stiông chồng around, after converting.


Now is the time lớn invest in your digital marketing basics, like smarter analytics, so you can be ready for what comes next. This will also help you respond lớn rising consumer expectations, regulatory developments, & changing technology standards for user privacy. With a new approach to data controls, you can better manage how you collect, retain and use your Analytics data. More granular controls for ads personalization let you choose when khổng lồ use your data lớn optimize your ads and when lớn limit your data use to measurement. And of course, we continue to lớn offer users control over sharing their activity with Google Analytics.

Because the giải pháp công nghệ landscape continues lớn evolve sầu, the new Analytics is designed lớn adapt lớn a future with or without cookies or identifiers. It uses a flexible approach lớn measurement, & in the future, will include modeling to fill in the gaps where the data may be incomplete. This means that you can rely on Google Analytics khổng lồ help you measure your marketing results and meet customer needs now as you navigate the recovery và as you face uncertainty in the future.

The new Google Analytics is now the default experience for new properties và is where we’re investing in future improvements. We know there are capabilities many marketers need before fully replacing their existing Analytics cài đặt, so we encourage you khổng lồ create a new Google Analytics 4 property (previously called an App + Web property) alongside your existing properties. This will allow you lớn start gathering data and benefit from the lademo innovations as they become available while keeping your current implementation intact. If you’re an enterprise marketer, we’re currently in beta with an Analytics 360 version that will offer SLAs và advanced integrations with tools lượt thích BigQuery, và will have more to lớn nội dung soon.