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Your không tính phí Google business listing (known as your Business Profile) can bởi vì more than you think. When properly optimized, it showcases your best features và makes it easy for consumers khổng lồ discover, learn about, and contact your business. But in order khổng lồ properly optimize your Business Profile, you need access lớn it, and in order khổng lồ access it, you need lớn verify with Google that you are the rightful owner.

While it seems as though it should be as simple as “step one create, step two clalặng, và step three verify,” the process is neither that simple nor that linear—which, if you’re reading this post, you have sầu already figured out. That’s because it requires three different Google accounts & two different Google platforms, all of which have sầu very similar names. Talk about a brain bender.

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So, in this post, I’m going khổng lồ first iron out for you exactly what"s what in Google, & then give you a clear-cut roadmaps to lớn creating a Google My Business account and using it khổng lồ claim and verify your Business Protệp tin on Google.

Why create a Google My Business account?

Your Google My Business tài khoản makes it easy for consumers to discover, learn about, và tương tác your business online.These are the core benefits of a Google My Business trương mục, & if that"s not enough khổng lồ convince you, consider the disadvantages of not having one.

You risk losing customers. Without a Google My Business tài khoản, you don’t have control over the information displayed in your Business Profile, & according khổng lồ a BrightLocal study, 68% of consumers would stop using a local business after finding incorrect information online.

You risk a poor reputation. Without a Google My Business trương mục, you cannot respond to your Google Review, which is a mandatory section of your Business Protệp tin. And with đánh giá being both a Google ranking factor & the number one influence on consumer buying, being able to lớn manage them is a must.

You thua trận out to competitors. An empty or bare-bones Business Profile is akin lớn having an unkept storefront. If you don’t take care of your business, how can consumers trust that you’ll take care of them? They’ll be much more likely to lớn click on and engage with a Business Protệp tin in the search results that has lots of attractive sầu information & looks lively.

You đại bại SERP real estate. Google ranks Business Profiles according to their chất lượng, and a Business Profile alone is not enough. A Google Business Profile managed through a Google Business account, however, can be optimized khổng lồ rank above competitors for relevant keyword searches.


Which listing would you choose? The unclaimed one on the left or the one optimized by Google My Business trương mục on the right?

What you need in order to lớn clayên và verify your business on Google

By now, it should be clear that creating a Google My Business trương mục và verifying ownership of your business is crucial if you want khổng lồ provide accurate information, respond to lớn đánh giá, attract customers, and rank higher in local search—even on the first page.

As mentioned earlier, however, the process is not super simple. It involves two different Google platforms and three different Google accounts, all of which have sầu similar names, và some of which you likely already have. So to get you off on clear footing, let’s first iron out the terminology.

Google Account: This is the không tính tiền trương mục you create with Google so you can have sầu access to Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail, and more. Many Call it their "Gmail tài khoản," but Gmail is just one of the features; you can actually use any gmail to phối up a Google Account. In this post, I’ll use the term “standard Google Account“ lớn refer to lớn this account type, just to lớn avoid confusion. Most business owners already have two standard Google accounts—one they use for their personal life and one they use for their business.




Your Google My Business dashboard.

How lớn verify your business on Google

Now that you have sầu the proper terminology laid out, let’s put the pieces together khổng lồ form a full picture of the process.

The goal is khổng lồ gain full access to your Business Profile on Google.

The means by which you vị this is your Google My Business account, which you sign up for using a standard Google Account.

The steps khổng lồ complete the process are as follows:

Make sure you have a standard Google Account for your business.Make sure you have a Business Protệp tin.Create a Google My Business tài khoản.Request lớn claim your Business Profile.Verify ownership of your business.

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Now, with the groundwork laid out, you are armed & ready khổng lồ successfully clayên ổn & verify your business on Google. The steps outlined below are written linearly, và in some cases, you’ll need to skip down a step. But I’d still encourage you lớn read them all carefully lớn avoid hitting roadblocks or creating duplicate accounts.

Step #1: Make sure you have a Google Account for your business

This is the standard Google Account we described in the terminology section above. If you already have one (make sure it’s not your personal-use Google Account), skip down to Step #2. If you don’t have sầu a Google Account for your business, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Cliông chồng “Create account.”

4, Supply the necessary information.

Step #2: Make sure you have a Business Profile

Your Business Protệp tin is the official term for your Google business listing. As mentioned above sầu, Google Business Profiles are separate from Google My Business accounts. A Business Profile can exist on its own, without Google My Business account. The problem with this is that the business owner has no control over the information in that Business Protệp tin until they clalặng it, & this is done through Google My Business. Bottom line: You"ll want lớn make sure you have sầu a Business Protệp tin to lớn clalặng once you"ve set up your Google My Business account.

If you know you’ve sầu already created a Business Protệp tin, skip down khổng lồ Step #4. If you haven’t created one or are unsure, follow the steps below.

Note: Even if you didn’t create it, there’s a good chance your Business Protệp tin already exists. This is because a Business Protệp tin is simply a place on Google Maps, which any person or computer can add. So lớn check & see if you need khổng lồ create a Business Profile, follow these steps:

1. Go to Search your business name.3. If your business name populates in the drop-down with an address next to lớn it, this means your Business Profile already exists. Great! You can move sầu on to lớn Step #4.

5. Provide the requested information. Notice that you’ll have sầu the option to lớn claim the business within that same window. Since you don"t have sầu a Google My Business trương mục yet, you"ll need to lớn move sầu on lớn Step #3. If you already have a Google My Business account, you can follow the prompts & you"ll end up at Step #5—look at you go!

Step #3: Sign up for a Google My Business account

The means by which you clalặng your Business Profile on Google is through a Google My Business account. Provided you have sầu a standard Google trương mục (see Step #1), here’s how khổng lồ sign up for a Google My Business trương mục.

1. Make sure you are logged inkhổng lồ the standard Google Account for your business (& not the standard Google Account for your personal life).2. Go to Select “Manage now.”

4. Provide the basic information Google asks for, including.

Business nameAddressWebsitePhone numberDelivery area (if applicable)Category

Once you connect this account with your Business Profile (the final step of this post), additional fields will open up in your dashboard so you can provide even more information about your business. This information is the key to lớn optimizing your business for local SEO và attracting more customers through your không lấy phí listing.

Step #4: Request to claim your Business Profile

This is where we start putting the pieces together. Unfortunately, creating a Google My Business account (from Step #3) does not automatically connect it to your Business Protệp tin (from Step #2). You need to tell Google to connect them, and you bởi this by verifying ownership of your business. To do this, start by locating your Business Profile on Google Maps or Google Search và requesting lớn clalặng it. You can vị this one of two ways:

Clalặng request method #1:

1. Go to lớn & search for your business name & location. If your Business Profile appears on the right-hand side, find the “Own this business?” option & select it.

4. Cliông chồng “Manage now” & follow the prompts. Again, make sure you’re logged in with the Google Account you created for your business referred lớn in Step #1.

Step #6: Verify ownership of your business

This is the trang chủ stretch! If you need khổng lồ grab a Gatorade or some orange slices, I’ll be right here when you get baông chồng.

When you cliông chồng on “Manage now" as instructed in Step #5, you’ll be asked lớn provide information to lớn prove you are the rightful owner of the business. Depending on the type of business you have sầu, if you created the Business Protệp tin & you’re logged inkhổng lồ your Google My Business tài khoản, you might get validated on the spot. If you aren’t the one who created the Business Protệp tin, Google will send you a verification code that you’ll enter inkhổng lồ your Google Business dashboard. Depending on the circumstances of your account/security requirements of your industry, you may be given your verification code via regular mail, tin nhắn, or text.

Once you receive sầu the code và enter it into lớn the box, you will have sầu full ownership of your Business Profile on Google! You can now manage nhận xét, update information, add more attractive details, and optimize it for successful local marketing.

Take the time to verify your business on Google

Google is changing the way consumers find & engage with local businesses, so if you want to lớn continue reaching your audience & attracting customers with your free Business Profile, be sure lớn follow the above steps. The process has different parts and pieces, but it doesn’t have sầu to be quite so complicated with guides like this and options lượt thích doing it on thiết bị di động. Get started with creating, claiming, và verifying through Google My Business today so you can get the most out of this incredible và free tool available to lớn you.