If you"re looking to lớn raise your rankings in Google through SEO, then you"d better take in consideration Google"s Page Rank. This number may have an effect on where your site displays in the rankings & may tell you how important Google thinks your website is. Page Rank is assigned to lớn a webpage with a number between 0 lớn 10; the higher the number the better for your website. Now realize, page rank is not everything in SEO, but it does give you an idea of what Google thinks of your website. If you"re a zero and your website has been around for a while, that "s something lớn be concerned about.

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Most SEO"s feel that page rank is mostly determined by trang web age, content and inbound liên kết. For example if a page rank 8 website link to yours, it"ll probably pass some page rank on khổng lồ your website.

How Do I Find My Page Rank?

Finding your page rank is easy. Clichồng here lớn use an online tool that will allow you khổng lồ enter your website address.

Domain Rating & URL Rating in has another way khổng lồ rank trang web scoring them with a Domain Rating and each individual page with a URL rating. Their tool can be very helpful lớn analyze your websites power. While their rating is different from Google, most SEO"s agree that they are very similar.

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How Do I Raise My Page Rank?

Your Page Rank reflects the importance of your website in Google "eyes". If Google thinks your trang web is important, your page rank will be higher than a less important site. But what really makes a trang web important, or at least what does Google see in an "important website"? A few factors play into lớn your Page Rank.

1) Your amount of incoming / inbound links. The more websites that are linking to your site, the more important Google thinks your website is. This makes sense. You wouldn"t link to a site that didn"t have something to offer someone else. When building liên kết for your trang web, be careful as you can be flagged as "spamming" when trying to build links too quickly or building liên kết from websites that are not relevant to lớn your site or if you"re building links solely for the purpose of SEO. The liên kết should always have sầu value lớn the user who may find it, see it and click on it.

2) The type of incoming link. If websites linking to lớn you have sầu a Page Rank of 0, then their link will not help khổng lồ boost your Page Rank. You want website with a high rankings khổng lồ liên kết khổng lồ your site.

Page Rank Is Not All That Counts

Remember, Page Rank is only one of the factors taken into consideration when Google gives your site rankings. Many believe that "nội dung is king", & this has proven lớn be true in almost every situation. Unless you"re getting 50,000 incoming liên kết, then you"re going to lớn want lớn have sầu a good amount of relevant nội dung on your website. Content, along with the way your trang web is developed, plays a huge role in the rankings you"ll receive sầu.