If you want khổng lồ use one of these products in your work, Review these guidelines lớn see if your specific use is allowed và whether you need to lớn submit a request for approval.

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You generally don’t need to submit a request to lớn use our mapping products for the purposes covered in these guidelines. As long as you’re following our Terms of Service and these guidelines, as well as attributing properly, feel free to lớn move sầu forward with your project. But bởi vì continue to lớn read these guidelines thoroughly lớn make sure your use is permitted. If your use isn’t allowed, we’re not able khổng lồ grant exceptions, so please don’t submit a request.

For commercial uses where our mapping products are used for revenue-generating purposes, such as integrating Google Maps or Street View into a mobile or website app, use Google Maps Platform instead.

Personalizing your map

You may annotate our maps with additional information – like points, lines, or labels. In fact, many of our tools have built-in features that make it easy to lớn bởi vì just that. For example, Google My Maps lets you draw lines and shapes on a Google map. We also offer a Styling Wizard and a cloud-based styling tool that allow you lớn edit the colors of individual map components (for example, changing water to lớn purple), as well as toggle visibility for each component (for example, making roads invisible).

If neither of those fit your needs, you may export an image from Google Earth or Earth Studio, or capture a screenshot from Google Maps, to add custom labels or graphics using third-buổi tiệc ngọt software.

While we encourage annotations, you must not significantly alter how Google Maps, Google Earth, Earth Studio, or Street View would look online. For example, you’re not allowed khổng lồ make any changes to the colors of the hàng hóa interface or remove sầu attribution.

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For Google Earth and Earth Studio content, you’re not allowed khổng lồ significantly alter our imagery without providing clear context that it’s a simulation, projection, or fictional nội dung.

Use of trademarks

Our trademarks are our valuable assets, & we want to make sure our users và partners use them correctly. These trademarks include the Google Earth word mark, Google Maps word mark, Google Earth hình ảnh, Google Maps hình ảnh, Google Maps red pin element, Street View word mark, Street View icon, Pegman word mark, the Pegman biệu tượng công ty, Local Guides inhỏ, và the Plus Codes logo.

You may use our trademarks to accurately refer lớn our products or services, as long as such references are appropriate & consistent with our trademark guidelines. You may only use approved versions of our marks, và you must follow all of the general trademark usage guidelines, the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service, and the Street View Trusted badge usage guidelines. The trademark usage guidelines apply even to marks that were previously (but are no longer) used in connection with our products.

Refer to our brvà elements guidelines for more information using our icons, logos, và names.

Google Maps

You may print Google Maps content for non-commercial or personal use (for example, a map with directions). In all uses where you’ll distribute printed materials that include the nội dung, first be sure to lớn read the general guidelines above sầu, especially with regard khổng lồ fair use and attribution.

Even if your use isn’t covered by fair use or some other doctrine, you can still use our nội dung without submitting a request as long as you follow these guidelines. cảnh báo that we’re not able lớn grant exceptions to lớn these rules.