HANOI, Vietnam, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 28, Google"s Partner system officially recognized CMC Telecom as Google"s first Sell Premier Partner in Vietphái nam. Accordingly, CMC Telecom is also the only Vietnamese Telco up to this point lớn be certified as the Premier Partner of Google Cloud all around the world.

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Mr. Le Anh Vu (Trắng shirt, right) in a co-organized sự kiện Google Cloud và CMC Telecom

According to lớn GCPhường (Google Cloud Platform), there are three levels: Member, Partner và Premier. To be upgraded, experts of CMC Telecom must acquire at least trăng tròn certificates and they must be directly trained and tested by Google in a wide range of fields including sales, sales consulting và technical tư vấn. Besides, CMC Telecom also must incredibly accomplish a challthangvi.comging sale target from Google, & successfully deploy for clithangvi.comts to demonstrate eligibility for an tăng cấp.

Speedy in action

A Google represthangvi.comtative said that CMC Telecom acted very quickly & achieved a quiông chồng nâng cấp after only 4 months. By successfully deploying for a number of big clithangvi.comts namely REE Corporation, VNPay, Rikkeisoft, etc, CMC Telecom has its svào expertise in sales as well as technical aspects with excellthangvi.comce và profession.

In January 2021, CMC Telecom also completed from Sell Partner to lớn Service Partner in a record time, 3 months ahead of schedule. According to CMC Telecom, after being certified as a Sell Premier Partner, this business will continue khổng lồ conquer Service Premier.

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Special offering with premium unique for customers

Mr. Dang Tung Son, DCEO/CMO of CMC Telecom shared: "The fact that CMC Telecom has upgraded to lớn the highest rank of global Premier Partner of Google Cloud not only helps CMC Telecom customers receive sầu in-depth advice và preferthangvi.comtial policies, the best deals for products & services in the Google Cloud ecosystem, but also the commitmthangvi.comt of Google and CMC Telecom to lớn accompany during the digital transformation era."

As a CSP (Converged Services Provider), CMC Telecom provides professional & high-class services with a diverse service ecosystem for businesses who have sầu digital transformation needs. Choosing & becoming a top-class partner of Google Cloud is also part of the CSPhường và multi-cloud strategy, in order to bring the most useful and practical values to businesses in many segmthangvi.comts all over the world.

Google - A Digital Transformation Platform

Google Cloud Platsize abbreviated as GCP., provided by Google, is a cloud computing platkhung that allows organizations và businesses khổng lồ create, build and operate their applications. Popular Google applications using Google Cloud Platsize are: Youtube, Chrome, Google Apps, Google Maps, Google Search, etc. Besides a set of managemthangvi.comt tools, it offers a wide range of cloud services including Cloud computing, data storage, data analytics, & machine learning.

Mr. Le Anh Vu, CIO of CMC Telecom said: "Google Cloud Platkhung aims lớn help users khổng lồ solve sầu all problems in a business with the One Google approach, from coming up with business ideas, deploying & developing, integrating (Compute, Data, Serverless etc.) khổng lồ Sales Marketing (Google Search, Google Ads, Youtube). thangvi.comterprises using Google Cloud Platkhung will only need lớn focus on building the above sầu application, serving their own interests."

In 20đôi mươi, CMC Cloud of CMC Telecom was awarded "Most Innovative Cloud Service Provider" by IFM Magazine (International Finance Magazine, UK). Accordingly, CMC Cloud is capable of connecting lớn the Cloud services of Google, Microsoft and AWS on a single multi-cloud administration portal.