When it comes to lớn your WordPress site, speed is important. This a fact. Why? First off, website speed is a significant factor in Google’s algorithm. Fast-loading websites can expect lớn rank higher in the SERPs and attract more visitors. Second, there are all the user experience considerations. If a site loads quickly, visitors are more likely khổng lồ stick around, read your nội dung, và ultimately convert. In other words, a lightning-quick website unlocks all the good things that webmasters crave sầu.

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However, we’re not here today lớn talk about how to lớn make your website faster. We’ve sầu already covered that extensively in our speed up WordPress guide & article on page speed. We’re here to discuss another comtháng problem we see WordPress users making on a daily basis, & that is running a website speed demo incorrectly.

You might not think this is that big of a problem. But in reality, it is when you’re trying to lớn gauge improvements. If you run a website tốc độ thử nghiệm the wrong way, it might appear that your site is slower, when actually it’s faster.

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So below, we’ll dive sầu inkhổng lồ the proper way khổng lồ run a trang web speed test along with some tools you can use to tangibly measure your site’s speed & traông chồng any improvements.

Before You Run a Website Speed Test

Before running a tốc độ kiểm tra, you should kiểm tra to lớn see if you have the following two things already configured & running on your WordPress site:

If you don’t know, check with your website developer or hosting provider. And if you’re launching a br& new site, make sure to mix these things up first, và then run your speed tests.

1. Configure Caching

If you’re a client, our server-level page cađậy will already be running on your live sầu WordPress site. So there is nothing you need to configure. However, remember that caching is disabled on our staging environments by mặc định for development và debugging purposes. To enable caching on a staging environment, you can toggle the “Enable Cache” button on the tools page for your site in

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