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      147 products are designed lớn be consistent and easy to use. You"ll find that the group chat features are just like one-on-one chat features, but with a few extra features khổng lồ make it easy lớn communicate with multiple at once.

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For information about creating a group, please refer khổng lồ Creating a Group.

Looking for information about starting a chat during a call? Please refer khổng lồ Meetings Features or Chatting During a Điện thoại tư vấn.


Mention someone using one of the following methods:

In the message box, type
và select the correct contact from the pop-up danh mục.In the message box, type
followed immediately by the tương tác name. Be sure there is no space between
& the first letter of the tương tác name. For example,
Lily Johnson

When you mention someone, alerts the person lớn your message & highlights their name in yellow in the group chat window on their device.

If the person mentioned is not a thành viên of the group, Desktop asks if you want khổng lồ to lớn add them and chia sẻ the chat history (see Adding people lớn an existing group).

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To alert the entire group to lớn a message, type


Additional Group Chat Features

Just lượt thích a one-on-one conversation, you can use mentions, send files, and use Emoji.


Cliông xã this button or type
to open a list of contacts lớn mention in your message.


Click this button to lớn upload a file from your computer to lớn the group chat & giới thiệu it with the other group members.


Click Add an Emojilớn add a little expression lớn your message! Select from a wide variety of emojis or tìm kiếm for the emoji that you want to lớn share.

Impromptu Groups Meetings

When you’re part of a group, you can clichồng Video Call in the chat screen khổng lồ start an impromptu meeting with other group members.


When you clichồng Video Call, theIncoming call screen is displayed for each group member.The meeting starts when at least one group member joins the impromptu meeting.

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