How Ad Hoc Marketing Can Negatively Impact Your Business


Many business owners believe sầu that sale is a relatively simple exercise. Something that they can manage on their own, for the most part. They may wish khổng lồ add or change elements or some nội dung on their website. Sometimes, they may look khổng lồ design a brochure for their prospects. Or, they may look at reworking or putting together any other kind of a marketing chiến dịch, plan, or promotion with the intention of building their list of prospects and enhancing their business.

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And there is nothing wrong with a business owner managing their own marketing. That is, as long as they understvà that each individual piece of a promotional undertaking is actually an underlying element of a bigger plan.

So what the heck is ad-hoc marketing?

Well, let me explain:

Recently, I was approached by a prospect who was looking to change up his corporate website. He had spent a lot of money and had spent a lot of time on what eventually became four different variations of the website. And after all that, he still had not managed to get what he wanted. The various marketing companies that had been hired had been either unwilling or unable khổng lồ understvà the ultimate goal of the business owner in articulating his vision và the br& of his business.

When this prospect approached me, he was understandably very frustrated. He was looking for someone lớn rewrite the content of his website in a way that would be more appealing lớn his target audience. As I explained khổng lồ hlặng, if he was simply looking for a copywriter he could hire any one of a number of people who would be happy khổng lồ simply fill his pages with nội dung. I explained lớn hyên ổn that although this might be a quiông chồng fix, it was unlikely that he would ever over up satisfied with the final hàng hóa for the long-term, & that he would most likely over up having to lớn bởi yet another rekiến thiết & remake of his website.

Unfortunately,this guy is a techie. It didn’t help that he didn’t grasp the importance of designing his site & creating content that would “speak” to his ikhuyến mãi client. Concepts that were simple for hlặng were way too complex for his prospects to grasp. And, unless he was willing to lớn let go of controlling the content, he would never develop a site that attracted anyone but his competition.

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Which leads me khổng lồ the reason for this article.

The unfortunate trap that many business owners fall into when attempting lớn either bởi their own sale or doing their kinh doanh on an ad-hoc basis is this: there is a complete lack of synergy between the different elements of their kinh doanh efforts. Each element of the pieces that Cosplay a marketing plan & the individual marketing campaigns is a part of a bigger puzzle. Consider what would happen if you took one piece from five different puzzles & tried to lớn make each of those pieces fit together. It wouldn’t be very pretty, and it certainly wouldn’t have the results you would hope for!

The Science of Marketing:

So, once again I come bachồng lớn the reality that there is a science to kinh doanh. As a sale strategist, it is my role khổng lồ help the business owner see the complete picture & underst& how all of the pieces fit together. In the example that I provided above sầu, I advised the business owner that for hyên ổn lớn kết thúc up satisfied with the trang web that would serve his company’s interests, it is imperative khổng lồ understvà & to lớn develop a marketing strategy that encompasses both his immediate và long-term goals, và how best lớn apply this in order lớn attract the proper prospects while retaining his current clients.

Creating a proper sale strategy is building the foundation of your communication & promotional efforts. This blueprint creates the framework và gives the guidance khổng lồ move sầu your business forward in a structured & measurable fashion, providing the results you want to lớn achieve. Therefore, try lớn avoid Band-Aid solutions và quick fixes if you are hoping khổng lồ obtain positive measurable results.


Nancy Boisvert is a professional sale consultant with over 3 decades of experience. During this time, she has helped countless entrepreneurs understvà & hone their marketing programs.She knows that in order lớn have sầu a successful marketing plan, one must be able to see the whole picture & understvà the interaction of the business mã sản phẩm và the personalities, as well as the strengths & weaknesses of the people involved. She knows how to analyze the viability of a business Model, và applies her real world knowledge and experience to all projects.Nancy has a wide range of hands-on expertise, including working with political parties, public companies, & private businesses in both the business-to-business và business-lớn -consumer arenas.In March of 2017, Nancy was invited to lớn become a member of the Advisory Board of the Advanced Marketers Institute, an organization dedicated to lớn elevating small sale agencies into elite kinh doanh consultancies through the provision of training, structure, software, & community.Nancy’s unique combination of experience & business skills makes her services highly sought after, and her advice & consultation invaluable lớn her many clients.