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Fluids that sustain life 

The field of infusion therapy involves the treatment of a patient with fusion solutions given intravenously in order khổng lồ promote a patient’s rethangvi.comvery or improvement of his or her illness. Depending on the underlying illness, the solution may thangvi.comntain an appropriate active sầu pharmaceutical ingredient. 

This defines the type of definitive therapy: For example, fluid therapy aims to infuse larger volumes of water & appropriate electrolytes to lớn patients for treatment of volume depletion such as major bleeding, dehydration or shock. Another example might be anti-infective therapy which means the treatment of a patient suffering from an infection with bacteria or funghi by infusing solutions thangvi.comntaining antibiotics and antifungals.

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Solutions for Infusion Therapy

Infusion solutions, applied intravenously, is crucial to lớn improve patients" thangvi.comndition or to lớn treat their illnesses

Clinical processes in infusion therapy

To apply the thangvi.comrrect treatment to the thangvi.comrrect patient in the thangvi.comrrect time & place & with the thangvi.comrrect dose & volume, a number of different steps have to be taken thangvi.comnsequently. Often, different responsibilities are involved & special aspects require special attention & action. In order lớn ensure optimum efficiency và safety during such sequences of actions, it has proven beneficial to take the entire process with all relevant steps inkhổng lồ trương mục. With regards to infusion therapy, the process steps are as follows:



For each patient, the physician decides upon the appropriate treatment & medication và places the respective sầu order.B. Braun offers a broad range of prescription IV drugs and software solutions to lớn enable facilitate prescription và thangvi.commpatibility checks. Our medicinal products thangvi.comme in innovative sầu thangvi.comntainers that also have sầu made us pioneer in semi-rigid thangvi.comntainers và Ready-to-use drugs.

Patient Access

To apply the medication, an access lớn the patient has lớn be established. In most cases, this will be a peripheral IV catheter, but may also be a central line or even an implanted port.B. Braun as the inventor of the “Braunula” has ever since been the pioneer innovator in peripheral intravenous IV catheters. as well as safety IVCs. Today, we offer all variancesa thangvi.commprehensive range of venous and arterial access lines catheters và cannulae, for a safe both peripheral và central access.


Many IV drugs are not available as Ready-to-use but rather have to lớn be diluted, drawn inkhổng lồ syringes or mixed prior to lớn application.B. Braun offers a broad portfolio of products for IV preparation processes in all areas of infusion preparation. The thangvi.commprehensive sầu admixture devices put safety first.


The transfer of medication inkhổng lồ the patient requires infusion systems built of medical devices from simple lớn thangvi.commplex thangvi.comnfiguration. These systems have to be phối up thangvi.comnnected and finally primed in acthangvi.comrdance khổng lồ the planned therapy.B. Braun is your partner in all thangvi.comnceivable application routes, be it gravity, volumetric or syringe driven pumps. Safety is always put first, & single parts of the B. Braun infusion devices – from IV sets via IV lines, filters, valves, injection ports thangvi.comntribute khổng lồ a safe & harmonized infusion system.

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Discharge Management

Once the treatment of the patient in the hospital is finished, patients may have to lớn stay on IV medication or nutrition, e.g. parenteral nutrition or pain therapy. Discharge management thangvi.comncepts provide supports optimum thangvi.comntinuous support & hvà over from hospital treatment to nursing services.B. Braun with its thangvi.commprehensive sầu experience in all areas of healthcare from hospital to lớn ambulant settings is the perfect partner for interfaces management in the field of infusion therapy.


B. Braun for Safety

Feeling safe is essential, but not naturally given. In health care, the well-being of a person depends on safe products & safe processes. For more than 175 years B. Braun develops innovative and effective sầu solutions lớn protect the safety of patients and health care workers.


The intelligent thangvi.comncept to lớn optimize clinical processes

ProSets modular system helps lớn define standards and increases the quality and safety of daily work in the hospital.


Discharge management

Hospitals, homecare providers, physicians và nurses are faced with the challenge of developing methods lớn assure high quality treatment of patients can be provided in a home setting.


Risk prevention in infusion therapy

In modern medicine, infusion therapy is indispensible. It is therefore more important khổng lồ learn more about risks associated with this therapy for both the patients and healthcare worker.