4 Cara Untuk Menghubungi Facebook


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Another great question that I received based on another post about contacting Instagram support. Hopefully, my experience trying khổng lồ get help from Facebook tư vấn will help others in need. As a side note, I also wrote a post about contacting Pinterest tư vấn if you need assistance reaching out to lớn that team.

Hey Sean,

I saw your article about contacting Instagram, but I actually need to lớn liên hệ Facebook customer service to get my password reset & regain control of my trương mục. Any ideas on good ways to actually get someone at Facebook khổng lồ help? Is there an gmail address or phone number khổng lồ call? Even a Facebook support chat would be helpful.


Just as with most of the big social networks, it’s pretty tough to lớn get someone at Facebook to lớn help you resolve an issue. Whether you are lượt thích Davis và have been locked out of your tài khoản or you have sầu another reason for needing assistance, it can be rough going.

Options For Contacting Facebook For Custom Support

For quichồng assistance, here are link to lớn the various ways to tương tác Facebook tư vấn detailed below.

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Over my many years working in digital sale & social truyền thông, I have had plenty of reasons for contacting Facebook customer tư vấn. Whether it was for myself or helping on behalf of one of my clients, I have sầu had several reasons for contacting Facebook in the past. These include situations like:

I was locked out of a client’s Facebook page.I had a client who forgot the password for their personal Facebook trương mục và no longer had access to the email address associated with their account.I had Facebook ads that were rejected & some that were discontinued after they had already been approvedOne of my clients was being harassed on their Facebook page and needed assistanceAnother client had their Facebook account hacked, which gave the hacker full access khổng lồ their company Facebook pageI actually had a situation where a scammer was replicating my Facebook posts & pretending they were me.A friover of mine had a relative sầu die và needed help getting access to the deceased’s Facebook trương mục.

As you can imagine, these issues required a bit more assistance than the Facebook forums offered. In each of these situations, though, I was able lớn determine a way khổng lồ get someone at Facebook support to lớn respond và get the issue resolved.

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Unfortunately, Facebook has a notoriously detached customer service system and there isn’t one “right” or “best” way to lớn get a response. There isn’t a magic Facebook customer service phone number that anyone can just dial up và speak with the customer service representative.

Also, while there are several different Facebook customer support email addresses out there, they generally aren’t the most effective sầu way to lớn get assistance (more on that later).

This means you might have sầu to lớn try multiple different was khổng lồ get in touch with them.

To help, here are several different ways that I have used khổng lồ get in tương tác with Facebook. Hopefully, you won’ t have to try all of them.

PLEASE NOTE: I try to keep these tương tác methods updated as frequently as possible. Facebook occasionally disables gmail addresses or changes them. If you get a bounced tin nhắn from one of the contact methods below, let me know via my tương tác form or in a bình luận and I’ll try to lớn find an alternate. Also, if you have an additional contact method that you think would help others, be sure lớn chia sẻ it.

Contact Option #1 – Use The Facebook Help Features

The first step to take is the most logical. Facebook has built out a pretty robust help system, so try using it & see if some of their automated tools can help you out. Believe it or not, using Facebook’s Help Center to sover your messages to the company can be a reliable way to connect with Facebook for some of the easier-to-resolve sầu issues.

In many cases, Facebook has built communication bots lớn reply to lớn the most comtháng issues và respond with the steps lớn fix the problem. Facebook’s help center can help you address issues concerning:

To use the help center, simply log into the desktop version of Facebook và navigate lớn the Facebook Help Center webpage. To bởi vì this, clichồng the big question mark ibé in the upper-right corner và click the links that says “Help Center”.

Need help with Facebook? Try finding contacts you are connected with on LinkedIn

Once the filter is in place, you will see the users in your network who are first & second màn chơi connections. Contact these people khổng lồ determine if they can be of help.

NOTE: Don’t pester your contacts who work at Facebook with small issues lượt thích password resets or questions lượt thích how to show the Most Recent view of your Facebook feed instead of the Top Stories view. Save these types of liên hệ for those issues where your business is locked out of their tài khoản or other critical issues

Liên hệ Option #7 – Contacting Facebook Via Twitter

I know…it sounds kinda crazy to lớn try khổng lồ liên hệ