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Kick start your career in advertising & design with an award for students, graduates, and aspiring creatives.The entry deadline for 2021 has now passed và the 2021 winning work can be viewed below. Pencil levels will be announced at the New Blood Awards 2021 ceremony taking place online on Thursday 8 July.

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New for 2021, New Blood Quickfire is shorter, timed briefs, accompanied by short courses và paid opportunities. The winners for Quickfire briefs 1 and 2 have now been notified.

New Blood Awards is open khổng lồ advertising, thiết kế, digital and marketing students, recent graduates và emerging creatives worldwide. It"s your opportunity to lớn land a job in the creative industry by getting a head start while you"re still at university or gaining the exposure you need to lớn kick start your creative career.

Your butterfly effect is the step you take when you enter the New Blood Awards, When you find your team, When your idea sparks, When you speak khổng lồ real people lớn solve sầu a real problem.

Your butterfly effect is the stimulation of your creative sầu ideas, the space lớn explore them, the tools lớn learn how the commercial industry works, và how you can make it work better.

The creative sầu spark that keeps going, growing, every decision, every step, every ‘mistake’.

Your butterfly effect is your own, unlượt thích any other, an unfathomable shape, a chất lượng texture, constantly moving, accepting new parts, new roads, new paths.

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Your butterfly effect.

See who's picking up a Pencil at the ceremony

Pencil levels coming soon

All will be revealed at the New Blood Awards Ceremony on 8 July 2021.


Key dates

13 October 2020

D&AD New Blood briefs launch

Top brands issue real world briefs

Early 2021 — Entry site opens

Entry site opens

Enter your response khổng lồ the brief

23 March 2021

Entry deadline

Enter your work by 5pm GMT

April–May 2021 — New Blood judging

New Blood judging

Judges decide on Pencils

Late May 2021 — Winners revealed

Winners revealed

Winners will be announced without Pencil levels

Summer 2021 — D&AD New Blood Ceremony

D&AD New Blood Ceremony

Pencil levels revealed at the ceremony

New Blood Quickfire 2021

Applying for creative placements & jobs right now? New Blood Quickfire is a brand new mix of shorter briefs & accompanying short courses. Quickfire is aimed at recent graduates, emerging creatives và students looking to lớn continue their learning, develop their portfolio and find paid opportunities.

The deadline for our second timed brief with Chivas Regal has now passed. If you have sầu entered you will be contacted with further information.

D&AD Side Hustle

Creative competition to lớn start-up or scale-up your passion projects. Pitch your big ideas khổng lồ investors and creative directors, with a chance to lớn win the mentoring và resources needed khổng lồ help you succeed.

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