Linking to live video: facebook live tips for marketers


If you frequent your Facebook newsfeed at all, you’ll have noticed that đoạn Clip is king at the moment. And if you haven’t started using live sầu streaming lớn promote your br& yet, now’s the perfect time. Cheông chồng out our Facebook Live sầu tips to help you out:

Facebook Live’s Lademo Features

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced three new features for those who are creating Facebook Live sầu videos.

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Live Rewind – which allows viewers to lớn rewind videos while they are still streaming live.Cross-posting – which lets marketers post the videos on multiple Facebook pages.And persistent stream keys – this one is a bit more technical, but basically, this allows live sầu streamers who broadcast frequently on Facebook Live sầu to skết thúc one permanent stream key khổng lồ production teams before events. This can be used for more than one broadcast too.

The social truyền thông giant is continuously working khổng lồ improve sầu its live sầu streaming service & while you may be thinking Facebook Live sầu had its moment in the spotlight already, live sầu đoạn Clip continues to grow and live sầu content is just as important as ever.

Why use live Facebook Live

These new features will be warmly welcomed by many marketers who have sầu been using the service since it launched for all users in 2016. (Facebook cleverly built hype around the platform by letting celebs use it for a year before this.)

Consumers lượt thích Facebook Live sầu, because it humanizes brands. It makes them feel more authentic và honest when they are willing to go live. The sense of FOMO (fear of missing out, in case you’re not familiar with the term) also helps boost engagement.


The menu goes on – & if you’re looking for more detail you can kiểm tra out this great article by Neil Patel about why you should care about live sầu streaming in 2018.

Of course, there are other platforms for broadcasting live đoạn phim, like YouTube Live sầu, Twitter’s Periscope, Livestream and Amazon’s growing Twitch platform.

However, if you are using Facebook khổng lồ market your brvà, frequently using Facebook Live can help you increase engagement on the platsize as the Facebook algorithm likes this activity và will boost all of your posts as a result.

Promoting your live appearances

Facebook Live can be a great & affordable way for even the smallest of businesses khổng lồ strengthen their presence on social truyền thông. But with live sầu events, there is always the fear that nobody toàn thân will show up.


But it also addresses one pet peeve that many marketers have sầu about Facebook Live sầu – that you cannot links khổng lồ the URL where the live sự kiện will be hosted until after it has gone live sầu. All the other new features are great and will help video marketers manage live broadcasts much easier. But they don’t help with the promotion part.

A Facebook Live sầu sự kiện doesn’t kết thúc with your broadcast. Once the camera stops rolling, Facebook creates a recorded video that can be watched at any time. So to make the most of your live sầu appearance, you’ll be promoting the broadcast once again with a liên kết lớn the đoạn Clip.

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Luckily, can help you make the most of your live sầu video promotion.

If you use a branded link khổng lồ promote your Facebook Live sự kiện, you can then update this link and edit the destination URL so anyone who clicks on a promotion that was pushed out in the lead up lớn the event will be brought directly khổng lồ the video clip. You can see how to lớn redirect URLs in the Clip below.

To copy the URL of a đoạn phim recording in Facebook, just click on the đoạn phim so that it appears within its own page, and then copy the URL from your browser into your trương mục.

So, by using one of our eye-catching custom short link, your promotional tweets, email newsletters, shares from followers & other marketing activities will work twice as hard for your brvà. Below, you can see an example of a tweet that used a branded liên kết to promote a Facebook Live sầu sự kiện – and where it led lớn once the destination URL was redirected.


Adding pixels & parameters to lớn your Facebook Live sầu links

As well as the ability to lớn use for URL redirect, you can also get some insights into lớn how many clicks your Facebook Live links receive. And if you’re really inkhổng lồ analytics, you can add UTM parameters khổng lồ your link và traông xã which promotions are most effective at driving traffic.

Although Facebook is a third các buổi tiệc nhỏ website, also allows you lớn retarget ads at people who cliông chồng through to lớn your Facebook Live sầu videos. By adding a retargeting pixel khổng lồ the custom short links you giới thiệu before or after the event, you’ll be able to lớn present ads khổng lồ anyone who has clicked through.

This is a great way khổng lồ build out your retargeting lists in general, but it’s also a great idea to create a retargeting menu made up of the people who have clicked on your live video clip links. This way you can promote future broadcasts to increase your live audience & make sure engaged followers keep coming bachồng for more. It’s a great way lớn alleviate the fear of an empty house.


Other ways to use branded link for your live streams

One of our users has a custom domain, which she uses specifically to lớn create short links for her weekly live streaming show. She shared her Facebook Live sầu tips with us earlier in the year.

She uses for tracking but also finds the service useful for creating short links that are easy lớn understvà when read aloud, so browsers can type them out quickly.


As Facebook Live, and other live streaming platforms, continue lớn optimize và improve sầu their services, more and more opportunities will be available lớn marketers to engage their audience in a way that will build trust & create meaningful engagement.

Make the most of your social media kinh doanh by optimizing your campaigns with these Facebook Live sầu tips. While live streaming can make an impact on its own, it’s best to lớn get all you can out of your live sầu appearances by use custom short link, retargeting viewers and tracking your success so that you can optimize your future promotions.

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