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For Polynesian Chinese food that is both authentic and affordable, look no further than our restaurant. We offer dine-in, take-out, delivery, plus functions catering options in order to lớn satisfy your unique dining needs.

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Liên hệ us in Medford, Massachusetts, khổng lồ request moreinformation about our Polynesian Chinese restaurant.
Tiki Island, one of the top Chinese Restaurants in the Boston area according to lớn The Boston Globe in 2011, has been serving Medford and the surrounding community for over 30 years with quality Chinese & Polynesian Cuisine. We offer a full line of traditional Chinese appetizers, Polynesian, Cantonese và Mandarin entrees. The extraordinary chất lượng will have you returning again và again for lunchtime, dinnertime or anytime in between. We also have sầu a variety of special lunch & dinner combination plates with some of the most preferred dishes. If you"re looking for something a little more exotic, take a look at our variety of Polynesian & Mandarin dishes. Don"t forget lớn browse our chef"s specialties, created just for Tiki Island. The variety và chất lượng of the cuisine at Tiki Island will have sầu you coming back again & again!Please visit our Menu page for a complete menu.Planning a corporate event??? Here at Tiki Island, we specialize in just that. No sự kiện is too large or too small! Our dedicated corporate team will be with you every step of the way. No place to go? No problem! At Tiki Island, we have sầu an elegant function room that will accommodate up to lớn 120 people. Should you have a larger event, Tiki Island offers catering services for surrounding businesses. Let us know where you need us khổng lồ go!We even provide special packages to lớn make things as easy as possible. However, we are always willing lớn work with you to lớn customize your evening và make it truly special.Visit our Function page for more details, or liên hệ Ben or Anita via e-mail or phone with any questions or khổng lồ schedule your buổi tiệc ngọt today!
For an exotic blkết thúc of Polynesian và Chinese food that is sure to delight the entire family, look no further than the Tiki Island Restaurant. Our quality eatery is located in Medford, Massachusetts.
Our Polynesian Chinese restaurant is where you need to be for outstanding lunch and dinner menus that include everything from Chinese food favorites to Polynesian Chinese fusion dishes, allowing you to choose the meal that best suits your quality tastes. Also, our combination plates help us to ensure that you enjoy a great meal at a great price.

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If you are looking for something more exotic, our main dishes are made with rich & flavorful meats, including beef, chicken, & pork. Whether you want your entree broiled, steamed, or deep-fried, we prepare it to your exact specifications in order lớn make sure that you are completely satisfied. We also offer various seafood options, including shrimp, scallops, crab rangoon, & more. Whatever you choose, rest assured that you"re choosing value.
We are proud lớn provide take-out, delivery, và catering services, enabling you to lớn enjoy your meal wherever you like. Feel không lấy phí lớn dine in with us or to lớn get your meal to-go, if you prefer. As long as you live within three miles of our location, we will be happy lớn deliver your food directly to lớn your door. Also, turn lớn us for your next special event; we offer catering services throughout the greater Boston area. Visit our Functions page for more information on hosting your special event at Tiki Isl&.
Liên hệ us in Medford, Massachusetts, to request additional information about our Polynesian Chinese food.

Named One of the Boston Area"s Top Restaurants by the Boston Globe (2010 & 2011)Member of the Medford Chamber of Commerce * Licensed và Insured
Tiki Island Restaurant269 Middlesex AveMedford,, MA 02155
Phone: (781) 391-0477 info
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