Learn what marketing is and how it is used


In the world of sale, hàng hóa competition is fierce and consumers" attention spans are shorter than ever.

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With every hàng hóa promising us the sun & the moon, how vì chưng we ever make a decision?

Behind the scenes of the glitz & glam that you see on the grocery shelves, professionals are working diligently lớn make sure that their sản phẩm is the one you select, from biểu tượng logo design to the final price.

Their job title?


They"re the heroes of this story. In order to become one of them yourself, it only makes sense that you understvà what sale really is.

The definition of marketing

This isn"t as straightforward as we wish it was. To prove sầu the complexity of the definition, it"s safe to say that no two sources will give sầu you the same answer when you ask for it.

While the kinh doanh definitions today have gotten significantly more abstract, the basis remains the same: it’s all about getting a sản phẩm or service from the manufacturer khổng lồ the hands of the consumer.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the effort made lớn get your product or service noticed in a positive light by your audience. Because of it"s broad-spectrum definition, kinh doanh takes place within almost all operations of a business including advertising, sales, & delivery of the sản phẩm or service lớn an individual customer or business.

In its purest khung, sale is how companies show consumers that their products or services are better than their competitors’. It requires plenty of planning, A/B testing, analyzing results, & much more.

Marketing is a form of persuasive sầu communication. It is made up of every process involved in moving a hàng hóa or service from your business lớn the ultimate consumer. Marketing includes creating the sản phẩm or service concept, identifying who is likely to purchase it, promoting it và moving it through the appropriate selling channels.

In more detail, kinh doanh is anything that may influence the way your consumers think about your brand. That means it’s not just the way you present your sản phẩm or service. It’s your advertising, your customer service, và even the employees that customers come across.

Today, kinh doanh means knowing your customer from the inside out. What problems are they facing, and how is your offering the best solution to solve sầu those problems?

The purpose of marketing

Even that definition is confusing. If you"re still feeling a little lost, below are the main purposes of kinh doanh laid out for you:

Marketing captures the attention of your target audienceMarketing persuades a consumer khổng lồ purchase your sản phẩm or service over that of a competitorMarketing provides a consumer with an opportunity to make an easy decision

By doing all three of these things, and doing them well, you"ll develop a customer base unparalleled lớn your competition.

How vì chưng you market?

The world of sale is vast & nearly limitless. There are no rules to lớn how you can market a product, service, or brand, but there are techniques và channels that have sầu proven to lớn be successful. We"ll show you the ropes below.

Marketing techniques

Every year, it seems there is a new buzzword taking the marketing world by storm.

Typically, these buzzwords revolve sầu around the lathử nghiệm marketing trends. Professionals will argue about the best techniques to lớn achieve this or solve sầu that, but really, the best sale technique is the one that works for youyour business.

You can read more about different kinh doanh techniques here:

Word of mouth marketing
Affiliate marketing
Content marketing
Account-based marketing
Inbound marketing
Field marketing
Guerrilla marketing

Marketing channels

With different techniques, tactics, and strategies, marketers use a variety of different channels khổng lồ best reach their audiences.

From traditional channels like billboards & radio advertisements to lớn digital channels lượt thích social media và user Đánh Giá, the flexibility that marketers have today is more than ever before.

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What is the kinh doanh mix?

If you’ve sầu ever been in a Marketing 101 class, you’re probably well-versed on the sale mix. This phối refers khổng lồ a group of tactics that a company has strategically chosen lớn take a sản phẩm or service to the market.From this point on, these will be the strategies and tactics that you and your team use lớn promote your br&.

There are several different strategies that one could take when approaching the way they choose to lớn market their hàng hóa or service. We"ll go over them below.

The 4 Ps of marketing

There are four main elements in this process that marketers look at lớn make their efforts more organized & overall successful:

ProductIt doesn"t matter what you"re selling – it"s absolutely necessary that you know that sản phẩm inside và out, as well as what makes it unique from the competing products.
PricePrice decisions will determine supply, dem&, & marketing strategy. Products and brands may have sầu to lớn be positioned differently in the market based on their price point.

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PlaceMarketing is all about putting something in the rightplaceat the right time, making it critical lớn research & evaluate which locations are ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for turning leads into prospects inlớn customers.
PromotionHow will you let the world know that what you"re selling exists? Elements like advertising, social media kinh doanh, public relations, gmail sale, and so on.

In addition, some marketers add 3morePs to lớn this process:

PeopleThis includes both employees và customers in regards lớn how they work together to create an experience. It is essential khổng lồ provide excellentcustomer service skillskhổng lồ ensure all communication surrounding your br& is positive.
ProcessThis phase is the flow in which your product or service is delivered. For example, if you work in retail, this process begins as soon as a customer steps foot in the door. This is heavily focused on the customer experience.
Physical EvidenceThis phase refers to the environment in which the experience occurs. It"s not just where the sản phẩm or service is distributed, but the place where employees & customers interact. This could be the physical location of a store or the user experience on an e-commerce site.

The 4 Cs of marketing

Robert F. Lauterborn comprised this approach to the kinh doanh phối as a customer-focused alternative to lớn the 4 Ps of sale.

He insisted that, since marketing is about the customer, the kinh doanh mix shouldn’t focus on the brvà, but rather the consumers.

Consumer wants và needsExtensive research should be done lớn ensure that the product or service being marketed will address consumer dem&. If the product or service doesn’t meet those wants or needs, they should continue lớn adapt it until it does.
CostsCost was a word that replaced "price" because Lauterborn believed that dollar amount isn’t the only cost a consumer incurs when making a purchase. For example, if you’re shopping for a toaster, you may have opted for the slightly cheaper option, but the amount of time that toaster lasts could shrink significantly because of that, otherwise known as opportunitycost.
ConvenienceConvenience replaced the word "place" to emphaform size the importance of the hàng hóa being readily available & accessible to the consumer. In other words, marketers should strategically place products so that there are several points of visibility. The effort required by the consumer should be minimized to lớn best serve sầu them.
CommunicationLauterborn encouraged an open dialogue between brand and consumer, as opposed lớn traditional marketing efforts that highlighted only a product’s best qualities. This open dialogue encouraged consumer questions, feedbachồng, & user reviews.

Whichever method you choose khổng lồ develop your kinh doanh set – the 4 Ps, the 7 Ps, the 4 Cs, or one of the various others – it’s a critical starting point when bringing your offering to lớn market.

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Common sale objectives

No matter what aspect of life it regards, the importance of setting goals has been hammered inkhổng lồ our heads since we were young.

For businesses, goal setting is especially important. Clear objectives can influence the way a business spends money, hires employees, và, operates. When setting your kinh doanh objectives, they need to be done intelligently. Some would say you need khổng lồ be SMART about them.

S - specificM - measurableA - achievableR - relevantT - time-bound

Did you just have a flashbachồng lớn the sixth grade? You bet.

Having SMART goals is great. But, like too much of a chocolate milkshake, too many goals can give marketers an upset stomach.

That’s why being selective sầu when formulating goals is critical. The more goals you mix for your sale team, the less likely it is you"ll complete them in an adequate way. Instead, focus on unique over quantity. Select between three khổng lồ five sầu goals in which you"ll devote your efforts.

When it comes to lớn choosing those goals, consider the stage of your br&. Are you a new company bringing a sản phẩm to lớn market? Or are you an existing organization looking to lớn exp& your audience? A comprehensive sầu understanding of your organization’s current positioning will offer you the insights you need to lớn establish your objectives.

To give you a head start, we’ll cover some common marketing objectives and what they mean for a business.


Increasing sales is a very common kinh doanh objective. For marketers to prove that their efforts have sầu paid off, they need lớn see a good return on investment (ROI). To vị this, they’ll need lớn ensure that revenue from sales significantly exceeds any of their marketing costs. However, it’s not enough to lớn just say the goal is to lớn “increase sales.”

When it comes to lớn profitability objectives, the more specific you can get, the better. An example of a “SMART” profitability objective would be khổng lồ increase sales aý muốn women over 40 by 15 percent.