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Learn music curation and DJing with Questlove

Questlove sầu — iconic DJ, Grammy winner, & The Roots drummer — teaches collecting and mixing music. You"ll learn how to lớn transition from genre to genre to curate the perfect playmenu, whether just for yourself or to lớn wow your friends.

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Margaret Atwood teaches creative sầu writing



Learn the art of creative sầu writing with Margaret Atwood

Writer"s bloông xã is a major challenge, but hopefully, some inspiration from Margaret Atwood can bring you out of your funk. The Man Booker Prize-winner"s lessons delve inlớn character development, point of view, structuring a novel, và more.

Samuel L. Jackson teaches acting


Master Class

Learn how to act with Samuel L. Jackson

It"s hard to lớn believe sầu now that Samuel L. Jackson had a stutter growing up, one that actually stopped hyên from talking for a year. You can learn about how he overcame this obstacle to lớn become an Osoto nominee in this course on acting, which particularly focuses on how to develop a character.

Apollonia Poilâne teaches bread baking


Learn bread baking with Apollonia Poilâne

Apollonia Poilâne, the third-generation baker và CEO of the famous Parisian bakery Poilâne, teaches you how to use all of your senses when baking an igiảm giá loaf from scratch. Poilâne outlines best practices for a variety of French breads — rustic wheat, rye, briobít, & Poilâne"s beloved sourdough loaves — with warmth và clarity. You"ll be able lớn learn from Poilâne"s practiced movements, see igiảm giá examples of each stage, và hear live troubleshooting. And though your environment will change daily, Poilâne gives you the working knowledge that allows you lớn adapt.

Ron Finley teaches gardening


Learn gardening with Ron Finley

Ron Finley has launched a movement around an unusual khung of protest: gardening. In 2011, Finley was issued an arrest warrant for planting fruits and vegetables on the curbside strip outside his home in South Central LA — a food desert. Two years later, his story helped change LA laws &, a decade later, he"s helped plant dozens of community gardens. In his MasterClass, Finley teaches you how to grow your own food, avoid killing your plants, and the beauty & community you can find in healthy food.

Christimãng cầu Aguilera teaches singing


Learn how to lớn sing with Christimãng cầu Aguilera

Whether you want to lớn fine-tune your vocal craft or have no musical experience beyond singing "happy birthday" to lớn your friends & family, Christimãng cầu Aguilera has the techniques khổng lồ help you take it up a notch. The Grammy-award winning artist will give you practical tips on how lớn polish your sound as well as share some stories about her career trajectory.

Annie Leibovitz teaches photography


Learn photography with Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz claims the title of first-ever female chief photographer at "Rolling Stone," along with plenty of other accomplishments. Here, she sheds light on her photography philosophy và shows how a great pholớn comes to life.

Seremãng cầu Williams teaches tennis


Learn how khổng lồ play tennis with Seremãng cầu Williams

If you want to be a pro, you have khổng lồ practice lượt thích one. Get the chance to experience the same drills Serena runs every day, as well as some insight inkhổng lồ the importance of mental strength in the game.

Thomas Keller teaches cooking techniques


Learn cooking techniques with Thomas Keller

Chef Thomas Keller"s restaurants, lượt thích The French Laundry, have been awarded quite a few Michelin stars and have people eagerly waiting months at a time for reservations. In his MasterClass, he breaks down the basics of some of the most essential cooking techniques, like braising meats và making stocks.

Carlos Santamãng cầu teaches the art and soul of guitar


Learn how lớn play the guitar with Carlos Santana

If you"re looking for a classic, technical guitar lesson, this course probably isn"t for you. If, however, you"re looking khổng lồ understvà how one of the world"s most popular guitarists approaches the instrument, draws inspiration for his music, and found his quality sound, you"ll love this class with Carlos Santana.

Bob Iger teaches business strategy and leadership


Learn business strategies và leadership skills with Bob Iger

As the former CEO & current Executive sầu Chairman of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger was responsible for some of the brand"s most important acquisitions, including Pixar, Marvel, & Lucasfilm. With 45 years in truyền thông under his belt, he knows a thing or two about what it takes khổng lồ be a successful businessperson.

His lesson dives inkhổng lồ everything from business insights from the acquisition process lớn how lớn use your time effectively & productively.

Neil deGrasse Tyson teaches scientific thinking and communication


Learn how khổng lồ think like a scientist with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ivy League degrees, bestselling books, & a Grammy award are just some of Neil deGrasse Tyson"s accolades. In this course, the renowned astrophysicist will help you see into lớn the mind of a scientist, giving you plenty of skills to lớn help you strengthen the way you think and communicate along the way.

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Kelly Wearstler teaches interior design


Learn how khổng lồ design your space with Kelly Wearstler

Ever wondered how khổng lồ make your space look lượt thích it"s plucked off an "Architectural Digest" page while still feeling lượt thích it"s distinctly yours? It"s a tall order, but Kelly Wearstler has designed enough celebrity homes & boutique hotels to lớn give sầu you all the tips & tricks you need to know khổng lồ redefine your own space. You"ll learn how to lớn choose colors for any room, make a space feel larger, & even curate an art collection.

Chris Voss teaches the art of negotiation


Learn the art of negotiation with Chris Voss

During his time as an FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss mastered all of the facets of communication and compromise. While your everyday negotiations may not be as high-stake, Voss"s strategies can help you get the outcomes you want — whether it"s a promotion at your job or a big decision in your relationship.

Dominique Ansel teaches French pastry fundamentals


Learn French pastry fundamentals with Dominique Ansel

Dominque Ansel is revered for his creative takes on delicious pastries, lượt thích the Cronut, a croissant-donut hybrid that garners hours-long lines outside of his SoHo bakery in Thủ đô New York. In this course, you"ll learn the precise technique Ansel uses khổng lồ bake his famous treats. Fruit tarts, chocolate cakes, and mini madeleines are just some of the desserts you"ll learn khổng lồ bake.

Daniel Negreanu teaches poker


Learn how khổng lồ play poker with Daniel Negreanu

There"s no one better khổng lồ help you perfect your poker face than Daniel Negreanu — he"s won the World Series of Poker six times. He"ll help you learn even the most complex poker concepts so you can increase your win rate the next time you sit around the felt.

A Reviews of MasterClass:

MasterClass is one of my favorite online learning platforms, and I"ve had personal experience with a fair cốt truyện of them (Coursera, Skilltóm tắt, edX, Rosetta Stone, CreativeLive, and so on).

Compared khổng lồ many online courses, MasterClass"s follow the format of a one-sided conversation more than an academic setting, which can make learning feel more engaging.

I love that I"m able lớn learn conventional & not-so-conventional tricks and tips from giants of any industry — some of whom are on my shortdanh sách of favorite authors, actors, musicians, & chefs. Classes are pretty short (2-5 hours total), và the lessons are between 5-25 minutes each.

I also get access to lớn notes, additional reading resources, & a community. And it"s nice that I can tải về lessons or use Audio Mode in the oto as a de facto audiobook on days when my attention span is low.

Plus, the diversity, unique, và flexibility of its online classes is hard to beat. If I"m going through a cooking phase, I can watch bite-sized clips that are interesting & useful. And if something isn"t my number one passion, the allure of a "master" helps me remain interested in the lessons.

Personally, I enjoy having yearly access. If you"re a lifelong learner, it gives you the ability to jump around different subjects with tools like "topic playlists" that queue up stuff you might lượt thích. For me, it"s worth the $180 — especially this year, when I"m stuông xã at trang chính & trying out new hobbies. It"s informative sầu without feeling overly stringent or overwhelming — a good fit for lockdown. But, if you"re interested in deep-diving inlớn only one topic, I"d recommover auditing a class at Coursera or edX rather than dropping $180 just lớn access one MasterClass. — Mara Leighton, senior reporter

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