Milano Coffee


The Milano Taste

The Milano taste was developed from a century of artisanship in the Italian coffee tradition. The miscela, or blend, is at the heart of our taste. We often combine more than ten premium 100% Arabica coffee bean varietals from around the world in search of the perfect balance of body, flavour, sweetness, acidity & aroma.

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We’re dedicated lớn sourcing, h& roasting & blending each of our espressos, containing up lớn 13 different origin coffees. We put the same due diligence & passion into our pourover, drip & French press coffee blends. Our dark, medium, organic, và decafs deliver flavours found nowhere else in a brewed coffee blend.

Milano is a fervent supporter of small farm estate, fair trade & certified organic coffees. Although we first rate coffee by cup quality, at any given time there is up lớn 70% certified organic coffee beans in each of our blends.

Milano is proud to lớn offer the only espresso tasting bars in Vancouver, where you can sample 8 different espressos at any given time.


3.30.2021 COVID-19: Milano Coffee Health và Safety Measures

We are doing take-out coffee và food with limited patio seating

We have sầu implemented unidirectional flow & markers on the floor to lớn encourage physical distancing while lining up.

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We currently ask that all of our customers và staff wear masks while inside the cafes

We have sầu added additional cleaning & sanitizing procedures to our existing food safety và hygiene standards.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the cafes for customers lớn use.

Customers showing signs of illness will be kindly asked to lớn leave và return once they are well.

As staff, we are closely monitoring any changes khổng lồ our health and staying trang chủ if we aren’t feeling well.

We are keeping our cafes up khổng lồ date with all public health guidelines as they evolve.

2.9.2021 Milano is the first roasting house in North America to bring back beans from Araku Valley, India!

Our master roaster, Brian Turko, was selected to lớn travel khổng lồ India before the COVID-19 pandemic to lớn cup and grade the regions best coffees.

These are high grade, fair trade, organic coffees that were sourced through direct trade by our roaster. The taste is mellow on the palate, creamy, and smooth. If you enjoy a medium to light roast and Milano’s full toàn thân taste, you’ll love sầu this!