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Google is, by far, the most dominant tìm kiếm engine on the internet. Over 90% of internet users use Google lớn conduct searches. This further underpins the significance of having a GMB listing.

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How to lớn Optimize Google Maps Listing for Maximum Conversion

Google Maps is one of the innovations used by Google lớn help local businesses get more customers. With most people using internet lớn get information about businesses, it is imperative sầu lớn optimize your business Google Maps listing. Google Maps is critical to lớn generating leads locally và the most successful businesses in Singapore know this fact and use it to lớn stay ahead of the curve sầu.

What is Google Maps Listing?

Simply put, Google Maps listing includes basic yet important information about your Singapore business such as name, location, contact details, và opening hours. It has replaced phone books that have now bethangvi.come obsolete, as Google is where most clients search for information about your business.


Tracking Your GMB Listing Insights

Through the insights feature, you can easily kiểm tra how users are interacting with your GMB listing. Here some of the parameters you can traông xã using GMB Listing Insights.

How Customers Find Your GMB Listing

Customers can find your profile using two ways – direct search & discovery tìm kiếm. Direct tìm kiếm is where a customer finds your listing by searching your business name or address. In discovery tìm kiếm, a customer finds your business by searching its category.

Where Clients Find You on Google

This shows you the platform on which customers first saw your GMB listing. It can be either Google Maps or Google Search.

Client Actions

Here, you can see what the client did after seeing your protệp tin on tìm kiếm results. Most clients visit your trang web, ask for directions, view photos, and Call your business.

Direction Requests

This shows you the location of people that are requesting directions to your business premises.

Phone Calls

This section shows the time và the frequency at which customers called your business after viewing your GMB listing.


GMB also allows you lớn assess how often customers are viewing the pictures on your listing. You can also thangvi.compare the viewership of your photos lớn others business in your nibít.

Must You Include Relevant Keywords?

It’s been a challenging question for many local business owners — ls it safe to include high-value từ khoá in your GMB description?

Can it impact your rank in the local search?

Well, Google’s recent update finally puts this debate to lớn rest.

It turns out: Google wants you lớn include high-value từ khoá (read: relevant keywords) in your GMB mô tả tìm kiếm without the fear of being penalised for it.

High-value từ khoá refer to a menu of từ khóa that your potential customers are using lớn find your business. While some SEO experts could have warned you against using them in your GMB mô tả tìm kiếm, Google appears to have an entirely different opinion on this.

Wear the Mind of the User: At the start of February 20trăng tròn, Google updated the content in their help centre. The new section seemed to lớn encourage local business owners to include the từ khoá they suspect their customers might be using khổng lồ find their businesses online.

For the first time, Google is advising you to lớn wear the mind of the user & think about a menu of possible keywords they would type when trying lớn find your business. Your listing must include those keywords.

It’s thangvi.common sense that Google doesn’t want you to lớn shove sầu tons of từ khóa inkhổng lồ the description. But there’s no harm in including a few high-value từ khoá, provided they fit naturally.

Here’s an example:

Assuming you’re in the business of selling pinetáo tarts in Clementi, Singapore. If a customer living in Clementi wants to find your business, it would be a lot easier for the customers to lớn find your business on Google if you included the keyword, “pinetáo bị cắn tarts in Clementi, Singapore.”

Be Accurate: Google has more advise on this in the new “Relevance” section. All that this giant search engine wants you lớn vày is provide as many signals as you possibly can khổng lồ help their local search bots match your listing to lớn the most relevant customer.

Why is this Important: This offers some clarity to the long-held Catch-22 as to whether optimising your GMB listing with relevant từ khoá is within Google’s best practises.

Google gives the go-ahead, but that’s no excuse lớn keyword-spam your listing in an attempt khổng lồ game the system. If the từ khoá don’t fit in naturally, you’re better off not including them.

Focus on Things of Interest in the Areas that you operate

Localize your trang web nội dung by focusing on cities và other things of interest in the areas that you operate in to lớn give sầu your br& a local feel. For example, if you run a restaurant in Little India, write nội dung that is relevant to lớn the Indian food enthusiasts instead of general food nhận xét. Local points of interest such as tourist destinations và landmarks can enhance your geolocation targeting efforts.

Also, if you operate in multiple towns, it is rethangvi.commended to create local landing pages for each of them lớn relate better khổng lồ customers in the specific areas. Use keyword that are related lớn the locations to optimize your nội dung for the local audience.

Finally, include structured data markup on your site khổng lồ give sầu Google as much information about your Singapore thangvi.company as possible. This markup should provide data such as;

The type of businessOperating hoursAddressPhone numberLongitude và latitudeE-Mail address & more

Use Posts

Most people associate posts with their blog or social truyền thông media. However, in the case of Google My Business, this word has an entirely different meaning. Posts give Singapore businesses the ability to lớn feature special offers, highlight their lademo news, & even publicise events.

Creating a post is pretty easy. You simply select “Posts” on the left side of your dashboard. You will then be prompted lớn include an image, title, a couple of sentences about your content, & a links. You’ll also choose between Offer, What’s New, Product, or Event options.

What’s great about posts is that your most recent ones will show up directly on your local business listing whenever someone searches for your thangvi.company online. What this means is that users will be able lớn engage with them directly. And this encourages people to visit your trang web.

Fill Out Your Info

One of the most important sections of your Google My Business page is Info. Why is this? Well, it’s because it gives users more details about your thangvi.company which can help to inspire trust.

The Info section can be found on the left side of your dashboard. Simply cliông chồng “Info” and then you will be able lớn categorise your business, manage its name & address, post your hours of operation, danh sách your number and trang web, give a detailed danh sách of services. You will also be able khổng lồ enter a mô tả tìm kiếm of what your business is all about. This feature is especially helpful when customers are trying to find a business that is nearby. However, it’s important that you make sure that your hours are correct so that customers have sầu the right information.

Pay Attention lớn Your Insights

If you would lượt thích lớn know exactly how users reached your business listing, whether it was through Google Maps or Google tìm kiếm, then you need lớn take a cthua thảm look at Insights. Not only will this help you identify how they found you but also when they found you và much more. And the best part is, you can tìm kiếm this information for the last 28 days.

Checking Insights is easy. This feature can be found just about the “Review” feature. You will notice that there are several charts & graphs. Insights offer several key details about your visitors. You will learn what actions they take on your listing. The graphs & statistics will show you how many of your customers requested directions lớn your place of business. It will show you how many people gọi your thangvi.company from the search results. You’ll find out how many people actually visit your store. You will get an idea of what the most popular times are for visiting your store. Find out how many views each of your photos are getting in thangvi.comparison khổng lồ businesses that are similar.

Optimising Your Google My Business Profile

Claim Your Listing

Unknown to lớn most business owners is that Google allocates one Google Map Listing to every business. So, the first thing that you need khổng lồ bởi vì is clayên your listing if you are yet to lớn vị so. This move will give sầu you a chance lớn manage how information about your business appears on various platforms owned by Google such as Maps & Search.

Here is a step-by-step guide prepared by Google on how lớn clayên listing.

NAP Accuracy

Now that you have claimed your listing, the next step that you need to take is inputting your business NAPhường (name, address, and phone number). Make sure that these details are correct to avoid misleading potential customers.

In fact, NAPhường information should be consistent not only on Google listing but also any other listing platforms online such as Yelp, Local, & Bing. Your business might not be displayed on Google Maps if there is an inconsistency.


Google team has worked smart to lớn include an expansive list of categories to help the search engine users find what they are looking for more conveniently. Choose a category that best describes your Singapore business & you are không tính tiền to use a maximum of five sầu categories to describe your business thangvi.comprehensively.

More importantly, make sure that the main category you select matches the primary keyword that you would lượt thích lớn rank and max out the remaining secondary categories.

Add Video và Photos

A video và photos will help spur engagement with the target audience và show them that your business actually exists. You can record a Clip showing your personnel at work or describing the sản phẩm that you sell. The two highly encourage potential customers to visit a store especially businesses such as restaurants và resorts. Be sure to use high resolution images & the đoạn Clip should be top-notch.

Business Hours

Customers who are planning khổng lồ visit your Singapore store need lớn know the specific time of the day that you open and close. Make sure that the business hours you include in your Singapore Google Map Listing is accurate. Otherwise, not providing this information will have sầu a negative sầu impact on your business.


Reviews are great because they help potential customers to lớn get a perspective of the chất lượng of the sản phẩm or services offered by a particular business. As you work on optimizing your Google Place Listing, focus on getting as many nhận xét as possible from customers to boost your ranking.

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You should always encourage your customers to give feedback. The most significant advantage of reviews is building trust. Several studies show that consumers trust a brand that has many positive sầu review from previous clients. If you have sầu many positive sầu Reviews, you are likely to get more sales.

Another advantage of customer review is that they improve sầu your ranking on tìm kiếm results. Your objective sầu should be lớn attain the top spot in tìm kiếm engine result pages. Getting positive sầu đánh giá puts your business on the right track.

Even if your business is already in the 3-paông chồng, stay ahead of the curve by having more & better genuine nhận xét. One of the easiest ways of making sure that every customer who purchases a product from you leaves a nhận xét is by including a link khổng lồ your Google Map Listing in invoices & tin nhắn signatures. This will make it convenient for the customers to lớn write & submit a feedbachồng after shopping.

Website Optimization

Even as you concentrate on optimizing your Google Map Listing, vì not forget to work on your trang web SEO. Google Maps is just one aspect of your web presence & will have sầu a major impact on your brand’s visibility online as well as site conversion rate.

Here are a few wise nuggets on what you can vày to make your business more discoverable locally:

Include the từ khoá “near me” on your website contentCreate stellar nội dung especially blog posts referencing specific events & be sure khổng lồ include location information and timeInclude location specific keyword in your on-site content

Download the Google My Business App

Your GMB protệp tin should serve the same purpose as social media accounts. It should be a digital representation of your thangvi.company. Instead of wasting time trying lớn access the Google Business trang web, download the GMB tiện ích. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

The ứng dụng is a convenient option that allows you khổng lồ add pictures, interact with customers & mage your GMB protệp tin. Even better, it will enable you to persize all these functions from anywhere.

Upload High-chất lượng Photos

GMB profiles with photosgenerate more attention & clicksthan those without photos. If possible, you should hire a professional to shoot photos for your GMB listing. They should take pictures of your business premises & people enjoying your products and services.

Google My Business Posts

GMB Posts are similar khổng lồ short social media posts that appear below your GMB listing. If you wish to create a post, log in lớn your Google My Business dashboard, & you will see the Posts option on the left-hvà side.

The GMB posts allow you khổng lồ add links, images và call-to-action buttons. They are ikhuyến mãi for advertising events, sales, new products, and promotional offers. You can make the posts more attractive sầu by addingkeywords& images.


You can use the messaging feature khổng lồ thangvi.communicate directly with consumers using your GMB profile. If you receive ahigh màn chơi of engagement, Google will reward you with a higher ranking on search results.

The Messaging feature is found on the left side of your GMB dashboard. Here, you can set up the message that users will receive sầu when they send a message lớn your business. It is worth noting that this feature is still in developmental stages. For now, it is only available to lớn sản phẩm điện thoại users.

How lớn Verify Google My Business Profile

You can verify your GMB protệp tin using many ways, including phone, tin nhắn & postcard. In most cases, you are asked khổng lồ confirm your listing via postthẻ, especially if you added your physical location. It is also the easiest way.

Keep in mind that it is mandatory khổng lồ verify your GMB profile. Google will not danh sách your business on search results unless you validate the GMB listing.

Here are the steps you should follow to lớn verify your GMB profile.

Sign In & Choose Your Business

After logging in lớn your Google Business account, select the business that you would lượt thích to lớn verify. If you have sầu been following the steps in this article, you should be at the verification stage.

Confirm Your Details

Errors are inevitable. Confirm that all your details are accurate. Also, rethành viên lớn add a tương tác name where Google will skết thúc the postthẻ.

Choose the Verification Method

As mentioned above sầu, there are several ways of verifying your Google My Business profile. The most thangvi.common are gmail, phone và post mail.

Verification by Email

If you choose this method, Google will sover an email lớn your inbox. The email should contain a verification button. Click this button, và everything is phối.

Verification by Phone

In this method, Google sends a verification code via SMS to your phone. Ensure that the number you provide is accurate before you to confirm the procedure.

Verification by Mail

As indicated in the screenshot above sầu, mail verification can take up to lớn 10 days. When your postcard arrives at the specified address, you will need lớn log in khổng lồ your GMB trương mục enter the code it contains.

If the postcard delivery fails, sign in & click on the ‘Request another code’ button.

How To Promote My Google My Business In Singapore

Google My Business is a useful tool for increasing the visibility of your business, both in real life và online.

It is useful for small businesses that want khổng lồ be easily discovered, but bởi not have the budget for billboards và other big ad platforms. Getting aBusiness Listing on Google in Singaporeallows small thangvi.companies to thangvi.compete with established firms.

Why You Need a Google My Business Account

Google My Business (GMB) is a không tính tiền tool that allows businesses with physical shops to lớn manage their online presence. With GMB, you can define how your thangvi.company appears in tìm kiếm results on Google Search and Google Maps.

There are several reason reasonswhy you need a Google My Business Listing. Here are the top ones.

It Makes It Easier lớn Locate Your Business

In a đô thị as busy as Singapore, it is difficult to lớn locate a specific business. Unless you know the name & the location of a thangvi.company, it is almost impossible to lớn find it.

The best solution to the challenge stated above sầu is by having a GMB profile. GMB allows customers khổng lồ find the exact location of your business premises using Google Maps. It is a much convenient alternative sầu khổng lồ word-of-mouth directions, which can sometimes be confusing.

It Significantly Increases Your Search Visibility

Besides making it easier khổng lồ locate your physical store, GMB also increases your online visibility. In most cases, when a customer is searching for local businesses, they are ready to lớn make a purchase. If not, they are researching in preparation of a purchase.

If you run a local business, you will benefit significantly from having a GMB listing.

It Lets You Display Useful Information and Get Customer Reviews

Your GMB profile provides all the relevant information about your business. This includes your business name, location, website, business hours, & photos.

Additionally, GMB also makes it easier for customers to leave reviews. As a business owner, GMB allows you khổng lồ manage & respond to lớn their customer feedbaông xã.

Customers will leave both positive & negative nhận xét. That said, it is convenient to have a solution that allows you lớn manage all the feedbaông chồng professionally.

It is Free

The best thing about GMB is that it is không tính tiền of charge. If you are looking khổng lồ start alocal SEO chiến dịch, it is an excellent & affordable starting point. It is also a viable solution for small businesses with limited budgets.

How to lớn Use Google My Business with Hootsuite

The Hootsuite Dashboard allows business owners khổng lồ manage their GMB listing along with other social truyền thông media activities under one platkhung. The only requirement is installing the Google My Business application from the Hootsuite App Directory.

Using this service, you can post thangvi.company updates & engage with client questions và Review. It also allows you to manage many listings simultaneously và monitor what people are saying about your business on Google.


Having an optimised Google My Business Listing is crucial lớn the success of your local SEO chiến dịch in Singapore. If you follow this detailed guide when creating your profile, you are on the right path lớn prosperity.

Get in touch for more tips on how khổng lồ phối up Google My Business Listing và digital kinh doanh campaigns in Singapore