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Circular fashion environmental charity Redress has awarded two designers with collaboration prizes for their entries in the Redress Design Awards for 2020.

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The Redress Design Award 20đôi mươi Grvà Final saw awards presented to lớn menswear designer Le Ngoc Ha Thu from Vietnam và womenswear designer Juliana Garcia Bello of Argentimãng cầu, who won kiến thiết collaboration prizes with VF Corporation’s Timberlvà & upcycling br& The R Collective sầu, respectively.

Juliana Garcia Bello’s winning collection.

A runner-up award was given to Sri Lankan designer Ruth Weerasinghe.

Ruth Weerasinghe’s collection.

The award for best Hong Kong designer went lớn Grace Lant.

Grace Lant’s winning collection.

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The competition cycle, sponsored by local government body Create Hong Kong, has served to draw attention khổng lồ the issue of waste in the fashion industry that has intensified under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

View Ngoc Ha Thu Le’s collection.
View Juliana Garcia Bello’s collection.

“Fashion’s waste crisis can’t be swept under the carpet any longer,” said Redress and The R Collective founder Christimãng cầu Dean. “Covid-19’s retail và supply chain disruptions have sầu stranded materials in warehouses, factories và stores globally. Now is the time to catalyse the circular economy – và this is Redress’ focus. The Redress Design Award has for 10 years educated designers about circular design. The industry must not waste the opportunities that Covid-19’s crisis is offering.”

“The Redress Design Award has established as a recognised br& in the sustainable fashion design community over the past years by educating emerging fashion designers in order khổng lồ drive growth towards a circular fashion system”, said Create Hong Kong head Victor Tsang trọng.

Over the past fortnight, 10 finalists in the competition were subjected to a tough series of virtual thiết kế and business challenges focused on real-life sustainability business cases.

VF’s executive sầu VPhường và group president Asia Pacific region và emerging brands Kevin Bailey, one of the judges, said the company’s collaboration with Redress over the past two years has connected it with talented, emerging designers “who are passionate about creating fashionable, compelling designs with environmental responsibility in mind”.

“We are constantly inspired by their commitment to lớn circular kiến thiết và creativity. These are the future leaders who are going to lớn help drive sầu lasting & positive sầu change throughout our global industry and we are proud to lớn be part of their journey.”