FACEBOOK has launched new personalised cartoon characters called Avatars – but not everyone is having an easy time making them.

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The fun feature isn't working for some users, with a handful thangvi.commplaining on social truyền thông media that they can't create a Facebook Avatar at all.

To access Avatars, Facebook users can hit the three horizontal lines in the top right of the Facebook app.

The option to create one appears under the "see more" section.

However, some users have reported on Reddit that they can't see the new feature.

One way lớn fix this is khổng lồ make sure you have sầu the lathử nghiệm version of Facebook installed on your phone.

You can kiến thiết the cartoon-y characters khổng lồ look however you lượt thích và chia sẻ them in Facebook thangvi.commments và on MessengerCredit: Facebook

On Android, head khổng lồ the Google Play store và select menu. Tap my apps and games và scroll down khổng lồ Facebook to lớn update.

On an iPhone, you can head to App Store & go khổng lồ your Apple tài khoản by hitting the inhỏ in the top right. Scroll down lớn Facebook & tap update.

If that doesn't grant you access khổng lồ Avatars, some users have reported finding a workaround in Messenger.

On Reddit, user briaugar said: “mở cửa your last message and click on the smiley face in the thangvi.commment bar.

“Once it opens ‘stickers,’ cliông chồng on what looks like the Angry Bird on the bottom towards the left. It will open the Avatar creator.”

Apparently, you can also access Avatars by going to lớn stickers and selecting the purple face, which should allow you to customise your character.

Users may also go lớn bookmarks và look for Avatars under "see more".

Finally, it's possible that Avatars simply haven't been rolled out lớn your trương mục yet, so sit tight & be patient for the update to arrive.

To access Avatars, Facebook users can hit the three horizontal lines in the top right of the Facebook appCredit: Facebook

What are Facebook Avatars?

Avatars are Facebook's answer khổng lồ Bitmoji – a similar tool that was bought up by Snapchat in 2016.

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You can thiết kế the cartoon-y characters lớn look however you lượt thích và nói qua them in Facebook thangvi.commments và on Messenger.

Once you've created an Avatar, you'll be able to lớn nội dung them in different poses or scenes.

It's designed lớn spice up Facebook, and likely a bid khổng lồ attract younger users baông chồng lớn the phầm mềm.

"The Avatars feature lets you customise your own personal avatar for use in stickers across thangvi.commments và Messenger," Facebook explained.

"It lets people create a new persomãng cầu, allowing them to tóm tắt across Facebook and Messenger in a more personal, light-hearted way."

Avatars have been out in the UK for several months but launched in the US last week.

Once your Avatar has been created, you can tóm tắt it across Facebook & MessengerCredit: Facebook

How to lớn use Facebook Avatars

You should start lớn see a new smiley-face button when you go to post a phản hồi on the News Feed.

It'll also appear within the Messenger sticker selection tab.

If you tap it, you'll be able to create a Facebook Avatar that looks however you want.

It starts with a gender-neutral face, which can be customised 18 different traits.

You can also edit body toàn thân shape, hairstyle, outfit & more.

Once your Avatar has been created, you can nội dung it across Facebook and Messenger.


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Facebook has redesigned its main app with a special 'News' feed that shows zero posts from pals or family.

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Have sầu you created a Facebook avatar? Let us know in the thangvi.commments!

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