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So, you’ve sầu launched a business and you’ve got the ball rolling. You picked a business name, have sầu an idea of your sản phẩm and/or service và (maybe the biggest khuyến mãi of all, at least for us thiết kế geeks), you officially have a logo sản phẩm.

Congrats! Getting a (super awesome) biểu tượng logo is a major milestone on the path of being a business owner or entrepreneur.

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As you see your sleek, colorful, well-designed logo sản phẩm staring bachồng at you from your computer screen, you’re probably filled with an awesome sense of pride. But you’re probably also experiencing a mild khung of WTF in the size of “I have a new logo… Awesome, but what exactly am I supposed lớn do with it?”

Never fear, thangvi.com is here khổng lồ help you fill in the blanks of what khổng lồ do with your biệu tượng công ty after the thiết kế process. Because having an awesome biểu tượng logo is great, but it’s what you vày with it that’s going to lớn make a real impact of your business.

Get the right biểu tượng logo files—

Let’s talk about what it actually means lớn have a logo. Because having a designer create something awesome và then skết thúc you a JPEG file just isn’t going lớn cut it.

Make sure you get ALL the files you need from your designer. Image via The Visual Communication Guy

When you get a logo designed, you need khổng lồ ask your designer for multiple versions & formats of the thiết kế. You’ll need different types of files for different things in your business. For example, you’ll need a different tệp tin khổng lồ give to lớn a print company that’s manufacturing your corporate swag than you will for your web developer who wants to put it in your trang web header. And trust me, the last thing you want is lớn miss out on a project or deadline because you didn’t have the right biệu tượng công ty format.

Once you’ve sầu approved your logo design, ask your designer for:

A vector file (usually an Adobe Illustrator or EPS file) in both CMYK (for print) and RGB (for digital screens) colorsA web-pReviews version (JPG or PNG)An editable tệp tin (again, usually an Adobe Illustrator or EPS file)

If you have sầu a graphic biểu tượng logo, you might also want lớn consider asking for a version designed without the text.

Getting all the files & formats you need from the get-go will save you a ton of time, energy và headaches down the road; by requesting all the files up front, you’ll always be sure to lớn have exactly what you need for however you decide lớn use your hình ảnh.

What lớn vì chưng with your logo—

Now that you’ve sầu got all the files & formats you need, let’s talk about where you can make use of your awesome new logo sản phẩm.

Consider your logo sản phẩm khổng lồ be the face of your business. It’s the first thing that you want your audience lớn know about you, and you want them to lớn see it over và over again until the hình ảnh becomes synonymous with you and your products or services.

Or, in other words: the more you use your biệu tượng công ty, the more your audience will start khổng lồ recognize it.

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Let’s look at some places you’ll want lớn be sure to showcase your logo sản phẩm.


The first place you’ll want to lớn showcase your fancy new hình ảnh sản phẩm is on the interwebz. Because (let’s be real) these days, most people are going lớn be interacting with your brvà in the digital space.


On your trang web, put your logo sản phẩm front and center.

Even the big boys like Coca-Cola make sure their biệu tượng công ty is front và center on their website. Via Coca-Cola

Include your biệu tượng công ty in the header, và if it works with your overall kiến thiết, consider asking your website designer to create a sticky header. Even as your audience scrolls down your website, your hình ảnh sản phẩm will follow them wherever they go.

Coca-Cola once again showcasing the logo sản phẩm not once, but twice on their Facebook page. Via Coca-Cola.Social Media

Your biểu tượng logo should be featured on every single one of your social truyền thông profiles.

People spend a ridiculous amount of time on social truyền thông media (the average smartphone user visits the Facebook tiện ích or website over 13 times a day), so you want khổng lồ be sure that every time they’re scrolling through their feed, they get a glimpse of your logo sản phẩm.


If your br& has an app, use your hình ảnh sản phẩm in the phầm mềm icon. That way, your audience will literally see your hình ảnh every time they look at their phone.


You’re also going to lớn want khổng lồ slap your logo on all of your printed materials.

Business cards

Business cards are usually the first take-away that a potential client, customer, colleague has of you and your business.