On Sale Nghĩa Là Gì

Our neighbours put their house up for sale (= started khổng lồ advertise that they want to sell it) last week.

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the department of a company that organizes và does the selling of the company"s products or services:
a system by which goods are supplied to lớn shopsand can be returned if they are not sold within a particular period of time:

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complete/cthua a sale When the time came to cthua kém the sale, another page had been added khổng lồ the contract.

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the number of products sold & the amount of money a company receives from selling its products và services:
the business of selling products or services, or the department in a company that is responsible for selling them:
used lớn say that the person selling a sản phẩm or possession does not promise that what they are selling is in good condition or suitable for a particular purpose:
The occupational categories used are: professionals & business executives; clerical và sales workers; farmers & farm labourers; skilled workers; and unskilled workers.
Try though they might, the authorities had no way of banning sales transactions in bad money when bad coins served those transactions well.
If the quotations collected in other studies are not representative of the universe of annuity sales, the results and comparisons may be biased.
The global growth in the sales of certified organic products has increased by an average of 20-25% per year since 19904.
Six of the nine organic winter pear handlers reported export sales, with exports ranging from 5 to 40% of their total pack.
When they were sold, however, these sales bởi not appear khổng lồ have sầu been handled very differently from other sales.
Each new instalment in the series (through volume 7) has equalled or improved upon the sales figures of its predecessor.
At times, sugar sales were the only immediate means of getting money for vital imports, và sugar was sold while still in the field.
All of them stressed that on sales floors, at consumers" doorsteps, in purchasing agents" offices, acting was just as necessary as on the stage.
We distinguish between two types of transmissions : gifts & sales, the dividing line being whether the transaction included a price or not.
In other words, was land freely alienable or were sales mediated by the taravad and/or other social factors?
State officials objected khổng lồ both lvà sales và squatting as development strategies because they believed that such activities led lớn l& fragmentation và degradation.
The price effect valorised particularly mining production, increasing profit margins và the value of sales abroad.
Particularly in sales charts, the quality of a record is equated with its exchange value, as the ranking depends on the number of items sold.
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Các trường đoản cú thường xuyên được thực hiện với sale.

I hope that the eventual sale will yield a price substantially above any valuation that is likely to lớn emerge.
The land originally used to build the unnamed arena was purchased by the group at a foreclosure sale for $100.