How To Use Facebook For Business

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With all the options at your fingertips, setting up a Facebook Business Page can feel like prepping a rocket ship headed khổng lồ outer space.

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But if you want lớn vị business online, having a presence on Facebook is a good idea. 

Really, it’s more of a must.

With 2.45 billion monthly users and 1.62 billion people logging on daily, it’s by far the most popular social network.


Still, as Facebook has grown, so has the complexity of its features.

Don’t waste another day poking around Facebook, trying to lớn figure it all out. This article will walk you through everything you need khổng lồ know to get your Facebook Business Page up và running lượt thích a social truyền thông marketing pro.

But before we dive in:

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4 Facebook Business Page FAQs How lớn Create a Facebook Business Page in 19 Easy Steps

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4 Facebook Business Page FAQs

Here are the answers khổng lồ four commonly asked questions about Facebook Business Pages.

1. What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page is where you manage your brand’s presence on the largest social network in the world. Your page allows you to lớn connect with your customers & nurture prospects by:

Sharing content Responding to lớn customer service inquiries Collaborating with customers and other brands Having personal conversations with followers And more…

The image below shows’s Facebook Business Page:


2. Can I Use a Personal Facebook Profile for My Business?

There are many well-intentioned entrepreneurs out there using personal Facebook profiles for their brands, instead of an actual Facebook Business Page.

This is a bad idea.

If you create a personal protệp tin, you’ll miss out on a whole suite of content creation tools, analytics, & paid promotional opportunities that come with a Facebook Business Page. What’s more, users would need to lớn skết thúc you a friover request to lớn engage with your brand.

And you don’t want khổng lồ make it more difficult for your customers to engage with you on social truyền thông.

So, harness the power of Facebook Business Pages.

“Um, Tom – I’ve sầu already made a personal profile for my brand…” Don’t worry, I’ve sầu got you covered:

3. How Can I Convert My Profile to a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook allows you lớn easily create a new Business Page that’s based on your profile.

Afterward, you’ll have sầu both a protệp tin & a Page.

Facebook will copy over your information, protệp tin picture, and cover image. Plus, you can select which friends, followers, photos, & videos to lớn transfer lớn your new Facebook Business Page.

What’s more, if you convert a verified protệp tin, the verified status will also be moved lớn your new page.

There is one main drawback: Any video views or other metrics will remain with your profile and can’t be transferred khổng lồ your new Facebook Business Page.

To convert your profile to lớn a Facebook Business Page:

Click “Get Started” và follow the on-screen instructions. Your new Facebook Business Page will be published once the conversion process is finished!

Note: If you’re currently serving as an administrator for any other Facebook Pages or groups, then you must add more people as admins for those properties. This is just to make sure those pages và groups are not left without an admin in case anything goes wrong during protệp tin lớn Business Page conversion.

For more information on how lớn convert a protệp tin to lớn a Business Page, kiểm tra out Facebook’s help section.

4. How Much Does a Facebook Business Page Cost?

Just lượt thích Facebook profiles and groups, you can mix up và use a Facebook Business Page for free – regardless of how many followers or likes you have.

Even if you spover money on Facebook Ads, there’s still no charge for the organic aspects of your Facebook Business Page.

What’s more, Facebook doesn’t even charge a fee lớn add a storefront to lớn your page!

So why does a Facebook Business Page cost nothing? Well, it doesn’t.

In exchange for using the platsize và engaging with your customers, you help Facebook acquire even more attention from your audience.

Facebook then sells this attention khổng lồ advertisers in the form of Facebook Ads.

Now, let’s build you a killer Facebook Business Page!

How lớn Create a Facebook Business Page in 19 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create Your Page

To get started, cliông chồng this link or head to lớn “”.

Facebook provides you with two Page options:

Business or brand Community or public figure


Each type of Page comes with a different phối of features. Choose “Business or br&,” and clichồng “Get Started.”

And you’re off!

Next up, you need to complete the basic details of your business or brand:

Page Name Category Address


Do your best lớn piông xã the most appropriate category for your business. But don’t worry if you change your mind, as you can always change it in the future.

If you lượt thích, you can add your business phone number. You also have sầu the option to lớn hide your address from Facebook users.

Once you’re done, cliông xã “Continue.”

Step 2: Add a Profile Picture

Next, Facebook will prompt you khổng lồ upload a protệp tin picture.


Most businesses use their hình ảnh as a protệp tin picture, as Shopify does on their Facebook Page:


If you don’t have sầu a great logo sản phẩm kiến thiết for your business, kiểm tra out Shopify’s không lấy phí tool, Hatchful. It’ll help you create a professional-looking biệu tượng công ty in minutes.

What’s more, Hatchful will create an entire brvà package from your logo design. This includes images perfectly formatted for all of the most popular social truyền thông platforms.


Bear in mind that your protệp tin picture is often shown as a circle throughout the platform.

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So make sure there are no vital elements on the fringes of your image và that it looks great when displayed as a circle or a square.


Finally, the igiảm giá kích thước of Facebook protệp tin photos is 360 x 360 pixels, but they must be at least 180 x 180 pixels.

Step 3: Add a Cover Photo 

Now it’s time lớn add your Facebook cover photo lớn.


Your cover photo is often the first thing visitors notice. So it’s best khổng lồ choose an image or Clip that immediately conveys your unique value proposition and brand personality.

Here’s’s current Facebook cover image:


The image delivers a quality value proposition, và the hàng hóa images and thiết kế convey our brand’s personality.

At this stage, Facebook prompts you to add a cover phokhổng lồ, but if you’d prefer, you can upload a cover Clip once you’ve finished creating your page.

To bởi vì this, cliông chồng “Skip,” and you’ll be presented with your br& new Facebook Business Page in all its glory.

Then, clichồng the “Add a Cover” button và cliông chồng “Upload photo/video clip.”


Cover art displays at 8trăng tròn x 312 pixels on computers, and 640 x 360 pixels on mobile devices.

Videos must be between 20 và 90 seconds long & have a maximum 1080p resolution. You can upload them in .mov or mp4 format.

Below are some Facebook Business Page tips to lớn keep in mind when uploading either:

Keep it fun but on-brand: It’s fine khổng lồ have sầu fun with your Facebook cover image or video clip, but don’t get too unprofessional as it may distract users from the unique value proposition of your company. 

Center the text: Since you’ll be cropping & dragging your Facebook cover khổng lồ the correct form size, try to place text or objects in the center, so they are visible.   

Make videos pleasant for the tự động hóa loop: Rethành viên that Facebook cover videos play on a loop. Once they end, they automatically play over if the viewer is still browsing your Facebook Page. Make sure whatever nội dung you upload is pleasing khổng lồ see when played over và over.

Step 4: Identify the Key Aspects of Your Facebook Business Page

Congratulations, you’re now the proud owner of a Business Page!

At the top of your page, you’ll see link lớn the different Page management sections:

Page: The links bachồng lớn where you are now Inbox: Where you can manage your messages with other users Notifications: A summary of your page’s interactions Insights: Where you can track page metrics Publishing Tools: Schedule new posts and nhận xét past performance Promotions: Manage and traông xã your Facebook Ad campaigns

Have a quiông xã look khổng lồ familiarize yourself with each of them, and then come back to lớn your page.

Go ahead; I’ll wait a minute.


All good? Okay, in the left sidebar, you’ll see your Page’s different tabs.

And at the top-right of the page, you’ll see liên kết khổng lồ Facebook’s Help section and your Page settings.

Step 5: Learn How to Login lớn Your Facebook Business Page

To navigate back khổng lồ your personal Facebook protệp tin, simply cliông chồng your name or protệp tin picture in the top xanh bar.

Then, wherever you’re on the platform, you can access your Business Page admin by clicking the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of your screen.


This will bring up a danh mục of the Pages you manage – just click the one you want to lớn use!

Step 6: View Your Facebook Business Page Settings

Now that you’re familiar with your new page let’s take a look at the Settings.


Facebook gives you a lot of options:


But thankfully, these settings are all fairly straightforward, và you can leave most of them as they are.

For now, have a read through the settings and change anything that seems particularly relevant to your business.

For example, if you sell children’s toys, you may want khổng lồ turn on the profanity filter. Or, if you have sầu an international target audience, be sure khổng lồ enable the ability khổng lồ write posts in multiple languages.

Step 7: Add và Edit Page Roles

If you have other members of your team who you’d like khổng lồ manage your Business Page, you add them to lớn the settings.

First, clichồng “Page Roles” in the left-h& sidebar. Then type in their name or tin nhắn address to find them.


Next, Facebook’s drop-down thực đơn provides five sầu different page roles for you khổng lồ choose from:

Admin Editor Moderator quảng cáo trên internet Analyst

Each one allows page managers to lớn access và use certain features. To understvà the differences, choose one of the options và read the description under the bar.

Step 8: Change Your Facebook Business Page Template

Facebook provides ten different Facebook Business Page templates for you lớn choose from. Each is tailored to lớn best suit the needs of various organizations & individuals.

Standard page Business Venues Movies Charity Politicians Services Restaurants & cafes Shopping Video page

To access these, cliông chồng “Edit Page” in the left sidebar, và then underneath “Templates,” click “Edit.”


To find out more about each template, just clichồng “View Details” as you scroll through the options.


The primary difference between the templates is the link in the tab section và the buttons on the toolbar. 

For instance, choosing the “Shopping template” will add a “Shop” button on your Business Page. Clicking it will display the products you’ve sầu added to your Facebook Shop.

It’s best to lớn choose the business template unless you have a specific reason lớn select one of the others. 

Of course, you’ll still get the option to lớn move sầu tabs around, i.e., customize the order they are in & which tabs are visible.

Once you’ve sầu selected a template, Facebook then provides a tour to help you familiarize yourself with it.

Step 9: Add and Rearrange Your Tabs

After taking the tour, scroll down to see your Facebook page tabs.

Here, you can change the order of your tabs or add new ones for your particular needs.


Rethành viên, these are the tabs that show up underneath your protệp tin picture in the left sidebar of your page.


Step 10: Create a Facebook Business Page Username

Facebook Business Pages allow you to lớn choose a unique username lớn use on the platform.

To phối this, clichồng the “About” tab in the left sidebar, và then click “Create Page