Facebook now has over 2.23 billion monthly active sầu users. And as small business owners and br& managers, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able lớn reach and connect with your target audience through Facebook.

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Great! So where should you start? And is there an easy blueprint khổng lồ follow?

From creating our Facebook Business Page lớn posting several hundred times over the past few years, we’ve sầu experimented a lot with various Facebook marketing tips và have sầu enjoyed figuring out the best way khổng lồ create & manage our Facebook Page here at I’d love to lớn nội dung with you how the process has worked so far from start until now!

Since things continue to change regularly with Facebook & its algorithm, consider this A lớn Z guide as a great jumping off point for creating a Facebook Business Page & growing your audience. Start here, thử nghiệm what works for your individual business và brand, and make changes as you learn.

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How to lớn create a Facebook Business Page in 6 simple steps

Step 1: Fill out your basic business info

(You can also click on the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of any page on Facebook & select “Create Page”.)

Once there, you’ll see two options — “Business or Brand” and “Community and Public Figure”. Since we are creating a Facebook Page for your business, clichồng “Get Started” under the “Business or Brand” box.


There will be a few fields khổng lồ fill out (some will appear only after you have chosen a category):

Page NameCategoriesAddressPhone number

Keep in mind that you can change the category (but not the name) later on if needed.

Step 2: Add a protệp tin pholớn & cover photo

Next, Facebook will prompt you lớn upload a profile photo & cover photo.


Profile photo lớn – 170 x 170 pixels

This photo will appear as your ibé every time you bình luận on a post or publish in the News Feed. Ideally, you want khổng lồ upload your company hình ảnh sản phẩm here.

The ikhuyến mãi kích thước for profile photo is 170 pixels wide by 170 pixels tall.

Square dimensions are best, và Facebook will crop it into lớn a circular shape in ads and posts.

Cover pholớn – 8trăng tròn x 462 pixels

The cover pholớn appears across the top of your page and is a great opportunity lớn deliver a visual element that supports your branding, draws attention, or elicits emotion from your visitors.

The ikhuyến mãi kích cỡ for Facebook cover photo is 8đôi mươi pixels wide by 462 pixels tall.

According lớn Facebook, your cover photo lớn is displayed at different sizes on desktops & on smartphones — 8trăng tròn pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on desktops và 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. If you want to lớn use a single image that works pretty well on both desktop và sản phẩm điện thoại, I found that 8đôi mươi pixels wide by 462 pixels tall seems to lớn be the best.

You can certainly hire a designer to lớn make you something fabulous, or you can go the DIY route. Canva is a super helpful, không lấy phí tool for Facebook cover photos as it comes with several pre-made templates that look great right out of the box.


You can then upload your own image lớn use as the background & edit the text khổng lồ say whatever you’d like. If you’re looking for high-chất lượng image options, we’ve compiled a các mục of our favorite sources for free social media images.

Once you have sầu uploaded your Facebook Page’s protệp tin photo & cover phokhổng lồ, you’ll be brought lớn your newly-created Facebook Page! Here’s mine:


(If you happen to lớn upload an image that isn’t quite the exact dimensions of the Facebook cover photo, you can reposition the image to fit the available window. When you’re happy with the final look, you can click “Save” và you’ll be set!)

Here’s a pro tip: You can even upload a cover Clip or feature a slideshow of images! For more information & fun ideas, check out our Facebook cover phokhổng lồ guide.

Step 3: Fill out your Page information completely

Right in the middle of your new Facebook Page, Facebook will show you a few tips to complete your Page phối up. Clicking on “See All Page Tips” will bring up a pop-up with several steps khổng lồ fill out your Page information.


Alternatively, you can also “Settings” và “Page Info” to fill out your Page information. Here are the things lớn fill out:

Description – Let people know what your Page is about in 155 characters.Categories – Categories can help people find your Page. Choose up to three categories.Liên hệ information – If you have a business phone number, trang web, và gmail address, add them here.Location – If you have a physical store, tóm tắt your address here.Hours – If you are only open on selected hours, state them here.More – You can even state a price range (if you want).

All of these details will appear on the About tab of your Facebook Page, where you can add even more information, such as your business’s story, awards, thực đơn, etc.


Here are two more pro-tips:

1. Create a username for your Page. It’ll make it easier for people to find your Page and give you a custom URL that you can share with others (


2. Add a button. Every Facebook Page has a prominent call-to-action (CTA) button below its cover photo. It is a great opportunity to get your Page visitors to take an action, such as sending you a message or learning more about your business.


Step 4: Customize your Page

Facebook allows you lớn customize your Page even further. In your Page settings, there’s a “Templates và Tabs” tab. This tab lets you configure how you want your Page to lớn have sầu và lớn look lượt thích.

Tabs are essentially different sections of your Page, such as your posts, your photos, review of your business, etc. You can decide which tabs you want on your Page và their order on your Page.


To make things easier for you, Facebook has several templates you can choose from.


Each template has a mặc định CTA button & tabs (i.e. sections of your Facebook Page), which you can pnhận xét by clicking “View Details”. Here are the various templates:

ShoppingBusinessVenuesMoviesNonprofitPoliticiansServicesRestaurants & CafesVideo PageStandard

You can also customize (turn on or off & rearrange) the tabs of your Page, too. Here are the possible tabs:

Offers – Lists current offers for your businessServices – Gives you a space khổng lồ highlight the services you offerShop – Shows the products you want khổng lồ featuređánh giá – Shows Đánh Giá on your Page và allows people lớn write reviewsPhotos – Shows photos posted on your PagePosts – Shows your Page postsVideos – Shows videos posted on your PageLive sầu Videos – Shows live videos about your pageEvents – Lists your upcoming eventsAbout – Lists information about your PageNotes – Gives you a space to lớn highlight notes on your PageCommunity – Lists your friends that have liked your PageGroups – Lists the groups that you’ve sầu linked to lớn this PageInfo and Ads – Shows ads that you’re running via the Page

Here’s a pro tip: If you have sầu a Facebook Group (it’s worth having one, here’s why), you can liên kết it to lớn your Facebook Page for more visibility. To learn more about Facebook Groups, check out our Facebook Group guide.

Step 5: Add collaborators khổng lồ your page

If you plan on sharing your Facebook sale duties with a team, you’ll want lớn grant access for various folks & various roles.

Here are the roles that you can choose from:

Admin – Complete and total access to everything (you are an admin by default)

Editor –Can edit the Page, skết thúc messages, & post as the Page, create Facebook ads, see which admin created a post or bình luận, và view insights.

Moderator –Can respond khổng lồ và delete comments on the Page, sover messages as the Page, see which admin created a post or comment, create ads, and view insights.

Advertiser –Can see which admin created a post or comment, create ads và view insights.

Analyst –Can see which admin created a post or comment và view insights.

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To add collaborators, go khổng lồ your Page settings & the “Page Roles” section. You can type in the name of any Facebook friover or person who has liked your Page. Alternately, you can type in an gmail address associated with a Facebook tài khoản.

Step 6: Publish your first post

Add content to your Page by publishing a post—a status update, a links, a photo, a Clip, an sự kiện, or a milestone. New, fresh content on your Page will make it look all the more enticing once new visitors come over lớn kiểm tra it out.


And there you have sầu it!

Your Facebook Business Page is up và ready lớn deliver awesome nội dung lớn your fans & grow into lớn something wonderful.

Read on to learn more about growing your Facebook Page & posting best-practices!

When you’re ready to giới thiệu your first post on Facebook, we’d love sầu khổng lồ schedule & analyze your nội dung — so you can drive sầu more traffic and engagement in less time.

How khổng lồ gain your first 100 fans lớn your Facebook Page

The temptation might be to lớn giới thiệu your Facebook Page right away with all your Facebook friends. Not so fast. Take a moment lớn think strategically about your plan & khổng lồ seed your page with nội dung so that it looks inviting và engaging when visitors vì stop by. And so that there is enough information about your business on your Facebook Page when visitors lvà on your Page.

For example, if you run a thể hình, you might want to mô tả a few photos or videos of your gym for people who might be curious khổng lồ see how your thể hình looks lượt thích. If you own a coffe, you might want to lớn tóm tắt your thực đơn.

Publish three to lớn five sầu posts before you invite anyone.

Then try out one of these strategies khổng lồ get khổng lồ your first 100 fans.

Invite your Facebook friends

Facebook has a built-in feature khổng lồ tell your Facebook friends about your Page. On the right side of your Page, Facebook suggests a menu of cđại bại friends that you might want to lớn invite to lớn like your Page. You can also search for particular friends to nội dung your Page with.


Once invited, your friends will receive sầu a notification to lớn kiểm tra out your Page.

Invite your coworkers

One of the best sources of social truyền thông media promotion for your company could very well be your coworkers. Ask everyone who works with you to like the Page and—if willing—to lớn recommend the Page khổng lồ any friends who might be interested.

Promote your Facebook Page on your website

Facebook offers a full complement of widgets & buttons that you can add to your trang web khổng lồ make it easy for website visitors lớn like your Page.

One of the most ubiquitous plugins is the Facebook Page Plugin. With Page Plugin, you can easily embed và promote your Facebook Page without visitors ever having to leave sầu your trang web.

Here’s an example of how it’ll look like:


Promote your Facebook Page in your tin nhắn signature

One of the most visible places you might find khổng lồ promote your Page is in your inbox. Edit your email signature to include a call-to-action và liên kết lớn your Facebook page.


Hold a contest

Facebook contests can be huge for gaining Likes on your Page. Two of the best apps for creating contests are ShortStaông chồng và Gleam which help you create custom campaigns lớn drive sầu Likes to lớn your page (or tin nhắn capture or người engagement or any number of different ideas you might have).

What to post & when to lớn post it

In general, there are four main types of posts you’re likely lớn publish on your Facebook Page:

PhotosVideos/StoriesText updatesLinks

While I would recommover experimenting with different types of posts, videos seem lớn be the most popular nội dung format at the moment. According to lớn a study by Buzzsumo on 880 million Facebook posts published by brands and publishers, videos get, on average, twice the màn chơi of engagement than other post types. If you’re posting videos, remember lớn optimize them for sản phẩm điện thoại consumption.


As far as the frequency with which to lớn post, Facebook’s algorithm changes have sầu made retìm kiếm inlớn the topic rather difficult. The consensus seems lớn be lớn experiment as much as possible. As often as you have fresh, compelling content khổng lồ mô tả on Facebook, give it a try. Try testing post frequency in week-long intervals so that you can measure the results quickly. We found that posting about once a day works best for us.

With that, we recommend being consistent with your nội dung. When your nội dung is good, your audience will start to lớn expect it on a regular basis. Even if you’re only producing enough content to lớn post lớn your Page once per day, try to stichồng lớn that schedule. Social truyền thông scheduling tools lượt thích help make this easy by letting you schedule posts ahead of time. You can add khổng lồ a queue so that your Page always has fresh content being posted automatically on schedule.

The timing of your Facebook posts is another area you might want to lớn experiment with. There isn’t a universal phối of best times to lớn post on Facebook; your br& has your own chất lượng best times lớn post on Facebook. Here’s an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá way to lớn find your best times to post.

How to tell what’s worked và what hasn’t

After sharing posts, you’re likely khổng lồ want khổng lồ know how they did. Your social media management tool would likely have some built-in analytics that can help you better underst& how your posts performed. Here’s a peek at what the for Business analytics look like:


You can also gain a huge number of stats và numbers from Facebook Insights.

Once you’ve sầu shared several pieces of content to your Facebook page, you’ll see an Insights tab at the top of your Facebook menu, between Notifications and Publishing Tool. At the top of the Insights page, you’ll see your stats such as Page Likes, Reach, & Engagement for the week, along with a comparison to lớn the same stats from last week.


Another neat area to check is the section on when your fans are online.

Cliông chồng on “Posts” from the Insights thực đơn, và you can see when your fans are typically online during the week và each day of the week. Here’s an example from’s Page Insights:


One of the newest features of Insights is the “Pages to Watch” section at the bottom of the “Overview” page. You can add other Pages that you want to lớn monitor—a great way khổng lồ grab some competitor research và take inspiration from the way that other Pages market themselves.

To add a Page, simply cliông xã on the “Add Pages” button at the top of the section.


Search for the name of the Page you want to lớn watch, then click to add it to your watch các mục. Once a Page has been added, you can click on the name of the Page from your Insights dashboard, and you’ll see an overview of their best posts from the week.


Now I’d love sầu lớn turn it over to lớn you!

What Facebook Page tips and advice vì chưng you have? What have sầu you learned along the way? Is there any part of the Facebook Page creation and management process you’d lượt thích khổng lồ know more about?

Oh, và by the way: can help you schedule and analyze your Facebook posts — so you can drive more Facebook traffic và engagement in less time.