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Hi, When i try lớn access your site I am getting a message saying "attention required" và then " One more step, Please complete the security check to lớn access tech.tư vấn.guy" and then entering the security code before you can access the trang web.Is this something new that I should be seeing? Please let me know.thx

Is this happening all of the time or did you just have sầu lớn vì it once?I have to lớn kiểm tra with Mike but I believe sầu it has something lớn do with activity from your IPhường address so the captthân phụ is generated to make sure you"re not a bot as a security measure (possibly Cloudflare).

Bạn đang xem: Please complete the security check to access blog


Your computer or another one using the same Internet connection likely has a virus & has been blacklisted due lớn suspicious activity. The kiểm tra you saw was to help protect our site from automated attacks. Reference https://tư vấ

So I WAS right.

Many sites will automatically bloông chồng access from known public proxies, Privacy proxies, VPN và Tor without any warning like the one you are getting from cloudflareToo many spammers use these services and there is no need khổng lồ use them for everyday use, for example asking a question on this or similar sitesIt is a totally fallacy that using a privacy proxy will protect you from Government spying or trackingIn fact it has the opposite effectWarning bells are immediately rung when these are detected & it is more likely that you will be put under investigationThey are NOT safe whatsoever. You have sầu no way of knowing what information is being kept by the proxy owner, whether he actually sends you lớn the correct site or whether he diverts you to lớn a site under his control. For example you might want lớn access your bank online và get silently diverted to a page that looks identical to your ngân hàng with the proper bank URL in the address bar because you are using a proxy & he uses masked redirection or an injected content inside the proper webpage , so having all your passwords, log ins and financial information stolen
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