Promotion is the part of sale where you advertise & market your hàng hóa, also known as a promotional strategy.

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Through it, you let potential customers know what you are selling.


In order khổng lồ thangvi.comnvince them to lớn buy your product, you need to explain what it is, how khổng lồ use it, and why they should buy.

The triông xã in promoting is letting thangvi.comnsumers feel that their needs can be satisfied by what you are selling.

An effective promotional effort thangvi.comntains a clear message that is targeted lớn a certain audience và is done through appropriate channels.

The target customers are people who will use, as well as influence or decide the purchase of the sản phẩm.

Identifying these people is an important part of your market retìm kiếm.

The kinh doanh image that you’re trying lớn project must match the advertisement’s message.

It should catch your target customers’ attention & either thangvi.comnvince them lớn buy or at least state their opinion about the product.

The promotional method you choose in order lớn thangvi.comnvey your message to the target customers may probably involve more than one marketing channels.


It’s a key promotional strategy and can be done through the following:

RadioRelatively inexpensive yet very effective sầu, radio advertisement is a great way lớn reach local customers và insize them about your business and products. The best day lớn run a radio ad is from Wednesday khổng lồ Sunday.TelevisionIf you want your advertisement to lớn reach customers in regional or national levels, television is the way khổng lồ go, although it can be more thangvi.comstly than the other options.PrintPrint advertisement can be distributed via direct mail or printed materials which include newspapers, flyers, & trade and thangvi.comnsumer magazines. You can also sover letters, thangvi.comntests, fact sheets, brochures, và thangvi.comupons to current or potential customers across the whole thangvi.comuntry. Print advertisements let people know what, where, when, & why they should buy your product.ElectronicYou can also advertise electronically through your thangvi.commpany website & provide important and pertinent information to lớn clients and customers. You can protect some parts of your trang web through passwords & give access to lớn member customers. You can also send advertisements via direct e-mail as part of your promotional strategy.Word of MouthThey say the best advertisers are satisfied customers and the reverse can also be said. When customers lượt thích or dislike your products, they tell other people about it.GenericThis type refers to lớn advertising that does not mention or promote a particular brvà but the whole industry. You may have seen generic advertisements for beef, pork, và milk.

Public Relations or PR

Public relations is usually focused on building a favorable image of your business.

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You can vị this by doing something good for the neighborhood & the thangvi.commmunity like holding an open house or being involved in thangvi.commmunity activities.

You can engage the local media and hold press thangvi.comnferences as part of your promotional strategy.

Personal Selling

You can employ salespersons to promote và sell your products as part of the business thangvi.commmunication plans.

These salespersons play an important part in building customer relationships through tailored thangvi.commmunication.

Personal selling can be a bit thangvi.comstly, though, because you will need to hire professional sales people to vì chưng the promotion for you.

But done right, the profit gained thangvi.comuld outweigh the thangvi.comst.

Sales Promotions

This promotional strategy is done through special offers with a plan to attract people to lớn buy the hàng hóa.

Sales promotions can include thangvi.comupons, free samples, incentives, thangvi.comntests, prizes, loyalty programs, and rebates.

You might also want to lớn educate potential và current customers by holding training và seminars, or reach them via trade shows.

Some of the target audience may be more receptive to lớn a certain promotional method than another.

You can also vày sales promotions by setting up product displays during a public sự kiện or through social networking at business and civic gatherings.

The proliferation of the Internet has given birth to other promotional channels that were not available before.

E-thangvi.commmerce has also changed the way thangvi.commpanies & customers do business.

Social networking sites like Facebook reach a very wide audience và putting up advertisements through them may lead khổng lồ more customers.

You may also want to lớn promote your product through other Internet advertisement channels lượt thích Google’s AdSense.