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REL equipment utilizes PLCs as the electronic workhorse of their automated solutions. The Coho solution provides data traceability and real-time data lớn provide simultaneous visibility khổng lồ ALL process stakeholders.

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REL Controls

REL wide spectrum lighting is available in multiple modular sources configurable lớn YOUR recording requirements. Whether you need to lớn light up your high-tốc độ event over an area of 1” to lớn 10’s of square feet, REL has a lighting solution for your application.

Visible Spectrum LED Lighting

REL has developed a training tool simultaneously with a processing database to lớn ensure your parts are processed consistently & correctly. With Coho Capture, your customer và NADCAP.. audits are entered with electronic traceable processing data & records. Hmmm… sounds lượt thích less găng tay lớn us!

Coho Capture

A picture that is worth a thousvà words undergoing high strain rate deformation at a controlled temperature better at a time resolution of 200 nanoseconds is impossible khổng lồ capture without the correct REL High Strain Rate Testing modules. Eliminate words. Take a good picture!

High Strain Rate Testing

Don’t take a chance by not having enough UV-A intensity for all of your NDT applications. See REL’s line of handheld lamp products and overhead lamp products in the REL store. An REL lamp in hand is worth over 2 of any other manufacturers in the bush (or wherever else you threw them).

LED UV-A Lamps

Let there be light.. REL Builds the most durable certified LED UV-A Inspection Lamps on the market today. The durability of the UV-A lamp was developed in our High Strain Rate testing lab where REL builds Wide Spectrum (WS) LED lighting solutions khổng lồ output ultra-high intensity visible spectrum lighting lớn capture explosive events. REL has a LED lighting solution for you when every microsecond of an sự kiện and every microinch of a part surface matters!

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We are experts in High Strain Rate Testing equipment. See how we can help with your testing challenges while exploring our complete line of dynamic testing modules, turnkey systems, & family of accessories.

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At REL, our approach khổng lồ designing, building, & installing automated metal etch processing lines và Chemical Cleaning processing lines has been built on decades of experience solving complex technical challenges for our customers. REL ideates và manufactures world class, Industry 4.0, reliable, & exactly controlled equipment.

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At REL our job #1 in automated equipment is motion control of our customer’s ‘stuff’. This motion control requires precision sensors và servo motion. The integration of sensor networks for motion control and system conditions is accomplished by our control experts.

REL utilizes PLC’s for safety & motion control as well as Coho industrial grade servers khổng lồ record every moment of operation. REL Control systems are Industry 4.0 control solutions! Hotline today to discuss your process control automation needs.

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We are an industry leader in the thiết kế, manufacture, và installation of non-destructive sầu testing equipment for fluorescent penetrant và magnetic particle inspection.

Backed by decades of scientific knowledge, technical acumen, & practical expertise, we excel at identifying & solving the complicated engineering challenges involving part presentation & part movement in a well-designed, long-lasting non-destructive sầu testing line.

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Precision machining is in our every product! REL operations include a full-service CNC machine cửa hàng và chất lượng department that will ensure your parts are made to your exacting specifications every time no matter what the material. If you have sầu a tough machining project, we will gladly help!

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No one wants lớn buy ‘primitive’ or ‘backward’ material handling equipment. REL’s world class advanced equipment handles your product(s) with ‘kid’s gloves’ by minimizing mechanical motion in our designs & utilizing the concept that ‘smooth is fast’ while conveying or transferring your hàng hóa. If inertial forces are important in your application your choice should be khổng lồ gọi the Advanced dynamic motion experts at REL.